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My Bio

Scottish, occupation freelance artist/webcartoonist.

Favourite genre of music: Cinematic Scores

Favourite style of art: Manga, or Western Styled Manga

Favourite cartoon character: Bender from Futurama or Cartman from South Park, you do not mess with those dudes

Favourite Visual Artist
Jolly Jack, Aimo, Karanak, Omar Francia, Ludo Lullabi, Fernando Heinz Furukawa and Rocio Zucchi, too many to choose.
Favourite Movies
Aliens, Armageddon, Kung Fu Panda, Serenity anything good you ken
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Hans Zimmer
Favourite Writers
Dan Abnett, William King, George RR Martins not bad
Favourite Games
World of Warcraft probably, i keep going back to it like junkie to his dealer at any rate
Tools of the Trade
Me Mits, and a Computor, Tablet and Photoshop mostly
Other Interests
Sci Fi, Manga, Action Movies, The Ladies... normal stuff i spose
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Okay, so I've got some bad news. In case any of you haven't been following my Twitter I ran into a problem at the end of last week. My hosting provider required me to update the underlying code of my websites, the ones for my Kohta the Samurai webcomic and others. When I went through the update it caused all my websites to crash and only return an Error Message when I visited their URLs. I contacted the Support chat and spent a few hours trying to sort it out. We managed to roll the sites back to before the update, and make them viewable again. However despite trying for several hours we couldn't find a solution to make my websites compatible with the new code and I was told that for them to be usable at all it would mean that they would have to be wiped completely, leaving me to build them all back up from scratch, again. Now I keep regular backups of the comics I make, however all the comments users had made over the last 8yrs or so were lost, the entire community that I've
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I've got an announcement to make, my webcomic, Kohta the Samurai, is going on a break for the foreseeable future. The comic is not cancelled, it's just that recently I've realised that it was monopolising more and more of my time so that I was unable to do anything else but update the comic, and not even properly plan the comic itself ahead of time. I wouldn't have minded this too much but it's become obvious that the quality of the comic is suffering as a result of this. Also it's meant I've not had the time to work on other things. For instance I've had an art trade with a friend of mine ready to be finished for months now, but haven'
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Hey everybody! I hope you're all having a good Easter Weekend and enjoying the first of April :) I've got a bit of news to share, something I mentioned a few days ago when I uploaded the Elle and Scarlet Character Designs, but I wanted to make it all official like. Basically the news is that I'm working on a new Hentai Webcomic, and I've got a few details to share with you all :) This is something I've been working on for quite a while now, really a good couple of years, and I reckon it's finally in a state where I can start showing it to everybody and get ready to release it. Mostly I've been working on story ideas, creating characters fo
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Bored waiting for KtS to wind up. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. So, apropos of nothing, here is a video of AC/DC performing at River Plate amphitheater. Guitarist Angus Young shreds a guitar solo, playing with ONE HAND. Seriously, how do you play a guitar with one hand??


That's a great vid, not sure how he managed it myself, guess he's just that good? :)

Did some checking. According to industry sources ... Rolling Stone et. al. ... Angus Young is rated approximately the 20th best rock guitarist of all time. They consider him to be in the same company as Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, etc.

So yeah, he actually IS "just that good".

D'aww thank Val! Good to see you again, how have you been? :)

I couldn't log in T_T It was long story(( But at last I can writo to you *^* And post some new pics :)

Yikes really!? Did you forget your password or was it a bigger problem with the site or something?

Well anyway it's good to have you back :)

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