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[Gift] dogpilot by obakesama [Gift] dogpilot by obakesama
BOO!! late birthday gift to dogpilot <:3 hope you like it buddy!!! sorry you had a rough day :< i hope you're doing better!! a lot of people care about you and you're definitely not alone!! sorry for not logging in discord much sfgdfgdfsg i forget a lot ;_; i apologize for not being so present ;; i want you to know that i only wish you the best!! you are a wonderful person and you've been so sweet to me i appreciate you a lot!!!!!!! lots of love for ya <333333

edit: OH i didnt do the white stripes on the legs cause theyre not in a good position :0c i hope thats fine!!

[You may not use this drawing unless you're the current owner of this character. In that case, please credit me.
Do not repost nor trace my art without my consent. Never claim my art as your own.]
obakesama Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2017  Student Digital Artist
!! !!big big smile!!!!!!! im so happy you feel this way!!!! eeeeee you're too sweet *__* thank you for understanding!!
you're welcome c: glad you like it!! thank you for such kind words ;;v;; go ahead and bombard me with comments ohohoho :3c
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December 5, 2017
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