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note: if you want to play this version of yume nikki, please go to the journal i have >here< for info
let's get started

first off, i want to say that i can't confirm how legit this version of the game is. it's up to you to decide if you want to believe it or not. i personally believe this to be authentic, but that DOES NOT MEAN it is.

i guess i can start off with the menu:

Start Screen by ObliviousPyromaniac
if you're familiar with the start-up screen of v0.10 of yume nikki, you can tell there are differences already. not only is it in japanese (which is understandable, this version was not translated) but the version number is not shown on the screen.
what's strange is that the japanese characters in this version look like there isn't a japanese locale on my computer, despite there being one. this isn't the first time you'll see the characters looking weird. it might just be a problem i'm having, though.
the music is the same, and little else is different besides what i already pointed out.

next is the "diary" load option

Load Screen by ObliviousPyromaniac
again, little is different besides the text being weird.

now, we'll move onto the areas


room (real world):

Room by ObliviousPyromaniac
very little, if anything, is different. you still cannot leave your room, save at the desk, go out to the balcony, can play nasu, and turn the tv on. needless to say you can still sleep.
one notable thing is that nasu seems a lot easier in this version than in later versions. the cheat code also works in this version.

room (dream world):

Use Of The Weird Tv by ObliviousPyromaniac
much like v0.10, this edition of the room (and balcony) are basically the same as the real world (differences being the panorama/sky while you're on the balcony that are only used in the dream world, and nasu not being present.)
what's most notable is that the tv displays a completely different image than in later versions, showing that the tv i once thought was not used actually WAS used at one point. the kalimba event does not appear to be possible in this version.
one other notable thing is that if you sit in your chair, you cannot open the menu. in the latest version of the game, you can press the enter key while in your chair and you'll be able to scoot around the dream world. while that is still possible to do in this version, it gives you a message before you do.
In-dream Desk by ObliviousPyromaniac
due to the text in this version of the game being so messed up, i have no idea what the message was. probably nothing crazy, though.

the nexus:

Nexus by ObliviousPyromaniac
nothing seems to be different about the nexus. all 12 doors are still present, you can still drop effects as eggs, and there's no music.
only one thing is notable, and that's the sound. normally, in version 0.10, you get a somewhat "unsettling" sound when opening the door. it sounds almost like you're being teleported, but in this version, it's silence (not counting the sound of the door itself opening/closing)

forest world:

i'd say just about everything about the forest world is the same, except for a few things i'll get into later. the music is still a series of chimes, and you can still get the slugs on you. what's interesting though, is that if you press the escape key while a slug is on you, madotsuki will say "dame, muri" despite being able to go to her menu anyway. this could have likely been a glitch that was fixed later on. it also seems to make madotsuki continue saying "dame, muri" when you open the menu, even after you exit the forest world and the slug is gone.
i also show how you can't wake up if you're using an effect, which is what the several "dame, muri" at the end were
(NOTE: after some testing, the glitch where madotsuki says "dame, muri" when there's a slug on her might not happen every time)

the frog effect is still obtainable in this world, however, the second area where you're able to find the frog effect (going down the manhole at the shopping district will take you to a dense forest path where the frog effect can also be obtained) does not give you the effect, and the frog in that location acts more like an npc. i found this out by going to the shopping district before i went to the forest, eliminating the possibility that i already had the frog effect, and did not need to pick up another one.

From Forest To Hell by ObliviousPyromaniac
this door is very common in this version.
you will be seeing this door/portal A LOT, along with a couple others. they seem to be placeholders.
this one in particular takes you to hell/the red maze
From Hell To Forest by ObliviousPyromaniac

block world:

Severed Head by ObliviousPyromaniac
the block world is more different than i first thought, many of the structures that are in the later version of the game seem to not be in this one (or are at least rearranged) and there are now two effects you can obtain here: hat and scarf, and the severed head effect.
Difference by ObliviousPyromaniac
on the left is v0.06, and on the right is v0.10
 in version 0.06, mafurako does not appear to be in the block world

Mafurako's Spawn by ObliviousPyromaniac
(normally where mafurako's npc is located)

puddle world:

Puddle World Hell Portal by ObliviousPyromaniac
nothing seems too different, the umbrella is still obtainable in this world, but near where the umbrella is located there is one of the red, blocky hell-portals. unlike in 0.10, it doesn't take you to hell. all it does is make a sound when you interact with it.

