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Letters and Numbers, and Specials Oh My~

:iconleviajroyale: I Have A.E. children now!!! Yeeees~ 030 Also, did more numbers and letters, and then also drew my pervious characters again. Annnnnd, I also drew Halley, to see what it would be like to draw it. It was a be strange, but I liked doing it! Also I Drew An Energymorph! That is the shapeshifter species’ name. Also, everyone here is obviously genderless, well, expect for the Energymorph and Halley. 
Alright, time to give details to all these little troublemakers and mature folk. >3<

First off, I drew Number Sign just to get her digital colors and since I had drawn everyone else again. No new information.
Question Mark Snake. She’s got the fake eyelashes going on, while they are preparing to be terrifying. I wasn’t sure, How, to pull off full terrifying. This is just showing off that she can change her body. Giving her claws on her feet and making her tail, bigger.
Degree. I think I was most successful with her in the terrifying department. Blank eyes, her arms are drooping, her mysterious energy flowing behind her. These all make you question, and so of fear, what exactly this miss mysterious actually is.
Exclamation Point. Now this guy, he is meant to be terrifying in any stage of his manipulation to his body. But I think I did poorly in this first stage. Oof- But it is all good actually. I quite like this simplistic version of terrifyiness. If you can’t tell, he has extra teeth inside, like some of dangerous animals of the past, or fish. Beware his growls and hisses, their quite damaging, even more so then screeches, since some would say those would be able to subdue you, more then be pain inducing.
Equal Sign. Not much to say, he has terrible terrifying teeth, and glowing red eyes. Moving on!

This finally brings us to Eighteen and their family. His family consists of Mama Eight, Papa H who’s value is 10, Eighteen of course, and his younger siblings, lowercase h who’s value is 80, and the A.E of the family, 8h. So, the family is actually to scale with each other, so that means, Mama 8 is actually, a giant compared to his family. Now! Onto their information! :3
Mama 8. This giant hunk of a number, obviously has the double color on him and is big, and contractually to his mama title and his love for fake eyelashes, he prefers the male pronouns of he/him, so, it can be quite confusing when he meets someone new. He isn’t easily angried... unless you mess with his family however. Don’t mess with them, just don’t do it, he can easily kick your butt. He also can change his size, to become smaller to fit into buildings, or become bigger, if need be. 
Papa H, he is a uppercase H, and he grew into it, rather then just been born uppercase. And he also has double colors, little purple and dark purple. Both 18 and 8h have grown to be taller then him, and he giggles at that fact. He tries his best to be funny and will try to make sure conflicts deescalate if they start. He just tries his best to support his family and make sure everything is fine. He is the most mature of the whole family.
Onto Eighteen’s younger siblings!
Lowercase h, she is the troublemaker of the family, but is an extremely smart and calculating troublemaker. She is smart, and can’t get caught, ever... expect by her brothers, they can easily catch her, every time, but, they usually end up helping her, or at least, not telling anyone about it. She loves her brothers so much, and even if she is the smallest of it, her fierce personality doesn’t let that get in the way, she will strangle you, if you so much as Try to give 8h any trouble. Her family contributes this fierceness to the fact that she is technically an 80 in value. She agrees with that, and wears it with pride.
Finally, their A.E child, 8h. He is polite, and kind, helpful and loves to have fun. But also, with a sister like h, he has a mischievous side, and will be sneaking and crafty. But, he is usually very much a sweetheart and looks up to authority figures like a hawk. He really wants to be a police officer someday, with a writing job on the side. His whole family supports this, and will do everything in their power to help, especially with the stigma surrounding A.Es, they don’t want any of that discrimination getting in the way of this realistic dream since he is really smart and brave, you just can’t judge him because he is an A.E, he is so much more.

Onto the New Characters! :3

Negative Sign, he is a negative influencer, and the dark cloud next to him, is what attaches to, anything really, and allows him to change, letter, number, or object, to be a puppet for negativity.

Infinite, basically a god among the numbers, there is a realm for powerful beings, and most infinites live there, you won’t see anyone having an infinite for a child, but sometimes, an infinite will make their home in reality, and live, and probably, eventually die...maybe, it’s rather unclear actually.
Anyways, the Infinite you see here, is one who has trained and master tons of matter manipulation and other skills, but has also, lost something, he is unsure of what, but he is determined to find it, since a lot of memories can be recalled since it seems those memories were plucked out when he forgot whatever it was he has forgotten.

Division Sign, and they are a trio~ This makes things become very chaotic sometimes when trying to decide what to do. They can get on each other’s nerves and be very annoying or annoyed, but, they all care about each other, and would never want to be separated for too long, since they are able to go around, and arent forced to stay together, they just prefer to be together then apart.

