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M26 Pershing

Finished version of the M26 'Pershing' tank.

Weighing in at 41.7 tons, it was a heavyweight by American standards, boasting 101mm of frontal armor (10 cm) and the most powerful gun mounted on any American tank during the war, the 90mm M3.

Despite being the only heavy tank fielded by the Americans during the war and being able to tango with the big German cats at normal combat ranges, it was mechanically unreliable and under-powered, which led to it being replaced by the M46 'Patton' tank during the Korean war.

Despite all of these drawbacks and seeing very little use in WW2, its main design philosophy remained in good standing with the US army, which continued to field improved versions of the 'Patton" tank until the late 90's. Even the modern M1a1 and M1a2 'Abrams' roots can be traced back to this tank.

4-5 hours, pens pencils, protractor.
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it is simply super Pershing! :3
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BORIS, Kick someone from teamspeak! the servers full and we cant join! Also turn your phone on phagot
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no one but me is on....
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Beautiful, do you use a ruler while inking?
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I used the protractor in lieu of a ruler just for the gun barrel
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Haha... Pens, pencils, where did the protractor come in?
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used it for a straight edge for the gun barrel
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Haha... I expected something like: Used it to measure out all the angles for the tank xD
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