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A note on numbers.
I was recently mentioned in a comment where my DevArt stats (views per day, comments per deviation, etc) were being compared with those of other (in my opinion: better) artists. The question over why mine were higher was being discussed.
Though they never touched on it, I think volume is the key.
Said “better artists” have around 300-800 images in their DA gallery, while I’ve sharted 2,750 or so onto the website.
Throw enough stuff around and something will invariably stick…. Or, at the very least, the stench will be noticed!
Content is king. If you want your work to sustain an audience, you have to keep producing it so they come back. One masterpiece might garner a few “oohs” and “aahs”, but a series of intriguing-though-lesser oddities, and the promise that more are on the way, will keep attention.
That’s not to say you should rattle out nothing but half-hearted bullsh*t (though I will readily admit that there’s a little bit
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Elle Designs Patreon Update Flat at 620px wide by Obhan

Hey everybody! I hope you're all having a good Easter Weekend and enjoying the first of April :)

I've got a bit of news to share, something I mentioned a few days ago when I uploaded the Elle and Scarlet Character Designs, but I wanted to make it all official like.

Basically the news is that I'm working on a new Hentai Webcomic, and I've got a few details to share with you all :)

This is something I've been working on for quite a while now, really a good couple of years, and I reckon it's finally in a state where I can start showing it to everybody and get ready to release it. Mostly I've been working on story ideas, creating characters for the comic and working out how it all fits together. That way I can make sure that it's planned from the beginning and I know what comes next, which is something I've had problems with in the past.

But no more, and hopefully this comic will be well worth the wait :D


The basic premise of the comic focuses on two young women, Scarlet (Scarlett Character Design) and Elle (Elle Character Design), they are University students and share a flat/dorm room, and they get into all sorts of sexy escapades. The comic itself is set in the near future, probably in the next ten to fifteen years. This way it stays recognisable to how things are now, but also means that technology could have moved on a little and means there's all sorts of fun new toys to play around with.

One of those advancements has already been shown in the Character Designs. The girls both play a hyper realistic VR game, which creates a fantasy world that looks and feels as real as the one we live in, only it has Dragons, Elves and improbably proportioned warrior women in bikini's that fight said Dragons and Elves. The VR game will be a major influence in the comic, especially in the beginning as we are learning more about these characters.


The comic style itself is going to be kind of like a sitcom, there won't be any huge continuing story arcs, at least not in the beginning, and instead it'll be focused on short action packed mini comics. The format will reflect this and each chapter is intended to be only 2 to 3 pages long, really more like a good sized scene, setting up a particular incident or event, and then playing it out. Right now I'm hoping to upload the comic twice a week, which would mean that I could upload an entire mini story a week, which would be ideal. However depending on the quality/free time that might not be possible, but even in the worst case scenario it would still be updated at least once a week.

What else can I share at this point?... Right now there are two main characters, however the plan for the comic is to have a wide and ever expanding cast that the comic can focus on and switch to for each chapter. One story might focus on one character for a single 3 page story, but then jump to a completely different unrelated character who has three or four chapters strung together to tell a more detailed storyline. Right now I have a lot of story ideas to draw from, I have literally dozens of major characters that I can pick and develop in the comic, and can draw from hundreds of possible stories to explore. So this pretty much means I can run the comic for years before I start to run out of ideas :D


Content wise the comic will obviously be NSFW oriented, and unlike my KTS webcomic, it will be strictly Hentai, not a mixture of adult content and action fantasy. Right now I've got story ideas focusing on straight, lesbian, bi and group content, aswell as more interesting stuff that's possible because of the VR fantasy game setting, so it might include stuff like Futa, or Tentacles or whatever else might crop up. Basically whatever might be popular with readers or that I might think would make for a fun or interesting story.

And so that is it I guess, that's a quick basic overview of the comic I'm hoping to start work on very soon!

The next step, once I've finished March's Patreon rewards, is to focus on making more concept art, working on both the style of the main characters and just getting used to drawing them in more fun and sexy poses/situations and the like. So keep an eye out for that guys, it should be coming pretty soon :)

Wish me luck guys!
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can you give me a link to your comic about kohta
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Unfortunately it's against DA rules to directly link to another website that contains NSFW or adult content, however if you google 'Kohta the Samurai webcomic' you'll be sure to find it :)
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