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-Undertale Pacifist Ending : The Animation-
Storyboard: 89%…

-Undertale Pacifist Ending : The Animation-
Storyboard: 55%
It's a tumblr but who cares ? I'm only going to post draw/animation related stuffs on it.

If you are interested of having a piece of art made by my hands and dedicated just to you, send an e-mail at

The prices are :

10€ - The top part of a character in black and white;
+5€ - The draw will be colored and shadowed;

20€ - A complete draw of a character in black and white without background;
- The draw will be colored and shadowed;

You can choose the character that you want (you, an original character, a fictional character, Morgan Freeman, a dog, etc…).

The file will be sent to you in .png at the e-mail you chose to commission me. The payment will be made using paypal.

Thanks for reading, And have a good day ladies and gentlebros !

I can't announce it officially because i need a website. Hopefully my friend Elarcis will help me to do it when he'll have time, thank you a lot to him !

So yeah, now that i have a tablet back, i can work again on your draws. If you want something, just contact me at !

The prices can be low or high in function of how much work it's gonna take me. But i still want to do way lower prices than most of the "artists" do (i've seen sometimes 200$ for only a character with black ink and colors).

The payments will be made on paypal at this same adress ( Of course, we'll talk about what you want be e-mail before talking about the money.
And i'll start the drawing only once that the payment is made of course.
For 20€ (~27$)

I draw one character with black ink, colors and shadows on a transparent background. It can be a regular character, a minecraft character, a pony character, an animal, an object, anything you want.

I draw in vectorial, so you can have the size of it you want for this offer. Just tell me !
If you add +10€ (~14$)

The draw can have blood, violence, sexual, or just choking. We'll talk about that by e-mail, and don't worry everything we'll talk about is completely anonymous, i can't share it or talk about it.

I can draw everything, but this kind of request needs me time to know how to do it (because it's way more detailed for the blood, for example, or for adding a wee-wee he he).

Thank you for reading this. And if you want to contact me for business, you can still join me at !


PS : I can't do animated commissions, it needs too much time and usually the prices are really really really expensive. I doubt that you can afford it unless you want to give me an animator salary.

(If you can, still contact me at this same adress !)
Did you know that i had a Redbubble shop ?

I sell T-Shirts that i made. If you like what i do, why not buying one ? And if you want more, tell me !…
EDIT : Not anymore ! You guys are awesome :D I'll make a lot of commissions for you guys once i'll get my new tablet !
don't judge me

To start, Gurren Lagann is my favorite anime. It's not because the story is deep, or because it's really smart. It's because it's fucking awesome. The fights are perfectly well rythmed, the animation is splendid, i really like the colors choices and the graphic style is just as original as Gorillaz in their own way.
Yeah, i even wear the same necklace as Simon (the little drill). I love Gurren Lagann.
And i always wanted to make a parody out of it, but no occasions to do it.

And when i became a brony, and saw all these ponifications, i thought "This is my chance". So i started it.

The animation is separated in 9 different .fla because flash couldn't handle all the animation.
When i was doing the part 2 like 5 months ago, i saw Empty10's animatic, and that depressed me. Yeah it's really good, even when sometimes it's a little too rough and saggy. But the problem is, i was thinking "Now if i do something like that, everyone will just say that it's a copy pasta and that it's a worst work than Empty10".

So i took a break on this, almost forgot it.

But then i re-watched Gurren Lagann with a friend of mine (Namara), and i wasn't caring about other people's opinion anymore. I wanted to make Rainbow Dash kicking asses and making Changelings explode, and Twilight being overpowered by magic. So i started to show it to some friends (Excalibur, Jp, Elarcis, Klafooti), and they really liked it.

I wasn't working on any animations during my moving out to Angoulême, i was kind of stressed out. But now i'm back to animation, and finished this in 2 weeks !

