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I'm Slacking

Hey Guys, :)
Did you know that Ncmpcpp supports internet radio? I sure as hell didn't.. Listening to some AnimeNFO.
Haven't really fiddled much, Other than the Colors, Some Dzen2 stuff.. I can click stuff and they open, SWEET!..

I would like to hear your thoughts! What do you like about it, what don't you like about it..
Anything out there that I should try out?

Showing Off

- Ranger w/ vim
- Feh
- Weechat [link]
- Ncmpcpp
- Tint2
- Dzen2 w/ conky
- Wallpaper [link]
- Openbox Theme [link]
- Colors [link]
- Gempaper by Crshd for the dock shadows. [link]

Ask for what you need and I shall provide.

You can find me(sometimes) in the Rizon IRC server. | #ObliviousGmn

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IF you get time i would love the conifg for the colors and tint2 config
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The link for the colors was in the description.
As for the tint2 config.…

The config for the tint2 is a little more updated. But the colors are different. But is easy to change them up. 
Any gtk theme or am I missing something 
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great Work! Thank you!
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perfect colors
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Can I get your ncmpcpp config?
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I will share soon, Not sure when.. Just still working on it.. is constantly changing. :) just wait a bit.
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I'll be patient :D
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What font is that?
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Cure for the bars, Lime on the windows. Both on Artwiz Font package. [link]
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awesome dzen and Xdefaults. not sure about car-wallpaper (i really don't like cars-wallpapers)... but i like this screenshot!
sorry for my en.
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Haha. To be fair I'm not happy with the wallpaper either. Just wanted something close to the tone of the xdefaults. But Thank you! Your english is fine by the way :)
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Thanks Kernel :), Not really happy with my Wallpaper selection but eh! haha.
Great colors as usual, loving the classy window borders too... btw, what font are you using in terminal?
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Thanks aaro, Love your work! The font I'm using on the terminals is Lime from artwiz packages. Though mine has a few tweaks made. :)
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oh wow! nice shot gman :) great colours all around and the small icon on the top right is a bonus ;) well done as always
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Thanks Mags! :) Yeah figure to make a fan icon for the cpu. Came out quite decent!
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Great shot!

Could you upload your Xdefaults please? :)
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Thanks :D, I've added the colors to description now :)
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that's a "wow" shot - looks great :)
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I think it looks good to :) Thank for the fav as well :D
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