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Epsilon Army vs. Scorpion Cell by Napasitart
GDI Chorno Legionnaire by Napasitart
GDI Goliath vs Grimm Goliath by Napasitart
GDI Goliath Heavy Tank by Napasitart
Red Alert Universe
Peace by Craft-1211
Mental Omega - Soviet Factions by Phill-Art
Red Alert 2 T-55E Tesla Tank (5/5) by Medjoe
Volkov and Chitzkoi by Art-thas
Tiberium World
Command and Conquer Brotherhood of NOD Kane scetch by Ork-artist
Awakened Light by KaneNash
Avatar AW-40X by KaneNash
Kane Nash Enlightened Cyborg by KaneNash
Strength of Generals by KaneNash
Emperor Tank by Nkrs235
Baneblade by Nkrs235
Field Command Vehicle by Nkrs235
3D modling
GDI Mammoth Tank 28 by Helge129
Armor Superiority by Helge129
Crafting Schematics
Nod Installer slide: Enoch Platform by Midian-P
Nod Installer slide: Sentry drone by Midian-P
GDI Installer slide: Multiple Launch Rocket System by Midian-P
GDI Installer slide: XM1219 (ARV-A-L MULE) by Midian-P
Yuri the Master Mind
Yuri, himself by Homeward
Obey Yuri by MIXSAN
Soviet Caricature Sketches by EpicTones
Red Alert Yuri's Revenge Rule 63 by ivanboev
Cosplay , game collections action figure
Yuri Takes a Picture by commandernad
Choose A Side -5,000 Pageviews by CommanderA9
The power of Nod by Doom-Tanker
CnC General Apoc by tchutch
Lineart Sketches
Redesigned Vlliains #2 by Napasitart
Redesigned Vlliains #1 by Napasitart
Reznov and Krukov ( COLORED by Macoy Cruz ) by Napasitart
Tanya (Epsilon version) by Napasitart
Fan fiction and innovation
Recon pod by Naihebridge
Mammoth artillery tank Mammoth tank Girl sketch by Naihebridge
Hind Transport Girl sketch by Naihebridge
Heard you all were talking sh*t- (CONTRA 008 GIF) by landro117
Screenshots , Maps , Mods
Mental Omega APYR meme Top 10 Anime Battles by Red-Spore
MEME and Chibi
Yuri Is Our Master -You Can't Change My Mind by Anyuthaya
Wallpapers and posters
Red Alert Allied Collage by Rawflesh0615A
Units And Buildings
ID #14: GD2 Assault Rifle by Nod-Shadow-Wolf
Other RTS games
Gustav by Nkrs235
Yuriko Rising comic
Yuriko Rising Page 55 by HyrAyl
Udo Kier
Udo Kier (gouache on paper) by signedportraits
Fan made insignia
Highest Honor Awarded. by Nod-Shadow-Wolf
Anthro infantry concepts by huntingtrooper22


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Hello dear friends and followers of the group

I am pleased to see that the numbers of the new members have increased over the past year, as well as the number of fan art paints, wallpapers, 3D, crafting, cosplay, and crossovers in all of the Command & Conquer titles.

It is time for something new for this group. I have a mini web comic project in mind for almost a year featuring the return of Yuri and his faction to the Red Alert Universe with a more dramatic, realistic, and dark way.

So this is a quick survey to help me reinvent Yuri and his faction. I'll but it in the form of questions:

1-If you were presented with a comic about Red Alert would you read it?
2-Would you prefer a one shot story or a 5 issue comic or more?
3-What do think is a better starting point of Yuri's return from RA2 (Soviet ending / Allies ending)?
4-would you like to see a scared Yuri or normal Yuri or something completely new ?
5-What powers would you like to see added to Yuri?

Please if possible I would like you all to participate in answering these questions. If you have any new recommendation or suggestions don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment ;)

I look forward for your answers

Dark Emperor
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Group Info

Origionally this group was created as a fanclub for Yuri from Red Alert 2 , but now we are expanding to include all C&C Universe . Our main goal is promoting any C&C art what ever its form maybe . Feel free to join and contribute ;)
Founded 8 Years ago
Mar 18, 2011


Group Focus
fan club

239 Members
257 Watchers
43,594 Pageviews
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Please read before submiting anything

:groups: RULES :groups:

1) The group supports any Command & Conquer related art in any form it may be.

2) Nudity , pornographic and hateful work is not accepted .

3) You may submit your work into the (Featured) file . afterwards it will be sorted into subfiles .

4) The files name indicate it's content for easy search .

Have fun and support to the artists by comments and favorite ;) You are all welcome to join and contribute to the everexpanding C&C univirse .




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Napasitart Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2018
Are you guys still alive???
- Please Move our folder from featured to other gallery!
DrMostafaMortaja Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2018  Professional General Artist
Ok. I will as soon as possible. Just be patient ;)

Napasitart Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2018…
Hey It's my meme hope you like it!
Medjoe Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2017
Hiya, I'm slowly working on a series of RA2 vehicles fanart; unfortunately, I cannot post in the respective RA folder for some reason...
DrMostafaMortaja Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Professional General Artist
You can submit your art to featured then I will arrange the files. Dont worry
Medjoe Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017
Alright, many thanks! :)
Rawflesh0615A Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2016
Did anybody remember TanyaXYuri couples? When I saw those pictures back from my Middle School age I just loved it. Until late 2012, the couples of those pictures were gone, and I can't remember who drew it.
DrMostafaMortaja Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2016  Professional General Artist
First 've heard of it. Do you have a link to these photos ?
Rawflesh0615A Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017

Her account got deactivated. 
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