Another Portal by ObliviousPyromaniacDense Woods by ObliviousPyromaniac

this portal takes you to the dense woods, like the small pink building would in 0.10

dark world:

Fleebie by ObliviousPyromaniac

the dark world is hard enough to navigate on its own, but in earlier versions, it was apparently even harder. there are no markings on the ground, and the pissipissinis don't seem to be in this version. the ghost (fleebie, aka yurei) that gives you the triangle kerchief effect is in this world.

Knife by ObliviousPyromaniacTriangle Kerchief Ghost by ObliviousPyromaniac

there is also a gate/portal/door/(whatever you call those things) that leads you to the wilderness

Dark World Portal by ObliviousPyromaniacWilderness Gate by ObliviousPyromaniac

as well as another which takes you to the "carpet world"

Dark World Portal 2 by ObliviousPyromaniacFrom Dark World by ObliviousPyromaniacFrom Dark World 2 by ObliviousPyromaniacFrom The Carpet World by ObliviousPyromaniac

the carpet world on its own looks very different (there is still a lunatic toriningen here)
picture with the gate on the far right leads to the snow world

snow world:

Snow World by ObliviousPyromaniac

although the layout might be slightly different, the concept of the world has not changed. it's still a snow-covered area with some trees and igloos. kamakurako (sleeping igloo girl) is still in this version, and if you have the hat and scarf effect, you can still be a snowman.
the most notable differences are the "gates" which also appear in this version of the world as well, along with the portal to the pink sea not being in any of the igloos. it would make sense for this version to not have the pink sea, as the in-game files for the area aren't there.

one of the gates (one shown in above picture) lead you to the footprint path. 

No Pink Sea by ObliviousPyromaniac
(igloo where the portal to the pink sea would be)

mural world:

Mural World by ObliviousPyromaniac
the mural world seems about the same, with both the blonde hair and long hair effects being obtainable here. the most notable difference i could find was that instead of a manhole, there was a gate.

Sewers by ObliviousPyromaniacPain Blob To The Left by ObliviousPyromaniac

going into the sewer will take you to the location where the nopperabou is located. there is also a "pain blob" on the left side, instead of only one being on the right.

the sewer paintings are still here, too, but little else is different. here's two videos for comparison.

graffiti world:

for convenience i made a video showing what's different about graffiti world's map, if you've played/seen v0.10 of yume nikki, you'll spot the differences
firstly, the tiles of the world were drawn around the world differently.
secondly, there are two gates in the world, one in place of the elevator that takes you to the mall, and one that takes you to the neon tile path.
Path To The Mall by ObliviousPyromaniac
(gate to the mall)

eyeball world:

The Eyes by ObliviousPyromaniac
like many other worlds so far, the general concept is not changed. the placement of some "structures" (eyes, arms, etc.) might be different, but don't change the theme of the world itself. the medamaude effect is still found here.

something that might be considered notable is that there don't appear to be "hopping legs" in this version of the world, unlike v0.10.

