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Elle Designs Patreon Update Flat at 620px wide by Obhan

Hey everybody! I hope you're all having a good Easter Weekend and enjoying the first of April :)

I've got a bit of news to share, something I mentioned a few days ago when I uploaded the Elle and Scarlet Character Designs, but I wanted to make it all official like.

Basically the news is that I'm working on a new Hentai Webcomic, and I've got a few details to share with you all :)

This is something I've been working on for quite a while now, really a good couple of years, and I reckon it's finally in a state where I can start showing it to everybody and get ready to release it. Mostly I've been working on story ideas, creating characters for the comic and working out how it all fits together. That way I can make sure that it's planned from the beginning and I know what comes next, which is something I've had problems with in the past.

But no more, and hopefully this comic will be well worth the wait :D


The basic premise of the comic focuses on two young women, Scarlet (Scarlett Character Design) and Elle (Elle Character Design), they are University students and share a flat/dorm room, and they get into all sorts of sexy escapades. The comic itself is set in the near future, probably in the next ten to fifteen years. This way it stays recognisable to how things are now, but also means that technology could have moved on a little and means there's all sorts of fun new toys to play around with.

One of those advancements has already been shown in the Character Designs. The girls both play a hyper realistic VR game, which creates a fantasy world that looks and feels as real as the one we live in, only it has Dragons, Elves and improbably proportioned warrior women in bikini's that fight said Dragons and Elves. The VR game will be a major influence in the comic, especially in the beginning as we are learning more about these characters.


The comic style itself is going to be kind of like a sitcom, there won't be any huge continuing story arcs, at least not in the beginning, and instead it'll be focused on short action packed mini comics. The format will reflect this and each chapter is intended to be only 2 to 3 pages long, really more like a good sized scene, setting up a particular incident or event, and then playing it out. Right now I'm hoping to upload the comic twice a week, which would mean that I could upload an entire mini story a week, which would be ideal. However depending on the quality/free time that might not be possible, but even in the worst case scenario it would still be updated at least once a week.

What else can I share at this point?... Right now there are two main characters, however the plan for the comic is to have a wide and ever expanding cast that the comic can focus on and switch to for each chapter. One story might focus on one character for a single 3 page story, but then jump to a completely different unrelated character who has three or four chapters strung together to tell a more detailed storyline. Right now I have a lot of story ideas to draw from, I have literally dozens of major characters that I can pick and develop in the comic, and can draw from hundreds of possible stories to explore. So this pretty much means I can run the comic for years before I start to run out of ideas :D


Content wise the comic will obviously be NSFW oriented, and unlike my KTS webcomic, it will be strictly Hentai, not a mixture of adult content and action fantasy. Right now I've got story ideas focusing on straight, lesbian, bi and group content, aswell as more interesting stuff that's possible because of the VR fantasy game setting, so it might include stuff like Futa, or Tentacles or whatever else might crop up. Basically whatever might be popular with readers or that I might think would make for a fun or interesting story.

And so that is it I guess, that's a quick basic overview of the comic I'm hoping to start work on very soon!

The next step, once I've finished March's Patreon rewards, is to focus on making more concept art, working on both the style of the main characters and just getting used to drawing them in more fun and sexy poses/situations and the like. So keep an eye out for that guys, it should be coming pretty soon :)

Wish me luck guys!
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Hey guys, it's been almost a year since I drew characters from each of the main races in the fantasy setting of my webcomic Kohta the Samurai. Since then

my style has improved a bit, and a bunch of new races have appeared in the comic (or are about to) so I thought I'd redo some them. I plan to draw more detailed examples of each race and adding basic racial information, such as their backgrounds, preferred habitats, that sort of thing.

I've already finished the images for the three Orc'ish races, and I've almost finished the ones for the three Elven races, but I'll compile them all here when they're done for quick and easy reference.

