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Love is overrated

Well it is :|

First time trying to make a balloon without nuthing. Man, I almost totally lost it. Not bad for first try, ne?

dunno if that's the right title for this thing, but that's what I always get whenever I think of that phrase, that girl and the balloons just pop into my head ^^;

As usual the lineart is crappy :( and dammit! they don't look like hearts! :X they're supposed to look like hearts

Steal and I WILL KILL YOU :)
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I really like the concept you take on here. :D
I'm probably gonna think of this picture too now, when someone says 'Love is overrated'. :]
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love is overrated xD =P
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Unique and a great concept. Nice job.
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i find this concept intriging. such a simple thing, yet not easy to think of. :nod:
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I love the balloons, and so what if they don't look like hearts I say, after all the fuzzy/furryness of them makes up for that.
Personally love can't be over rated...can it? I mean without love the world would be in a worse condition then it presently is...right?!
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Nice concept, but I strongly disagree with the title :P Love is wonderful. :aww:
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:giggle: Perhaps it's the love talking, though :P
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Haha! You amuse me.
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wow strong and lovely concept! its beautiful~ stunning work! :clap:
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simplistic yet powerful!
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Cool idea, and you did it very well. :thumbsup:
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