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ok so apparently i cant convert my balance because that feature is not available in 3 countries and my country is one of them. talk about luck uh

so uhh i cant transfer money to another paypal account? i have enough money in my balance but it keeps telling me i need a credit card....
(btw i live in brazil and im trying to transfer to another br account, using our currency)
edit; my account is verified and is linked to a bank account but i dont have a credit card
i want new characters!!!!!! i have a bunch but i cant get enough >:^( so please show me your characters/adoptables you would accept art as payment! i can do up to 3 fullbody drawings as payment depending on the design! thank you for reading ^_^


I won't accept your order until you've read all the rules.

[Design Rules]
- I will use artistic freedom to adapt your character to my style;
- I reserve the right to refuse to draw characters that I consider difficult;
- I can and love to draw furries (feral and anthro) with light colors, preferably fluffy;
- I will try to draw humans and furries with less fur, but I cannot guarantee it will look good;
- I have a hard time drawing robots, monsters, reptiles, and closed species, but you can ask;
- I can't draw defined body shapes. That means boobs, chubby or thin figures won't show in my style;
- Please note that gradient colors will be different in pixels, and I will change colors that hurt my eyes;
- That means dark colors will be lightened! And neon colors will be softened! Please remember that;
- I may not post your commission if I think it doesn't fit my gallery, but it will be sent to you privately;

[General Rules]
- Please fill the form at the end of this journal to make an order;
- You may either comment on this journal or note me to order;
- You need to pay before I work on the commission;
- I will hide comments of old, finished orders;
- Please keep in mind that I don't do refunds;
- I can hold slots for no more than one week;
- Extra characters are 50% off the original price, but they need to be interacting;
- If ordering more than one character, please specify if they're in the same drawing or not;
- You are allowed to use the drawing for non-profit purposes and with proper credit;
- However, you are NOT allowed to repost it anywhere besides and (giving credit);
- If adding the drawing to, credit me there (my username there is obakesama);
- If paying with points, pay through the commission widget I will set on my page;
- If paying by Paypal, note me your email address so I can create an invoice;
- The commission will be done within two weeks! Expect if emergencies happen;
- Say "spooky" in your order so I know you read all the rules.


All styles have the same prices. Paypal prices are more expensive in order to cover the fee.
Please note that more styles might be added or removed in the future.
Icons and profile pictures are styles that will be added in a near future!

FLAT = 500:points: or $5.60
SHADED = 600:points: or $6.70

Style 1 • Pixel Art

Pixel1 by obakesamaPixel2 by obakesama

Style 2 • Big Pixel Art

Big Pixel1 by obakesamaBig Pixel2 by obakesama

Style 3 • Binary (Click for better quality!)

Binary1 by obakesamaBinary2 by obakesama

Style 4 • Crayon

Crayon1 by obakesamaCrayon2 by obakesama

Style 5 • Pagedoll

Pagedoll1 by obakesamaPagedoll2 by obakesama

Style 6 • Soft

Soft1 by obakesamaSoft2 by obakesama


Character: (Please include at least one colored fullbody drawing of the character)
Style: (Choose from the styles above, remember to say if you want it flat or shaded)
Pose/Expression/Clothing: (Feel free to choose these or leave it up to me)
Payment Method: (Points or Paypal, if Paypal please include/note me your email)
hey there! thank you everyone who wished me happy birthday. i'll reply to everyone as soon as possible! i'm sorry for being offline the whole day. college is killing me and today was pretty bad because of it but x_x i'm ok now. i ate my favourite pie and got some awesome gifts!! i just need to rest so. yeah! thank you all. i was very happy to see a bunch of notifications here. thank you!!

ps: to people who commissioned me, it might take some time because uhhhhhh college is killing me but i promise to get things done! thanks for the wait
These people inspire me a huge lot and most of them make a huge change in my style! I love their art and some of them are the kindest people I've ever met ;v; Go check their gallery and watch them!!