The 4x Child, I made my own! Not sure about colors and if I wanted her blue and yellow, but, I like how she is right now. She uses she/her pronouns. Her value is four.
-I was, wondering, what you would think if she was a sibling to 4x and everything. ^^; I have ideas, and if you’d like to hear them, I wouldn’t mind at all telling you. ;)- you can even think of it as, a what if. 

4 and 5, now these two both go by she/her pronouns, and are quite the duo. They are both pretentious sometimes, they are popular and actually like they are better then everyone else, and are sorta bratty. But, when they are alone, they are really sweet and are able to really just, be happy without having to act a certain way. Though they do follow the whole, discrimination against A.Es, but, well, one of them keeps a secret of have an A.E in their family, they will never tell the other though, because they fear losing them, even though, sometimes, the hate towards A.Es can be a bit, unbearable, it is just too much sometimes. ((I have more, and stuff, and some reworking for these too, but, I sorta like these two. And their friendship...even if they might be sorta horrible kids right now.)

B, a young brat and bully. That is all I have for him right now. Yikes.

Is it an S or Z? No one except family know for sure, and she’d like to keep it that way. This is because, Z are usually not treated the best either, since they are hardly used, or because it is the last letter to be seen, it doesn’t matter. But since she has kept it an enigma and clouded in mystery, that isn’t something she gets bullied on. If you want to give her a label, she prefers being called nothing, so, no labels, please. She was born with hair(and hair is something that exists in my world, it is just uncommon and isn’t seen as natural) and also with her strange mark on her arm. She is part of either Question Mark Snake, Exclamation Point, or Equal Sign’s Family, probably And so, exclamation point has gotten her, her very own jacket, and it makes her feel more comfortable usually. She might be somewhat, closed off, but once you get to know her, she is very nice actually, once she gets to know you.

9, adopted from :iconweebakitten: She is a goofball and really silly. She loves having fun and is really excitable and loves to play. She is also really supportive and kind.

1, the cool kid, and is actually cool, like how your first introduced to the cool kids in Steven Universe, I imagine him to act like them. They, are of course genderless, but they also keep their preference of pronouns and type of clothes they enjoy a mystery, hence the sunglasses. They looks and acts cool, but is also very practical and does have book smarts. They love wearing their little crown chip, and the hair they were born with.

0(Zeros in general) This here zero, represents zeros as a whole, A.Es aren’t the only ones to experience harsh punishments for being born a certain way. Zeros are taboo, they have no value, which others go ahead and assume that means their useless. When they happen to be born, it is usually unexpected and not well received by the families. It can happen to anyone, letter or number, but letters get O’s not zeros, and they are treated normally, but zeros are not.
Anyways, let’s talk about the sweetheart this 0 is~ He is sleeping off the bruises he got from being roughed up some lowlife. But that is it, he sleeps, the bruises are healed the next morning, and he is back out in the world, being a nice guy, even if he doesn’t receive that kindness in return. This is a power basically all zeros have, a healing factor, It is like that since they were giving a harder road to travel, the universe is giving them something free and helpful, oh wait, that is basically it. So yeah, that’s all I got for him right now.

7a, now this little lady, she is such a mistreated soul, who really should be where she dreams of being, the ocean. This A.E was borned in such a hateful home towards A.Es, and her mother finds that, it is a disgrace to even have to look at someone so hideous every day. She doesn’t know who her father is, because her mom blames him for letting her first daughter she had be an A.E, because obviously he is the one who has variable in him, that allows an Algebraic Expression be born. But, it doesn’t matter either way, because her mom hates A.E, 7a isn’t allowed to do, Anything, outside. She is homeraised, so, basically, she is consistently bombarded with hate speech and other cruel actions. She is abused, and she doesn’t know what is wrong with her eye, if their anything is wrong at all, but she had been hit with a knife when she was young, so she never looks, she can, she is a nervous wreck, and is depressed. The only thing she has, is some shapeshifting power, so, when she is alone, she gives her elbows some fins, to make her feel, somewhat closer to the water and ocean she wants to desperately escape to.

A and 100. A is a sweetheart lass. And 100 is three different number, rolled into one, with each of them having a different personality and family history, but work together really well to make 100 when them combine together, which also allows them to spilt up. Now, these four are super special, making up a polyamorous relationship with each other. Now, that isn’t the only reason their special, they have also made one of the first, well known sanctuary for A.Es, Zeros, and others who are being mistreated or hated against because they look or believe in different things. The four of them work together to maintain this haven of care and understanding, doing their best to make everyone feel comfortable, loved, understood, and most importantly safe.

2, he is an angry guy, jealous of a 1(the red, cool guy 030), and feels like he is being ignored most of the time. That’s all I got for him for now. Yikes again.

12, he is a super sweet and nice guy, but he’s clueless, and it leads him to be, unknowingly, insensitive, and does cruel actions, but in such a tone that it shows that he just doesn’t understand that it is bad. This is usually because he is trying to make others more comfortable and goes with what the people want general, so, he will usually ask A.Es to leave, or whatnot. He has a lot to learn since he wasn’t raised in a place that had these issues, so their foreign to him.

G, he is greedy and popular, a bully, jerk, and sneaky. Also an adult, so, very childish, in a sort of, really bad way. That’s all I got for him now too...yikes again.

O or The Respected Zero. Some Os get the big idea, since their treated better then zeros, something that looks also exactly like them, they are obviously superior, and get their ego boosted because of that. This O though, I’m not sure yet what I want him to be, so, I’ll be thinking about that. ^^;

3, uses she/pronouns, but is more of a tomboy. Dreams of being able to fly, but, to her knowledge, doesn’t have any shapeshifting abilities, so, she is sad about that. But she loves to have fun and pretend, usually just having 1c watch her, since their friends. I still have stuff to think about for her though, like family and stuff, so yeah. 

1c, this Algebraic Expression, are conjoined twins who have been brought into and are now being raised in A’s and 100’s sanctuary. When they first got there, they were violent, scared, and acted... feral. They grew up in an abusive home, where it happened almost all the time, they were also kept locked up sometimes, they were also the oldest, and they were just, tossed aside. So, when they arrived in the sanctuary, they thought it would happen again. They kept to themselves for a long time, but after a few months of dodging around others and avoiding most everything, they both slowly began to warm up, and started talking. It was still a long time before they felt, that it was safe and they weren’t in any danger, but it happened. And then they finally realized this, they became really jumpy, with excitement, they started showing off interests, 1 would experiment in cooking and they were polite usually, while c took more of an intellectual side, with reading books while 1 tried different actives, since they both had their own set of arms. Their best friend now though, is a three. That pink 3. ^^

Halley, or Halley’s Comet, this girl here is a bright and playful young lady. From space! She is bubbly and really friendly. (I’ll get more into her when I, actually start uploading more of y space group of objects)

The Energymorph. They are actually born with a gender, which is male, but he prefers being nonbinary and not having a gender label slapped on it. They are a dark purple, with a light swirl of purple blended in, then finishes with some white sparkles shining off it. 
Now, I don’t have their personality yet, but I’m going to explain a bit about the species.
Energymorphs can be any color, have limbs, or have none, Can float, or doesn’t have to at all, and they are usually a cotton like shape, but doesn’t have to be either, it is just common place.
They also, might be the reason that shapeshifting can occur in numbers and letters, but, there is no proof of that being the case, since, you know, their shapeshifters(even though that is not a term Energymorphs like for themselves, since it has been used as an insult for them)
Welp, there, that is all. ^^;

Oh My God! So Much Information!!! I’m So Sorry! >~< But I’m done! Finally! I still have more to do with them, but I can’t wait to do it, this is so much fun. :3 ^^
But I Hope you like them regardless!!!
Go ahead and tell me who you like most~ I’d love to hear it~
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do u eat milk or is it ugly to u i think yeah
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OOF I had OC named 7a also
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Ok then? ^^; I mean, That’s fine.
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What if two of them are gonna meet each other?
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Equal sign, exclamation point... t h e y  l o o k  s o  c r e e p y :0
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That’s, the idea~ >83 Hehehehehehehe~ 
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Okay then <83
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Anyways! You like??! Who’s your favs?! O3o
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Idk!! I like them all to choose any faves!!
tho if I did have to choose one it’d probably be question Mark Snake XD
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Hahaha, ok, ok! X3 
Oh! Well, that is really nice~ :3
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I spot a 4x interdimensional sibling. >83

Anyways, I REALLY loved how you made those characters unique, especially with their personality! ^^

I also loved how you used the A.E.'s in a current situation I was thinking of! 

Meaningless to say, All of them are BEAUTIFUL! *O*
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Hahahahaha, yeeeeeees~ >3< Want to know how she would act with yours and stuff? :3

Awwwwwwwwww!!!! I’m so Happy to hear that you think soooo~ :D :D ^3^ I see myself as being really creative~ I love coming up with ideas. O3O

Hehehe, yep, yep! I really wanted too, I think it is very interesting situation, and allows me to, think more on these type of things and allow different sides to be made and explored. :3

Yeeeeeees~ *-* Thank You So Much, I’m So Happy To Hear It~ <3
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Yeeeeeah~ >3<

Want me to note you the info about my 4x child? ^^; ...if she was with your 4x children? :3
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Of course! I'd love to see that. :0
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Awesome! O3O I’ll note you with the info I have right now~ 83
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They look very amazing.
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