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Weight gain is a lifestyle.
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Melanie part 1
I could feel the discomfort in my feet as I stood at the bus stop. Why were these things always so late all the time? I was leaning against the side of the shelter, munching on a chocolate bar, watching down the road, as you do, as if the bus would suddenly appear if I stared hard enough. It wasn't like it was an especially long walk home, but I sure as hell wasn't going to put my aching feet and legs through more of that treatment. I'd already done enough walking, and my body was definitely telling me to stop by this point.
I'd gone out today with the purpose of finding some new clothes, but the carrier bags I was holding didn't have any more than a loose pair of elasticated jogging bottoms in them. The rest of the space had been filled with snacks. There's this discount place in town that I can never resist, and I'd bought about as many crisps, biscuits, cakes and chocolate as I could reasonably carry.
Alright, alright. I guess that's the real reason I went into town. Not that the cl
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Melanie part 2
I twist my slightly greasy brown hair idly between my fingers as I change the channel onto one of my favourite game shows. Mum’s brownies are so chocolatey and wonderful that I practically inhale them. Sometimes I wonder where they get all that money to just give away to people. But most of the time I’m just glad for the winners. The next thing I knew, there were no more brownies left. Good, I thought; I’m ready for dinner, anyway.
“Mum, what’s for dinner -- oh!” I said, as she came in from the kitchen with a great big serving bowl of macaroni cheese. One of my favourites.
“I’ll bring you milk and hot chocolate, is that good?” she asked.
“Mmm-hmm,” I answered through my first mouthful. Mum’s macaroni cheese is the best I’ve ever had, anywhere. It’s so buttery and creamy. There’s a commercial for Slim-Fast. Those make me feel strangely guilty, so I hit Mute.
“I bet your feet are killing you a
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Melanie part 3
It was dark and the curtains were drawn when I finally stirred into consciousness. The TV was still on, and mum was sitting watching the X-Factor. My eyes opened slowly to a blonde, skinny girl singing a Marvin Gaye cover. I wasn’t that fond of the X-Factor, because the judges always seemed to be so mean to the contestants, but I reckoned  it was almost over, so I wouldn’t badger mum to change the channel. I stretched my arms above my head and yawned gently.
“Hello again love,” mum said, turning to look at me from the chair to my right. She had her feet up, cradling a cup of tea with a couple of biscuits on her stomach.
“Hey Mum,” I murmured, feeling myself wake up slightly, “have I been asleep long?”
“Oh, a couple of hours maybe,” she replied, putting the cup of tea down on the side table, “there’s a fresh pot of tea if you’d like some, and some biscuits?”
“Oh yeah, that’d be wonderful
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Melanie part 4 :iconobesequeen:ObeseQueen 37 0
Melanie part 5
A couple of weeks had passed since that first morning. Life with Cheryl was as much fun as I’d expected it to be.
We’d got into a bit of a routine - breakfast was with Mum, nearly always a large fry up with some delicious home baked dessert. We would be a little heavy on our feet after that, and would usually just watch some TV on the couch together with a few cups of tea and a couple of big packets of biscuits.
By lunchtime we’d be wanting something a little more substantial, so Mum would do us a few grilled cheese sandwiches with some chips, or perhaps a couple of frozen pizzas with same. We’d eat those watching TV, and between that and a few more of Mum’s baked goodies we’d have enough in us to manage until dinner. Dinner was often something quite special, huge trays of macaroni cheese, greasy, dripping lasagne, takeaway pizza, enormous bowls of chips with some homemade bacon cheeseburgers.
After that, we’d have huge bowls of ice cream with
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Melanie part 6
I laid there on the floor, stunned, trying to figure out what happened. I hate to say it, but it never would have happened if not for Cheryl. That Vesparia game that she brought home, we had played it for hours while mindlessly grazing on Mum’s fresh-baked goodies, chasing them with tea and hot chocolate. Cheryl kept rolling one joint after another, and I was so wasted that I hadn’t realised just how much I’d eaten while we played. So when I finally got up and went into the kitchen for my next bag of chocolates, there were a few things conspiring against me. I was so stoned, and so overfed, that waddling to the kitchen felt like slogging through mud. I was unsteady on my feet anyway, and I’d been unable to see my feet for years. So what absolutely sealed my fate was a dollop of butter on the tile floor of the kitchen, which of course I couldn’t see, that Cheryl had dropped when she made us grilled cheeses earlier tonight. But laying blame doesn’t hel
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Melanie part 7 :iconobesequeen:ObeseQueen 32 0
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Melanie part 8 :iconobesequeen:ObeseQueen 46 0
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Melanie part 9 :iconobesequeen:ObeseQueen 41 0
Melanie part 10
I got a text from Cheryl today. It didn't say much.
Shit, that girl sure devours her weed these days. Back when I met her, she'd hit me up for a twenty bag every week or two weeks, but now she'd moved onto an ounce a week?
An ounce a week wasn't the only thing changing. Cheryl was a big fucking girl now. When I'd met her she was pretty fat, but she seemed to have a nervous energy, a sort of mix between come-fuck-me confidence and fuck-off defensive insecurity. I never realised it at the time, but I guess that negative energy was what was keeping her from getting proper fat. That's alright though, everyone is complicated.
The last few times I'd delivered recently I could see she was changing. She'd lean against the wall, catching her breath after answering the door, dressed in an awkwardly fitting pair of jogging bottoms or leggings with a tight, smoky smelling hoody yanked down as far over her bulging waistband as she could manage. It would always go
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Cupcake Bride, Cheesecake Wife :iconobesequeen:ObeseQueen 374 26
The Fridge
3:02 a.m.
I woke up slowly and groggily, in the sort of half-dreaming way that you do sometimes. There were a few disoriented moments in the dark, as my mind sorted reality from dreams, before I knew where I was. You were asleep, curled up next to me with your arm over my midriff, your hand resting on my belly underneath the sheets, making me feel safe.
My stomach gurgled urgently, and I realised that I was incredibly hungry. I looked over at the clock and saw it was 3 a.m. I usually sleep soundly, but hunger always manages to get my attention over any kind of sleep. It wasn't as if I had gone to bed hungry. The leftover serving bowl on the side cabinet formerly full of ice cream would attest to that fact; however, my belly was unconvinced and continued to complain. Nothing else to do, I suppose, but get up.
I slowly and carefully pick your hand off my belly and move it to one side, trying not to wake you. A bit futile I suppose, it's not like I can move with much stealth these
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Mature content
Out of House and Home :iconobesequeen:ObeseQueen 64 23
The Girl in Their Bed
Jackson grinned down at his hands as he fastened his favorite jeans for the first time in almost a year.  The well-worn denim felt like the embrace of a long-lost friend.  He still carried a bit of a paunch, but it was nothing compared to how fat he’d gotten when he was the target of Chelsea’s newly discovered feeder tendencies.
Conversely, Chelsea was at his feet slipping into a blouse that she’d had to buy after gaining some weight, and she found that it now swallowed her.  She had gotten back to her normal petite figure as well, but just hadn’t found the time yet to swap out her wardrobe.
Jackson and Chelsea Rosen dressed for work by the early light of dawn.  They dressed silently so as not to disturb the girl in their bed, who did not have to go to get up.  Their unspoken agreement seemed to be that after last night, she’d earned another lazy day of lounging around their comfortable suburban home.  
:iconobesequeen:ObeseQueen 171 22
Against His Will
This is the true account of my personal experience as a feeder, fattening up my husband against his wishes.  I have done my best to offer this story exactly as it happened, other than changing names, with no exaggeration.  You may feel that what I did is morally reprehensible, and I cannot disagree.  But I also cannot bring myself to regret even one moment of it.  It was the most exciting time of my life; I have never felt more alive or sexually satisfied.  Not to mention the child who resulted from this brief but scorching affair, who is today the light of my life.