:iconrrrai: RRRAI 
Rai is like, one of my biggest inspirations, because they inspired me to start posting on DeviantART >:3 I used to make them a lot of gifts on my old account and even though my art was shitty they always spend time to write a positive comment!! So nowadays I always comment on gifts and art for me with as much love as I can give <3 Also their art style is super pretty and I have always been heavily inspired by it *v* Anyway, I can say Rai inspired me as a person, even if I have never been close to them :>
My favourite pieces from them are:
pixel bonsai by RRRAI  fred's flowers by RRRAI clover hunt by RRRAI

:iconglattax: glattax 
Sofia is a really important artist to me, because they inspired me to create many characters and take good care of them!! Their art style is also super unique and amazing *v* I love seeing their artwork and characters!! They are also super sweet and inspire me as a person as well!!! I'm so thankful for being watched by them and having them favourite my artwork... It's dreamy, really ;v;
My favourite pieces from them are:
Camera Shy Redraw by glattax Snow by glattax   Dorm Room by glattax

:iconcrookedantlers: CrookedAntlers 
Len is super important to me... He has been the kindest person I have met on DeviantART since I started this account ;_; I wish I was good with words ahhh... It's really difficult for me to understand the concept of friendship but I really adore Len as a friend!!! He is super sweet and I always smile when I see his comments ;v; Also, needless to say, his art is the greatest!!!!!! All his art is perfect ;0; I'm always happy to receive a notification from him and and... ANYWAY... *heart emojis*
(I would list my favourite pieces from him but he stores most so I'll respect that!)

:iconeellie: eellie 
Eellie is a huge inspiration to me! I love their style so much... For some unknown reason I always get motivated to draw when I see their artwork!!! I haven't talked much to them but they seem pretty nice ^_^
My favourite pieces from them are:
bonsai by eellie WOODEN LION FLATSALE [closed] by eellie DTA [CLOSED] by eellie

:iconcutgut: cutgut
Link is one of my oldest inspirations! His pixel art is always perfect and wonderful!!! I get inspired by all pieces he draws. I feel super happy whenever there's a new notification from him! I absolutely love his art. I'm super grateful for being watched by him??? It's a dream come true, honestly ;; He is also a wonderful person and super sweet!!
My favourite pieces from him are:
Diamond Ref 2017 by cutgut sick by cutgut Stars by cutgut

:iconmeremolf: meremolf
Fin is a recent inspiration but nonetheless super important to me!! Her art is great and I absolutely love how she colors her lineart! Also the style is wonderful and well-drawn. I love her art a lot and she is super kind too! I hope my art gets near her abilities.
My favourite pieces from her are:
moms on the net by meremolf griffsnuff #1 by meremolf  wink emoji by meremolf

:iconstabvictim: stabvictim
Edd is one of my biggest inspirations recently! I'm amazed by his style and I inspire myself a lot from it. I love every new piece he posts!! I haven't talked to him much but he also seems like a cool person :3

Other non-DeviantArt art inspirations:
- sakiroll on Tumblr
- Deep Sea Prisioner

And that's it for now! I may add other people in the future :3 Thank you all above for inspiring me and helping me improve my art!
I finally surpassed my old account watcher number!!! I'm really happy and glad there are so many people who like my art *o*
Anyway! My experience on deviantART until now has been super chill!!! I have only gotten trustworthy and polite commissioners, and also some really cool people helping me out with stuff because I'm dum ♥
I know that there is a lot of drama in this community but I'm really grateful to everyone for helping me and being nice and kind to me!! I don't know if I said this before, but I quit deviantART 4 years ago because it was making my mental health worse ;; but I'm glad I can say that right now it is making my mental state a lot better *v* because coming here and talking to such nice people and having such a considerate treatment is really lifting!!!
In any case ´v` Thank you guys so much for everything!!! I hope I can have many years ahead together with everyone <3