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No Salvation for the Tainted | Mortal Kombat
The journey to the Temple of Elements was perilous at the best of times – to say nothing of the gods who lived within it – but for a Cryomancer who was once a denizen of the vilest bowels of the Netherrealm, the cold weather and whistling wind of the Himalayas were mildly irritating at best.
Narrowing his dark blue eyes, he spotted a grey circular stone door at the bottom of a snowy cliff and nearly sighed in relief. This time around, he had no Map to guide him except for the one he could recall from memory. Had it failed him today, the long journey would have been for naught.  
The first time he was here, he was known as Sub-Zero of the Lin Kuei, taking one step closer to damnation. Now he was Bi-Han of no clan, taking one step closer to peace. Salvation was only for the untainted.
Had his brother Kuai Liang known of this, perhaps he would have approved. After all, he was the only one between them who was on speaking terms with most gods. It came with the terri
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No Strangers to Darkness | Mortal Kombat
The tranquillity of the late evening sky above Hasashi Hanzo was disrupted by the sudden appearance of dark clouds; they had gathered far too swiftly to be entirely natural. Why could the gods not let him mourn and remember Takahashi Kenshi in peace?
Hanzo remembered the folly of that day, when he had played into Quan Chi's waiting hands and inadvertently assisted in Shinnok's escape. Not long after that, he had sought to atone for his blunder with his own life. Raiden, seemingly changed after purifying the Jinsei, had intervened then, persuading him out of seppuku, and once again into immortality. The steady pulse of Earthrealm's life force in Hanzo's veins was his only constant, even as his fellow champions who had borne the burden of defending Earthrealm, grew old and died.
A flash of lightning illuminated the ancient steeples of the House of Pekara and briefly dispersed the thin mist in the surroundings. The former spectre arose swiftly from his kneeling position in front of
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Power Play: Realms in Flux - Chapter 2
Chapter Two

Up the Stair Path
Within thirty minutes of starting his ascent, Kotal Kahn had reached the altar on top of the pyramid, clearing any vines that obstructed his path. Hundreds of leagues above him, sparse grey clouds lined the violet night sky of the merged realm and lightly obscured the crescent moon.
Looking at the black granite block – the sacrificial altar - with a mix of trepidation and reluctant reverence, the Osh-Tekk warrior brought the tecpatl to his left palm and cut the painted skin enough to draw a trickle of red blood. He let a few drops fall to the surface of the altar near its centre, where the ever-present vines had not yet overrun it. Nothing magical happened to indicate that his symbolic sacrifice was welcome, but Kotal would not allow something so minor to stop him from his only recourse. Not now, not when Outworld’s independence was at stake.
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Power Play: Realms in Flux - Chapter One
Chapter One

The night air of the tropical forest lay heavily around the Emperor of Outworld and his sparse travelling company. Despite the Sun’s welcome aid during the daytime, they were close to exhaustion from their long journey from New Z’unkahrah to this place, splitting up along the way and re-grouping once to throw off any possible spies who sought to tail them. But they would not stop to rest now, not when their destination was so close.
“My Emperor,” the sole Zaterran of their group whispered. “Are you sure of this course of action?”
In spite of himself, despite the dire events of the past three days that had all but forced Kotal Kahn to travel away from his subjects, the Osh-Tekk felt the corners of his mouth twitch at Reptile’s ever-present concern.
“We have no choice, Reptile,” he remarked softly. “The devil’s actions must not go unpunished.”
The Kahn lowered the hood of h
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Mature content
Reborn in the Netherrealm :iconobelisk-of-light:Obelisk-of-Light 18 19
Mature content
A Web of Deception: Chapter 3 :iconobelisk-of-light:Obelisk-of-Light 11 9
A Web of Deception: Chapter 2
Chapter Two
 Many Machinations  
Failure was something Shao Kahn despised, but experienced far more regularly than he would have liked. His plans to dispose of his foes had succeeded ... All but one, that is. Vorpax and the Raptor leader were dead, and their armies were on the brink of defeat. The beautiful Omegis chose death instead of servitude to Shao Kahn. The necromancer Quan Chi was powerless, imprisoned in the Cobalt Mines with no means of escape. Shao Kahn's stepdaughter was being taken care of by Shadow Priests who were trying to make her more loyal, with limited success.
Raiden's successful diversion had saved his own skin, as well as the life of Earthrealm's champion. The only saving grace of that particular battle was that Shao Kahn had not been truly defeated.
A Shadow Priest had arrived from a group that Reiko had sent to the erstwhile realm of Edenia. He shuddered visibly when he surmised the fate of a guard who had been summoned previously. A
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A Web of Deception: Chapter 1
A Web of Deception  
Summary:  The Great Kung Lao’s victory over Shang Tsung is but a small hurdle in the many plans to conquer or destroy Earthrealm. Raiden cannot always stop these plans, but he can use a certain amulet under one condition. (MK: Conquest, MK9)
   Chapter One

   The Illusion of Peace
The tournament of Mortal Kombat was simply an old legend for most of Earthrealm’s inhabitants; one of many bedtime stories to entertain young children. But for the people who knew the truth, it was a day of profound worry and desperate prayers to indifferent deities. For the umpteenth time in Earthrealm’s history, its very existence was at stake.  
Raiden’s powers were compromised at present, for he was in one of Shao Kahn’s enclosed arenas in Outworld. The Emperor himself was seated upon a menacing throne, flanked by two Shokan bodyguards on either side. A sizeable con
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Bizarrely Funny Shout Out
Hey guys!
I'd just like to give a shout outs, in fact I think this may be my first one. Anyway I'd like to talk about :iconbizarrelyfunny:'s Youtube channel The reason for this is, well personally I love their videos, but also because the creators are having trouble making money to cover the costs of their costumes. As much as I'd love to give some amount of money, I'm not well off myself. Likewise I've spent a lot of money on a costume. Still I'd like to help them get more viewers. They've sunk a lot of money into the channel, and put more effort into videos than I've seen on other channels, further their acting and voice work for each character is the best I've seen. The main issue is competing with popular channels who are cashing on the Real Life MK trend that has come about around MKX's release.
All I'm asking is for you guys to take a look at their channel, watch videos, like, comment and hopefully subscribe. I'm more tha
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Raiden Dunny by F1shcustoms Raiden Dunny :iconf1shcustoms:F1shcustoms 6 1 Avatar: The Legend of Korra season 4 cosplay by Koria-paws Avatar: The Legend of Korra season 4 cosplay :iconkoria-paws:Koria-paws 21 9 Journey - Ancient Monk Temple by TacoSauceNinja Journey - Ancient Monk Temple :icontacosauceninja:TacoSauceNinja 126 10 Angelic Female study by Carl-Ellistrator Angelic Female study :iconcarl-ellistrator:Carl-Ellistrator 31 4 Cassandra CAGED! by TheInsaneDarkOne
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Cassandra CAGED! :icontheinsanedarkone:TheInsaneDarkOne 232 120
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TL;DR: EA desecrates Command and Conquer's already tattered legacy.

My full thoughts are here. WARNING: It's a rant.…
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