My name is Marie and I was born with this fetish of feederism.  All my life, as far back as I can remember -- maybe age 5, long before I even had a sex drive -- I have had an intense fascination with overeating, fat bellies, and weight gain. It was the subject of pictures that I drew and stories that I wrote and fantasies that I daydreamed.  I was always overweight as a child but not remarkably
:iconobesequeen:ObeseQueen 160 75
The Belly Illustrated
It all started with the golden arches.
I had just turned 16 years old and gotten my driver's license.  For me, that freedom opened up the world of my food fantasies; and at that time, McDonalds was the focus of my attentions.  No more begging for a trip to McDs, depending on the goodwill of others.  Now I could drive my own car through drive-thrus, load up and eat to my heart's content.
Suddenly I was limited only by my cash flow, which was ample, and my waistbands, which soon were not.  There were five McDs within ten miles of my house, and I began to frequent each one of them.  Any time was a good time, as they say.  In that very first week of having freedom to drive my own car, every spare moment found me feasting: happily scarfing big macs and chicken nuggets and french fries - oh, the pounds of hot, salty, pleasantly greasy french fries.  In that first week I packed on ten pounds, all in the belly.  At the end of sophomore year, I had been the only girl in m
:iconobesequeen:ObeseQueen 285 37

Random Favourites

I lost my muse.
I lost my mind,
I wasted youth,
I wasted time.
I have no use,
I have no prime.
But the worst abuse,
Was when I lost you.
:iconravingroshie:ravingroshie 3 5
I had a dream and that dream done come true...
I had a dream and that dream has now come true,
Equality favors you,
I had a dream that’s one day, we could all sit together as friends no matter what our race or creed, and that dream done come true,  
I salute you America, and the whole world,
I had a dream, and that dream has been cleansed but the lord almighty, and through joint pain has shown us the way to salvation  
I had a dream and that dream of our child’s character, would show his face, not his race,
I had a dream and that dream done come true,
I had a dream and in that dream we would all be sisters and brothers joining hands with all god’s children
I had a dream and that dream done come true.
I had a dream and that dream, would place every man woman and child on an even playing field,
I had a dream that day, and that dream done come true.
It’s your turn now world, keep dreaming
I had a dream and that dream done come true, (Yes it did)
And that dream done come true.
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Threads Lay Bare
"You can be anything you want to be!"
My mother'd told me at the age of three
So, in my youthful innocence, I trust
The image of my feminine self... I fell in lust
For truly, what else could it be
After being taught it's sinful to be me
Holed up in my room, I wasted away in tears
Misunderstood by family, rejected by peers
No place to truly call my own
No solace, no refuge, even in my 'home'
So I locked this sinful thing away
Take this bad thing from me, I'd pray
This bad thing... this thing inside my soul
It cries, it aches, it yearns to make me whole
Yet none would ever truly understand
Even those who love me would not lend a hand
Not because they wish not to
They just didn't know what else to do
Time trickles by at a glacial pace
I slowly learn to hate my face,
my beard, my hands, my hair, my frame
I even take a dislike to my name
Everything that presents me as male
Is stained with dispassion, cold and stale
Even as I choke on the troubles in my maw
The mask I don is without flaw
I s
:iconfayth85:fayth85 6 2
Quiet ambiance in Carouge by Rikitza Quiet ambiance in Carouge :iconrikitza:Rikitza 89 26 Yesterday in Carouge - Colors and reflections by Rikitza Yesterday in Carouge - Colors and reflections :iconrikitza:Rikitza 139 58 Kokopelmana by deskridge Kokopelmana :icondeskridge:deskridge 716 158 Aurora Borealis (northern lights) by newcastlemale Aurora Borealis (northern lights) :iconnewcastlemale:newcastlemale 1,396 810



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