The Orcs

KTS RACES - Sattori Orcs by Obhan KTS RACES - Dhukari Orcs by Obhan KTS RACES - Ungoii Orcs by Obhan

The Elves

KTS RACES - Dark Elves by Obhan KTS RACES - Imperial Elves by Obhan KTS RACES - Wild Elves by Obhan

The Humans

KTS RACES - Imperial Humans by Obhan KTS RACES - Lushani Humans by Obhan KTS RACES - Sattori Humans by Obhan

Northern Barbarians by Obhan KTS RACES - Southern Barbarians by Obhan KTS RACES - Western Barbarians by Obhan

The Goblins

KTS RACES - Goblins by Obhan KTS RACES - Selkie (River Goblins) by Obhan Tikoloshe (Southern Goblin) by Obhan

Gnomi (Hill Goblins) by Obhan KTS RACES - Drond'Ill (Cave Goblins) by Obhan

The Undead

KTS RACES - Jiangshi by Obhan KTS RACES - Dhampir by Obhan KTS RACES - Ghoul by Obhan

Other Races

KTS RACES - Dwarves by Obhan KTS RACES - Hauflin by Obhan KTS RACES - Oni by Obhan

KTS RACES - Troll by Obhan KTS RACES - Daema by Obhan KTS RACES - Zana by Obhan

KTS RACES - Harpy by Obhan KTS RACES - Naga by Obhan
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Hey Guys, I hope you're all having a good winter time!

Just a quick heads up, I've finished the character designs of each of the four main characters for the new Hentai Webcomic I'm working on. The promo character images for Scarlet, Elle, Lin and Nicole are all up in my gallery for you to check out. 

Each image has a nice final design of each character, plus a bunch of personal information about each of them.

Anyway I hope you all like them, and happy holidays!

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Depending on where you live you might take this news differently.

If you live in the UK the news might very well scare you to learn that your right to free speech and to access (completely legal) adult content is being curbed by a group of prudish 'Victorian' era busybodies who seemingly hate sex and wont rest until they've eradicated it from the face of the internet :(

If you live anywhere else in the world then you can probably just sit back and laugh at the fact that all the prudish British stereotypes are turning out to be real after all :)…

The Link above is to an article on the Guardian Website, it is SFW, but discusses Adult issues, for instance it explains what the 'Four Finger Rule' is, and I for one did not expect to learn what that is when I woke up this morning :P
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Kohta Concept Art by ObhanJun Concept Art by ObhanMalcolm Concept Art by ObhanNymph Concept Art by Obhan

Check out the characters new looks!

Yup, the new volume of my adult fantasy webcomic 'Kohta the Samurai' is starting on Monday, so I've been working on some concept art of each of the main characters to give each a new, more detailed (Anime) look, and you can see the results up above and in my gallery.

The new Volume is sort of a soft relaunch in my mind, it's not a reboot or anything, but the story is jumping forward in time a little, the location is changing and the cast is being cut back to, well really just these four, and possibly other characters we meet along the way!

So what do you guys think about the new characters? Do they look good?, too anime?, too different from what they looked like before?
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Desinty banner by Obhan…

Just heard the news (well rumour really atm, but I'm going to treat it as an oath sworn to a blood brother!) that Destiny 2 may be coming to the PC!

This would be fantastic news, I'm a PC player, but I've had a go on a friends copy of Destiny on PS4, and it was amazing.

I swear this might even be the game that breaks my decade long Warcraft addiction :o

Also a quick update to my housing situation. Managed to find a great new place to move into with a mate, turned out they only had one room to spare, so I let him have it (he doesn't have other friends in the city to stay with like I do) found another place, moved in, the flat got sold, contract terminated by new owners, and I am homeless again :(

Still I'm sure I'll be able to find a new place, meanwhile I'm crashing back at a mates place, so I guess I can't complain :) (he has a very comfy couch).

