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Yours Truly

Hey guys, I had some free time in the morning figure I try to blend two my favorite shots of mine.
Worked out pretty well. Least I think is better than my previous one.

The bar on the bottom is a Volume Bar. Reminds me of my PSP theming days.
Doesn't really bother me when I'm watching Movies etc etc. Edited it from Crshd dzen2's Volume Bar

 x Openbox Theme: Gmnbox V2…
 x Colors: GmnFrost, *Changed the BG to 1C1C23*
 x Ncmpcpp
 x Weechat
 x Luakit
 x Dzen2 w/ Conky
 x Tint2

- Wallpaper was edited by me from,

I didn't share something? Ask for what you need and I shall provide.
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How do you get the shadows on Tint2. I automatically get shadows on Dzen2 but not Tint2. I want shadows on Tint2 pls
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I didn't have shadows enabled for neither actually, had to use a little cheap trick for shadows, had to use gempaper from crshd. Just draws shadows on a wallpaper and sets it up.
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Okay, I feel like I'm missing something atrociously obvious but... how do you manage to get that statusbar in feh?
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Lol. That's because it isn't feh. Is actually my web browser, Luakit.
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Oh okay, thanks x)
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your desktops are what got me into linux in the first place hahahaha! excellent work man.
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Haha, That must be a first ever that something helped with someone's decision! Thank you for the kind words!
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Thanks Mequinoxe :)
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really nice, looks great!
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I'm reallly happy with it. Thank you Frontal :)
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great stuff mate! love the overall combo of the colours and the wall... *drools*
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No Thank you! for the help! :)
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Really cool!
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Thank you irenegr :)
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Love it! Which font are you using?
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Thanks!, Umm The fonts Lime on the terminals and broswer & Cure on the bars. Both on Artwiz fonts package.
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