I hope you guys will like it. I enjoyed doing it, and i thank you all for making me want to continue it. It's not just because it already existed that i can't do my own version. Thank you Empty10, i first loved what you did, then hated it for my own reasons, and now i love it even more than the first time because i'm not the only one animator loving these two Have a great day. Brohoof and hope you'll do more /)

Empty10's amazing finished work :

Awsum /)°3°(\……
As you already know, i'm working on a project named "Yuki's Story".

It's the story of a man with big black eyes who decides to join the arena, a place where people can fight with others for entertainment and winning their lives. It's a dark world where there's no justice or law, only surviving.
Nobody knows who's Yuki, where does he come from, and why his eyes are so dark. He says that he comes from far away in high mountains, and that's all.
This time, he's here to kick some asses and be the first in the entire arena. But that's gonna be really hard, because Tsuki, a young lady who's reputed for killing her enemies without mercy, is his first opponent.
Coming out in September 2013
One of my friend (FillyRareYeti on youtube) is the fan number one of the background character from mlp : Berry Punch.
So i made this video for him :………
There's the "making of" of my last draw !…
Le concours est terminé ! Comme vous le saviez, il devait se finir le Lundi 6 Août à 15h.

Voici donc le gagnant du concours ! Il aura donc le droit à un Making-Of de lui même sur ma chaine bientôt ! Allez voir la sienne, il dessine et se filme en train de le faire, vous connaitrez la qualité de son coup de crayon en voyant sa participation !

Par : Yoei
Lien de sa chaine :
Sa participation :…

Il en a également fait une autre qui m'a aussi beaucoup rire, que voici :

Toutes mes félicitations ! *clapclapclap*


Il a peut être gagné, mais la compétition a été rude, car voici mes autres participations préférées ! Ils ne gagnent rien mis à part un peu de pub et des applaudissements ! (Ordre aléatoire)

Par : Asulex
Lien de son twitter :
Sa participation :…

Par : Rouckylove
Lien de sa chaine :…
Sa participation :…

Par : NatRipper
Lien de sa chaine :
Sa participation :…

Par : AC!D
Lien de son deviantart :
Sa participation :…

Par : Bizzy_m
Lien de son twitter :
Sa participation :…

Par : Haelored
Lien de sa chaine :
Sa participation :…

Par : mario10071
Lien de sa chaine :…
Sa participation :…

Par : zekrom69craft
Lien de sa chaine :
Sa participation :…

Par : Jean
Sa participation :…

Par : Maxilouis
Lien de sa chaine :
Sa participation :…

Le but de cette compétition ? Dessiner une tronche affreuse à ce template Pikachu ! Il vous suffit d'ouvrir votre logiciel graphique préféré (Photoshop, Gimp, Flash, etc...), et de lui dessiner son visage !

Évidemment, vous vous doutez bien que simplement lui mettre des yeux et une bouche ne suffira pas, il va falloir redoubler vos efforts pour que sa tête soit la plus absurde et la plus drôle possible. Voici de bons exemples pour vous aider :
1er exemple :…
2ème exemple :…

Même ceux qui ne sont pas de grands artistes peuvent se découvrir un talent inné pour dessiner des epic faces !

Ce sera bien sur à moi de décider le gagnant selon lequel m'aura le plus fait rire, ou le plus impressionné. Vous êtes également libre de modifier le pikachu du template à votre guise si vous voulez vraiment que votre délire aille loin.

Maintenant ce qui vous intéresse le plus : le prix ! Vous me connaissez, j'adore dessiner, et vous adorez mes making of. Donc le gagnant aura le droit d'avoir la version dessinée de lui même (version skin minecraft, irl, pony, etc etc...).

Vous avez jusqu'au lundi 6 Août à 15h pour me l'envoyer à cette adresse :

/!\ Je refuserais tous les dessins qui me seront envoyés ici, sur youtube, etc. UNIQUEMENT cette adresse mail.


Lien de l'image dont vous vous servirez :…