Oh, and there should be some more Warcraft Pinups up in the next few days, anyway catch you guys later!
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Got some bad news guys, you might've noticed that I haven't exactly been posting a lot of work up here recently and that's because just over a month ago I got an eviction notice from my landlord and have had to spend most of my free time preparing to move and looking for a new place to move to.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a place that I can afford at the moment, so I'm crashing at a mates home and grabbing internet time down at a local library.

This situation should just be temporary, I hope to find a proper new place soon and get back to regularly posting here as soon as possible, but I thought you guys should get an update on why I might not be around much for a little while.

I'm still able to do some work, and KTS shouldn't be affected at all, which is the good news.

Anyway, hopefully I can get a new place soon and get back to more regular updates.

Catch you on the flip side,

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Special announcement!

I'm going to be starting a new Hentai Webcomic in the next month or two!

It's something I've been working on for quite a while, as some of you might remember, ever since my last Hentai comic, Bang Bang Bakochan ended just over two years ago. That comic had problems because I hadn't planned it out well enough beforehand, which is a mistake I vowed not to make again.

I have spent just over two years working on this new comic, it's design, story, setting and characters. For instance I stopped counting the number of story ideas I had a year ago at around 172, and I've come up with a bunch more ideas since then. I have everything I possibly can figured out except the last few art details, like character styles and how to pace the comic pages. To sort out this will require concept work which should start appearing here and on our other galleries in the next few weeks. In fact the first concept art of the main character is already up on this gallery, so if you're interested go and check it out, 

Scarlett Concept Art by Obhan

More details on the plot, more images of the character and setting should be appearing soon, and I'd really appreciate hearing what you thought about them, if I'm going to tweak characters or change plot points it's better I do them now in the final planning stages.

But anyway, apart from that, everything's going well, and I hope you guys are all doing fine!
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Patreon Button at 50% by Obhan

Hey guys, I've got an update on my Patreon page/account.

After a couple of months I've finally updated it and added in more pledge tiers, pledge rewards and a set of goals, short term and long, which I thought you guys might be interested in.

For pledging your support to me now on Patreon you can get rewards depending on how much you pledge. These rewards range from access to my Patreon Activity Feed, seeing KTS pages a day before they're uploaded, or getting Hi-Res versions of gallery images and KTS comic pages.

As time goes on I'll be adding in more pledge tiers and rewards, and new goals as older ones are met.

So if you like my work and would like to think about supporting me, and getting some cool free stuff as thanks, then maybe check it out at the link below :D

Also as a quick extra, since one of the pledge rewards is Hi-Res versions of all my gallery images in the last month (both SFW and NSFW) I've made a compilation image to show off samples of each of the images on offer, so if you like what you see below, pledge to my patreon account and you can get them all in beautiful Hi-Res, for just $3.00!

November Patreon Rewards by Obhan
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Warcraft Movie Trailer Screenshot by Obhan

With Blizzcon underway the new trailers have been released, first the full trailer for the new Warcraft Movie, [link]

And then the full cinematic trailer for the next Warcraft Expansion, World of Warcraft: Legion, [link]

I was pretty stoked for these trailers and they did not disappoint, if you have yet to see them click on the links above, they are worth it.

The Warcraft movie trailer showed more of what we were expecting, aswell as a few new characters and action shots. I'm still pretty excited for going to see it, though it's looking like its deviating slightly from the canon previously set out in the Warcraft Lore about what happens to Thrall's parents. But that's an understandable thing when you're trying to convert a part of in-game lore to a dramatic film plot.

Anyway I'm sure it'll be great, it doesn't feel so long away now :D

And the cinematic trailer for the next Expansion looked great aswell, but then again they always do :D

I reckon that was the trailer I was expecting to see when the expansion was announced, the little teasers we got then really didn't build up the expansion in my mind, but now I've got a better view of it I'm stoked.

Now I just gotta figure how I can afford the pre-order so I can get that lvl 100 character boost... 
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Tumblr Static Startrekonline Banner by Obhan

Just saw the news on io9, there is a new Star Trek TV series planned for release in 2017!…

Damn this is pretty big news!

Now i'm not a hardcore trekkie but I'm still well excited, the Star Trek shows were a big part of my childhood, watching all sorts of cool sci-fi action and fun character stories is what made me into a real sci-fi fanboy.

Right now details are kinda scarce, obviously, but the io9 article says that Alex Kurtzman, who co-wrote the two new movies, will be the executive producer for the new series, which a lot of people have assumed means it will be based on the new trekverse from the Abrams movies. Personally I'm a little bummed at that idea, I thought it would always be cool to go back to the original timeline and see how things have moved on (Star Trek Online not withstanding) but still I think the new movies are grand (very good action fun) and it could mean so much to explore the new verse in more detail on a weekly show.

Anyway, I'm totally jazzed for this new series, what do you guys think?
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KTS C17 P17 D3 Twitter Update by Obhan

Hey guys and gals, as you read above today's page marks the 500th page so far for the KTS comic, which is a pretty big milestone. It's been 3 years and 29 days since the comic started, and in all that time comics have updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and never missed an upload time once, I'm quite chuffed with that :D

The comic has had it's ups and downs since the beginning, and just looking at the art and writing in the first few pages shows me how far we've come, but I've enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to making many more pages in the years to come, including the very... well, eventful couple of chapters that are about to follow (I don't want to spoil anything!).

To mark this special milestone next week we'll be having a short, three page, pretty sexy special chapter that takes place between chapters 17 and 18, featuring Kohta and some of the ladies of the comic so far, (needless to say it'll be NSFW).

So I hope you guys all enjoy that and here's to the next 500 pages!

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Star Wars Logo New by Obhan

Lots of new start wars info has been appearing online recently, and the really big news seems to be that the last major pre-release trailer is going to drop soon, already a small clip of it has appeared on instagram,…, and whilst it seems to be more of the same of what we've seen before, it does have John Boyega looking badass wielding a lightsaber, man this movies going to look awesome :D

Also they have just released the new refurbished list of the approved Expanded Universe Canon, which has just appeared in a pretty good looking infographic up on io9,….

I'm still a bit annoyed by Disney just wiping away all the old books and comics that I loved, like Stackpole's X-Wing series, and some of the games, but at least from now on everything approved and released will be 100% canon, so we'll know that everything published will be as part of a large and connected story set in-universe. Course because it's run by Disney I can't expect it to get as dark as Star Wars could occasionally be, but that's just something you have to live with I guess.

Still, we've got Han Solo, Chewbacca, the Millenium Falcon, Luke and Leia making cameos, a bunch of new characters, a weird but cute little new droid called BB-8 and the previously mentioned badass lightsaber wielding John Boyega.

That's more than enough Star Wars for me, for now :D
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AoS-Screen wider by Obhan

This is important news for anyone who plays, or has played and liked, the table top miniatures war game, Warhammer.

So this is what happened, a few hours ago I was working on my computer and up came some tweets from Angry Joe. Apparently someone had sent him the rules pdf for the new version of Warhammer which is released today, and they were filled with some pretty crazy stuff, some were simply questionable rules choices, like armies no longer having points totals, so you could include as many models in your army as you had, no matter the number. But there are also some really weird stuff, like the player with the bigger beard can re-roll bad saves, or talking to some miniatures during your turn gave them benefits, and other things. He thought, and I thought, that he was being trolled, and then I looked into it.

Turns out it's real, the whole thing, including the stuff about beards.…

So I'll put this out first of all, I'm not a huge Warhammer fan, I'm more of a 40k guy, but I've played my share of WFB games, and I played a lot more when I was younger and could afford new models (I had to stop when I went to Uni), though I still play occasionally with my old army sets among friends. But I am a huge fan of the setting, and I love a lot of the books published by the Black Library, again mostly 40k books like Gaunts Ghosts or the Commissar Cain series, but I still love Warhammer books, like Felix and Gotrek or the old Konrad novels.