From Eye World To Hell by ObliviousPyromaniacMini Hell And Eye World by ObliviousPyromaniac

there is also a gate that takes you to a sort of "mini hell" in this version. this "mini hell" links back to hell and the neon tile path (and ultimately connects the eyeball world to the graffiti world.)

candle world:

Difference 2 by ObliviousPyromaniac
note: for the candle world, i have made mostly "comparison" images. on the left is v0.06, on the right is v0.10.
while mostly everything is the same, there are some notable differences. first off, there are no "walking candle" people in v0.06.
Difference 3 by ObliviousPyromaniac
the midget effect is still found here, but the footsteps of it are louder/maybe higher-pitched in v0.06.
Difference 4 by ObliviousPyromaniac
instead of a pyramid that leads to the checker tile path, there's a gate that leads directly to hell.
Difference 5 by ObliviousPyromaniac
the toriningen in this world still has super speed if you stab it and make it lunatic.
Super Speed by ObliviousPyromaniac

shield-folk world:

Difference 6 by ObliviousPyromaniac
v0.06 (left) v0.10 (right) (about the same location)
again, there isn't anything drastically different, but it still has differences. in v0.06, there's a gate that leads you to the checker tile path, which isn't even in the shield-folk world in v0.10.
Difference 7 by ObliviousPyromaniac
this gate is essentially the same, and takes you to the invisible maze (which takes you to the FC world/house)
the maze itself seems to be the same, and so does the layout of the FC house. the demon effect is still located there, and the cat effect is still in the shield-folk world.

neon world:

Neon World by ObliviousPyromaniac
finally there is a change of pace. the overall setting of the neon world is the same, but the structure is vastly different. some of the npc's seem larger, too. because of this, i made a video of me exploring the neon world.

what's odd about the neon world in v0.06 is that there's a gate that leads you to the "guillotine world," but since the guillotine (and severed head effect) are in block world, there's nothing for you to do in this world except avoid toriningen and try to find your way out.
Kikiyama Used These Portals A Lot Huh by ObliviousPyromaniac
(gate to the guillotine world)

there is also a gate to connect the neon world to the numbers world through the footprint path.
In Neon World by ObliviousPyromaniac  Footprint Path by ObliviousPyromaniac


the "numbers" world.

i had done the nexus locations in counter clockwise for a reason, it was because although some worlds in v0.06 might be a little different, the "numbers" world is completely different. if you thought the neon world was different, look at this.
No Numbers In Numbers World by ObliviousPyromaniacThe Bed Room by ObliviousPyromaniac

instead of being a weirdly-shaped maze of numbers, it's filled with lamps. in this version of the game, before there was the numbers world, there was the lamp world. again, since the world is so different, i made a video where i explore it instead of trying to explain it bit-by-bit.

the bed room in this version of the game is much larger it seems, and the lights go out when you lay in a bed.
there's also a gate to the footprint path, which connects to the neon world.
there is another gate as well, which takes you to the checker tile path.
Numbers World Portal by ObliviousPyromaniac
(to the checker tile path)

Numbers World Bed by ObliviousPyromaniac
this is a location you will sometimes get trapped in by toriningen. the lights also go out when you go into this bed.

*that concludes the surface dream locations, will be updated with more soon.*

working... please wait...

(being updated)

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About the message with the dream world chair - that's in the Japanese version of the latest version, too. It's what prevents you from opening your menu. For some reason, the fanmade English translation removed the message (by the way, it says something like "You can now ride the chair."), which is what caused all the glitches you can do with it.
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SpiritBoxscapeStudent Digital Artist
I remember there being a mysterious set of staircases accessible from RPG Maker.
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ObliviousPyromaniacHobbyist Digital Artist
I think I know what you're talking about
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SpiritBoxscapeStudent Digital Artist
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So... this is all the changes? nothing more?
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ObliviousPyromaniacHobbyist Digital Artist
no, i think there is definitely more to be uncovered! but in this journal i mainly focused on the areas located in the nexus
i'll hopefully get around to updating this journal soon but i can't make promises on when!
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It's pretty neat to see all the differences collected here, you certainly did a great job with this list.
Also, there's a way to get the Japanese characters to display properly. You will have to use a thing called NTLEAS locale emulator in order to do it though.
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ObliviousPyromaniacHobbyist Digital Artist
ahhh i see thank you and i'm glad you like the list! i'll try to check out NTLEAS, that'd make playing this version so much easier
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floweyfloweyHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
Well, this is getting interesting!
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