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What am I doing Indoors?!


Couple tweaks to the lime font, I only made the arrows smaller. Couple color tweaks.
I finally show the other side of my dzen bar, Showing my reminder file. MPD still works.
Disabled the Shadows from my docks. So the shadows are embedd to the wallpaper. A fancy little script from Crshd called Gempaper helps me with that.
Made Weechat theme that fits my needs. Colors do need help though.
& Yes I have a Sexy Images from tumblr folder. Don't look at me funny! >_<
After this shot, I'd probably make a color scheme off this wallpaper. The colors just blend so well.

- Feh
- Ncmpcpp
- Weechat
- Ranger
- Dzen & Conky
- Tint2
- Openbox

If you want anything let me know. I'm willing to share. Ask and I shall post it on the description.


- Xdefaults (Dotshare): [link]
- Ncmpcpp: [link]
- Wallpaper: [link]
- Weechat* [link]

*Config might not be the same, Lost the configs during a fight with my hdd. I lost.

If you like to reach me, You can find me in the Rizon IRC server. #ObliviousGmn
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Your themes are bad ass. 
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can you please re-upload the wallpaper?
i seriously love this wallpaper
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I never owned the wallpaper, But! Since wallbase is down. I did a reverse image search and found the wallpaper again :)

Behold power of the internet!…

if you like you can use this link to see if it finds one that fits you?…
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How do you configurate feh?
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I didn't. It's only Openbox who provides the theme layout.
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Simply wow! You truly have an artistic sense.
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That's an amazing compliment. Thank you!
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Amazing desktop :) What's the font please ?
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Thank you!, Cure and Lime, They're both in Artwiz font package.
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all your box screens are very nice
you hv a real sense of style :)
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Do you have a matching vim theme (if you use vim of course :))?
ObliviousGmn's avatar
I do use Vim. No matching theme though. I'm having trouble with those.
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I love that reminder. I like the design of your setup- it doesn't feel as technical as it is. :D I'd go so far as to call it 'pretty'.
ObliviousGmn's avatar
That's always the environment I go for :D
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looks nice, got the wall?
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Added to the description.
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That's awesome, could you share your ncmpcpp config?
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I've add the ncmpcpp config on the description. :) Enjoy & Thank you!
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