Still it had been a while since I'd checked in to see what was happening in the game, so it came as a little surprise to find out the changes that come with the launch of the new edition today.

First things first, the setting? yeh that's gone, blasted apart apparently and literally. The Warhammer world is now a series of connected mortal realms, mostly ruled over by chaos, with the good factions being led by the God King Sigmar (yup he's back) who is trying to retake the realms to form a celestial paradise. And the new models for the game all look like Space Marines for some reason, and the starter set? it costs $125(US) or £75(UK).

Then all the rules stuff, yup, that's real too. Armies no longer have points totals, the rule book, which before used to be a hardback book with 300+ pages covering every eventuality, is now a 4 page pdf with an incredibly simplified playstyle that I presume is to make it easier for newcomers to the game. Also the beards and talking to miniatures things are also real (and kinda funny if it wasn't depressing), and you can read all about them below in the link to the PDF rules posted on the GW website. (The beard rule is an ability for the Thane with Battle Standard character in the Dwarfs PDF, and the talking to a miniature is for the Konrad Von Carstein character in the Vampire Counts, and there's probably weirder stuff I haven't read yet in the other army books).…

So yeh, all that happened.

Right now I'm still kinda shocked by all this. Part of me is hoping that I'm just really stupid and have fallen for a hoax like with those new April Fools Day Draenei Models.

Still this is GW were talking about. As much as I love their game settings and fantasy world, the company has done some dickish things in the past, aside from raising the cost of models through the roof, they also sue people who make fan films and tried to trademark the term 'Space Marine'. So I guess this isn't too unexpected a thing to happen.

All I know is that I'm sure as hell gonna hold on tight to my old rulebooks :S


Looks like some people are not reacting well to the changes in the new edition,…
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Terminator-Genisys-T-800 Banner at 100% by Obhan

It's not actually that bad!

Yeh I know this movie is getting a lot of crap online at the moment, and considering it's currently at 27% for some reason on Rotten Tomatoes I might not be popular for saying this, but I thought it was good.

Not great of course, but still good.

The action was great, there was some funny callbacks (okay a lot of call backs), some great story moments, the future war scenes were cool (they were always my favourite shots of the first three movies and I'm chuffed there's more of them in this one) and Arnold Schwarzenegger was really good in it, even had some touching moments which was surprising. Plus JK Simmons and Matt Smith had a couple of really good scenes that I liked, they were well cast.

And okay so there are a few negatives to the movie too, the plot is a bit weird, the further mucking about with the timeline is getting a little confusing, there are several big questions unanswered that are obviously plot hooks for sequels, the marketing department screwed up big time by revealing several of the big twists in the trailers and ruining the surprise, and for the life of me I can't understand why Jai Courtney keeps getting these important roles (Jason Clarke was also an odd choice, for the life of me I can't figure out why they didn't pick Chris Pine for either role, he can handle the action, the emotional stuff and still be pretty funny).

Still despite all that, like I said, it was a good movie, not the best movie ever made, and definitely not the best Terminator Movie ever, but it was a good movie, and at worst it was okay and a fun way to string together all the action scenes.

Plus Emilia Clarke is really hot :D
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Patreon Button at 100% by Obhan

So guess who finally joined the Patreon Party? :D

Yup, I've finally started an account over on Patreon, after putting it off again and again I reckon it's about time that I should do it. Patreon is a great website that can help independent creators, like Artists, Musicians and Webcomic Creators earn a living through the financial support of their fans and readers.

For those of you that aren't familiar with the site, it's kind of like Kickstarter. If your a fan of a certain creator, you can pledge a monthly donation to them to help support them financially. These donations can vary in size, and if you pledge higher you can get some rewards, like Hi-Res images, Comic PDF's or even commissions and the like. It's a great service that helps support innumerable online creators and I support several myself through Patreon.

If you're interested in supporting me this is the link to my page,

The page is a bit barebones at the moment, I'm going to be working on it over the next few months, trying out different things to see how it works as a creator and also see what people like or might be interested in. And if anyone has some suggestions on what might be some good pledge rewards or long term goals I'd be happy to hear about them in the comments.

