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it's closed now, thanks @ everyone who bought!! ;v;
i was doing 100x100 pixel arts for $3, like this:

baby bear by obakesama

i needed to practice ´v`
anyway, i still sell pixel art on my commissions!

Please make sure to read them. I won't accept your order if you don't read all the rules.
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Simple Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13


Please click on the styles to check out examples.
For shading, add 100 points or $1.00 to the price.

(500 points or $6.00)
Profile Pictures *
* this one will be a bit different, maybe bigger?

(600 points or $7.00)
100x100 Pixel Art
(1600 points or $17.00)
(Not on sale currently!)
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Simple Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13


Character: (Please include at least one colored fullbody drawing of the character)
Style: (Choose from the styles above, remember to say if you want it flat or shaded)
Pose/Expression/Clothing: (Feel free to choose these or leave it up to me)
Payment Method: (Points or Paypal, if Paypal please include/note me your email)
hey! im here to talk about my current economic situation. feel free to skip if youre not interested!

my mom is currently unemployed and my dad works to pay everything: bills, food, my college, etc. so im not even getting mental health care! we are buying less and less food every month and im kinda freaking out :^) but dont worry, im okay for now. i guess. im not here to ask for money to buy food. and i hope i wont need to Y_Y

but the thing is, my parents cant buy me anything that's not food or uhhh basic health care. but im personally feeling the need of a new computer. mine is almost 7 years old and cant run much stuff :/ it does work, but its very slow and its stressing me out A Lot in the last few months!! i've been postponing the time when i actually save money for a new one.

anyway!! that means all earnings from the following ychs/commissions will go towards my goal of $600. i know this is not an emergency or anything special i guess. but yeah i felt the need to tell everyone this, not sure why. i cant believe this is stressing me so much but im getting severe anxiety attacks because of this so i really hope i can get to my goal as soon as possible ^_^' any help is appreciated! my commissions will open with new styles and i might make some new ychs to help me out.

OH another important thing is....... my currency is uhhhhh. i dont know how to explain this. im from brazil and $1 used to correspond to R$4 (my currency, reais). nowadays, because of elections and other stuff, it's falling. $1 is around R$3,50. WHICH MEANS i have to raise my prices!! or im going to be earning less and less. im really sorry i feel super bad because of this but im freaking out SO MUCH especially because my computer is dying so. yeah. hm.

thank you for reading and i hope you have a wonderful day!!! :bug::heart: