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Some personal sona/character art I did a while back. It's pretty rough but that's usually the case with my personal work :)

My sona Alice, and her chaotic neutral alter ego who I've not done anything with since this piece , Elise.

Orginal description from my FA:

"Lately I've been obsessed with the idea of designing her an alter ego and finally I've done it.
Basically she's a chaotic neutral character (versus her usual self which would be neutral good).

She is a physical representation of Alice's negative personality traits, which she would normally try to overcome in favor of doing the right thing and being selfless.

Vanity, greed, apathy, jealousy, wrath..."

I had been experimenting with stylization at the time, but I'm not satisfied with that aspect of the piece--particularly the wings--so I will likely be revisiting this when I have more time for personal art.

Because Magic.
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