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My Bio

Hello! I'm experimenting with naughty draws and looking for commissions and such! In addition to DA, I have accounts on HF, FA, Youtube, Weasyl, and Tumblr as well (I can't link NSFW, so I recommend googling "Obakawaii"!). I look forward to seeing more of you around!

Please don't note me with "Hi", "Hey", or ask for requests. I ignore those messages. My DA is for business only. (If you're looking for a commission, go ahead and ask for one instead of waiting for a response to your 'hi'!)

If you like my [non-commission] art, you're free to use it elsewhere as long as you give proper credit as follows:

  • Tumblr: Reblog art from my Obakawaiiart account, PLEASE! I could really use the traffic! You can remove my original comment as long as the reblog comes from my account.

  • Do not re-upload my work anywhere as your own. You can upload on Booru sites (I've seen a few people do this to mine already, thanks!) if you post the source of where the image came from and that Obakawaii is the artist. I prefer the DA link, but as long as it links back, that's fine.

  • If using the image on a forum, give a click link to the source if possible. If not, list the image title/character name along with "original artist: Obakawaii"

FAQ Answers

*No, I do not roleplay.

*I do not take requests.

*I do, however, take commissions!

*I have accounts on various game sites, but I do not wish to give them out. Please respect that.

*Sorry, I can't and don't want to give pointers about your art. I'm not really qualified to.

*How was my day? Meh.

*What did I do? I probably just drew stuff. I have absolutely no life, I promise.

*Yes, I am girl.

*Yes, I have the boyfriend.

*No, I will not add you on the Snaps or Insta.

Favourite TV Shows
Steins;Gate, FullMetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Bleach, Madoka Magika, Mob Psycho 100, The Promised Neverland
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Utada Hikaru, Scandal, ClairS, Uverworld
Favourite Books
Harry Potter, Inheritance, Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Predictably Irrational
Favourite Games
The Witcher 3, Pokemon, Spyro, Sonic, Super Mario 64/Sunshine, Final Fantasy XII
Favourite Gaming Platform
Game Cube, PS2, PC
Tools of the Trade
Flash CS6, Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet, Clip Studio Paint

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Commission Types and Prices by Obakawaii, journal

Hey! I can make prints! -->See print examples here <-- I can do boarderless for most of my standard pieces, but wider format pictures will have boarders. Price breakdown: $8 Print Handling: $1 Regular Shipping (one print)*: $4~ (4-5 days) Priority shipping (1-3 days, can hold multiple prints): $7.65 Insurance: $2.40 (Optional) Regular shipping price will increase with more prints. All orders include tracking. US and Paypal only right now! So one 8.5x11 print would run about $12.80 (calculated for a trip from Oklahoma to California). $15.20~ total including insurance. Or $16.65 for one print priority, but you c
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My 2018 art year in review! I liked 2017's collage better, but sometimes I did have multiples in a month that I couldn't add. 2018 was an incredibly rough year. Hope I can make things you all can continue to enjoy most of all, though! Made a journal so I could gather all the pieces together in one place. If you see anything you like, here are the links: Hope everyone had a great and happy new year!
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Hey! I bought a PIXMA iP8720 recently so I could start making prints of my work. I tested it out, and it works pretty nicely! Here's what I tested: : : Cramoisi by Shesterrni: I only have yellow lighting in the house, and the pictures were taken on my iPhone, so they're a little different than what you'd see on your computer. In person, the prints are bright and vivid! If anything, the darks came out a bit darker. So I don't recommend it for characters that are entirely black or a close color. If you've gotten a SFW commission since Mar 23rd, 2017 and you live in the US, I think the files should be big enough I can make you an 8.5"x11
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Love it Well Done Art Work Galleries Excellent Work

Thank you very much!

beautiful gallery! :)

Thank you very much!

hey there I was wondering if you have an fa 
Hello! I do. My Twitter, FA, Tumblr, etc. are all under this username. I just cannot link them on DA due to content.
Thanks for asking!