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These people inspire me a huge lot and most of them make a huge change in my style! I love their art and some of them are the kindest people I've ever met ;v; Go check their gallery and watch them!!

:iconrrrai: RRRAI 
Rai is like, one of my biggest inspirations, because they inspired me to start posting on DeviantART >:3 I used to make them a lot of gifts on my old account and even though my art was shitty they always spend time to write a positive comment!! So nowadays I always comment on gifts and art for me with as much love as I can give <3 Also their art style is super pretty and I have always been heavily inspired by it *v* Anyway, I can say Rai inspired me as a person, even if I have never been close to them :>
My favourite pieces from them are:
pixel bonsai by RRRAI  fred's flowers by RRRAI clover hunt by RRRAI

:iconglattax: glattax 
Sofia is a really important artist to me, because they inspired me to create many characters and take good care of them!! Their art style is also super unique and amazing *v* I love seeing their artwork and characters!! They are also super sweet and inspire me as a person as well!!! I'm so thankful for being watched by them and having them favourite my artwork... It's dreamy, really ;v;
My favourite pieces from them are:
Camera Shy Redraw by glattax Snow by glattax   Dorm Room by glattax

:iconcrookedantlers: CrookedAntlers 
Len is super important to me... He has been the kindest person I have met on DeviantART since I started this account ;_; I wish I was good with words ahhh... It's really difficult for me to understand the concept of friendship but I really adore Len as a friend!!! He is super sweet and I always smile when I see his comments ;v; Also, needless to say, his art is the greatest!!!!!! All his art is perfect ;0; I'm always happy to receive a notification from him and and... ANYWAY... *heart emojis*
(I would list my favourite pieces from him but he stores most so I'll respect that!)

:iconeellie: eellie 
Eellie is a huge inspiration to me! I love their style so much... For some unknown reason I always get motivated to draw when I see their artwork!!! I haven't talked much to them but they seem pretty nice ^_^
My favourite pieces from them are:
bonsai by eellie WOODEN LION FLATSALE [closed] by eellie DTA [CLOSED] by eellie

:iconcutgut: cutgut
Link is one of my oldest inspirations! His pixel art is always perfect and wonderful!!! I get inspired by all pieces he draws. I feel super happy whenever there's a new notification from him! I absolutely love his art. I'm super grateful for being watched by him??? It's a dream come true, honestly ;; He is also a wonderful person and super sweet!!
My favourite pieces from him are:
Diamond Ref 2017 by cutgut sick by cutgut Stars by cutgut

:iconmeremolf: meremolf
Fin is a recent inspiration but nonetheless super important to me!! Her art is great and I absolutely love how she colors her lineart! Also the style is wonderful and well-drawn. I love her art a lot and she is super kind too! I hope my art gets near her abilities.
My favourite pieces from her are:
moms on the net by meremolf griffsnuff #1 by meremolf  wink emoji by meremolf

:iconeddle: EDDlE
Edd is one of my biggest inspirations recently! I'm amazed by his style and I inspire myself a lot from it. I love every new piece he posts!! I haven't talked to him much but he also seems like a cool person :3

Other non-DeviantArt art inspirations:
- sakiroll on Tumblr
- Deep Sea Prisioner

And that's it for now! I may add other people in the future :3 Thank you all above for inspiring me and helping me improve my art!
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obakesama Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
i wanted to express my gratitude for all the people that inspire me a lot *v* !!! and you're not late :3c aaaaaa i'm so happy you feel this way!!!!!!! i love your replies cause they're always twice as sweet!!!!!! thank you len ;__; !! ♥ ♥ ♥
obakesama Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Student Digital Artist
ah!! you're welcome!! you definitely deserve to be included *o* your art is wonderful and inspiring <33
obakesama Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Student Digital Artist
of course you're my inspiration!!! and one of the most important *v*
i'm really glad i can make you happy!! this is such a sweet comment ;;
and being an inspiration to you?? it's dreamy omg i'm sincerely shocked ; ワ ;
i'm so happy!!! thank you so much for this you're super nice ♥ ♥ ♥
obakesama Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Student Digital Artist
no problem!! your art is too amazing to not be included on my inspirations *o*
obakesama Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Student Digital Artist
no problem sofia!! *v* i'm happy i could make you smile <33
i only wrote the truth!! thank you for your kindness ♥♥♥ 
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