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:iconobakesama:obakesama posted a status
hello i just wanted to share one of the most happy moments of my life until now ???????????
so if you know me, you know @/RRRAI is one of my biggest inspirations since 2012 lmao and I look up to them so much. and i mean. A LOT. asdfadsfdasf
anyway I attacked them on Art Fight recently and??? they counterattacked?????????????????
me: ?????????????????????????????????
i'm having a wonderful day and this lowkey made me cry. please appreciate @/RRRAI's wonderful personality and magnificent art ;_;…
honestly i dont even care anymore if i'm overreacting. this is something really important to me and it makes me heart pound like crazy. so i wanted to share you with guys because i love sharing happy moments!!!!!!!!!! so yea !!!!!! mwah :heart:

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CrookedAntlers Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017
Congrats you're the cutest haha!
obakesama Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
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