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[Gift] dexikon by obakesama [Gift] dexikon by obakesama
Gift for dexikon *^* Hope you like it!

I'd like to say that you're one of my first inspirations ever ;v; I used to have an account here on DeviantArt some years ago and you were my first idol and I got so much inspiration from you to start drawing. Seriously, I think I only started drawing animals because of your art. I thought you had left DeviantArt but I was surprised to receive a message that you had watched me??? I'm so sorry for being weird and drawing this so fast (I was actually really nervous and happy and I still am aaaaaaa) I really love Klotter because he was the character I got inspiration from to start creating characters ;v; I want you to receive this as a special gift, not only because your art and your painting are AMAZING, but also because you gave me such a boost in my art and I'm eternally grateful!!!

I'm so sorry for talking too much asdfasdfgds but aaaa thank you for watching me ;-; I hope I can actually keep up with your incredible art!!

[You may not use this drawing unless you're the current owner of this character. In that case, please credit me.
Do not repost nor trace my art without my consent. Never claim my art as your own.]

obakesama Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Student Digital Artist
No problem ;v; I'm glad you like it!! Please remember you are a great artist and person <33
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January 11, 2017
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