But anyway, if you like our work, and would maybe like to consider supporting me so that I can continue to make more fun and sexy art, then maybe you could spare a dollar or two a month to my Patreon campaign. Of course more generosity is always welcome! :D


*UPDATE - For some reason the link to the Patreon account wasn't working, but it's been fixed now and leads straight to the proper page, sorry about that.
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Mad Max Fury Road by Obhan

I'm just back from watching Mad Max: Fury Road, and man this movie is awesome!

I've never actually seen any of the original movies, they were a bit before my time, but the trailers for this new movie, the extraordinary hype surrounding it and the very cool post apocalyptic setting convinced me to go and see it, and I'm well glad they did, because it's pretty kickass :D

It's really packed full of action, right from the start and I can definitely recommend it, especially if you like post-apoc movies and their like. It's pretty much the movie series that inspired Fallout after all, and it should help tide us over till Fallout 4 comes out.

Also as a funny extra somebody has mashed up the original trailer with Mario Kart on YouTube, and it actually syncs up surprisingly well, you should check it out if you have a couple of minutes to spare and like a laugh.…

Anyway, the movie was awesome! now I gotta get back to work, catch you guys later.

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Hey guys, just some admin news but I've managed to complete all the site updates for the KTS website.

The Kohta The Samurai webcomic site now has finished admin pages, like functioning Archive and Links sections, aswell as background pages, including detailed lists of Characters, Locations, Factions, Races and a Bestiary section of things, places and groups that exist in the fantasy setting Kohta and his pals have their adventures in. Whilst these pages contain information on all the things that have been encountered so far in the comic I'm hoping to expand upon them soon with some new information. Some will be more basic stuff to flesh out the fantasy world, but there will be subtle content that will foreshadow things that might happen in future comics.

In addition I've added an Extras page, where I'll occasionally upload random stuff that might be connected to the comic. Right now there's just a couple of Pinups there, but pretty soon I'll be hoping to add more detailed background content, like maps of the local area and the city of Tal'Lushan and the like.

I can't link directly to the website from here because it does occasionally contain some NSFW content, but just typing "Kohta the Samurai" into google should take you straight to the link.

Also I've started Twitter and Tumblr accounts. I've been meaning to start them for a while so that I could follow artists and other people that I'm keen on but I decided to use them myself aswell.

My Twitter account is here,, where you can see me re-tweet funny things other people say, make site update announcements and occasionally impart updates on my current sandwich eating status :D

I can't link directly to the Tumblr account either because it also has NSFW content, but if you want to see it you can just type "Obhan Tumblr" into google aswell, and that'll get you there pretty quickly. I've had the Tumblr for a few weeks so I've managed to build up a few images and posts there, mostly stuff you've seen on my gallery here on DeviantArt or on my other gallery over at Hentai Foundry (hence the NSFW content) but there is some other stuff like WIP's and image Lineart's and stuff like that.

Hopefully this should help bring all our online accounts together, which is something I've been meaning to do for a while now but with it done it means I'm finally free to properly start the Patreon account I've been thinking about for a while now.

Anyway, updates done, now I'm going to get some sleep, catch y'all later!

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Total War Warhammer by Obhan

So there I was, just checking out the midweek sales on Steam when I saw a new game has been announced, a new Total War game set in the Warhammer Fantasy setting, and man am I stoked for this game!

They've released a CGI trailer for the game, there's no in game footage at this point of course, but the pre-rendered graphics do a good job of making the setting look epic, [link]

The weirdest thing I guess is that it's taken so long for this to come out, Sega own the license to the Warhammer games since THQ went down, and they publish the brilliant Total War game franchise, so setting the latest game in the award winning strategy game franchise in one of the most successful table top war games settings makes a load of sense... plus probably a load of money too.

Hell, it's just been announced on Steam and I've already added it to my wishlist :D
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