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XME - Young Tabitha Smith by Obabscribbler XME - Young Tabitha Smith :iconobabscribbler:Obabscribbler 59 17
Pineapple Heads+Helper Monkeys
Disclaimer: Though the desire to say I own YGO is great, to be accurate I'd have to be Kazuki Takahashi, and I'd make one butt-ugly man.
A/N: Originally written for the 1sentence challenge on LiveJournal. I've never written Anzu and Yuugi in the context of anything other than (often skewed) friendship, so this was a bit of a departure for me, and I think that shows up in places.Uses Theme SetGamma as a base, for those who know what that means and are even vaguely interested.
NB: These are not a list, nor are they a non-story. They are fifty thematic parts of a single story collected in one document.
Influences: Draws from Rachel's Holiday by Marian Keyes and The Hours by Michael Cunningham, both of which gave me some Important Ideas to think about.
Feedback: Always appreciated, forever gratifying. It's nice to know you're not talking just to yourself, y'know?
Pineapple Heads and Helper Monkeys
First Published March 2006.
:iconobabscribbler:Obabscribbler 9 1
Sonic fic - Watchful Glory
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never were.
Continuity: SatAM.
A/N: For my anonymous lurker on LiveJournal, who requested Sally/Lupe, and who shall henceforth by known as Nonny, for the sole reason that I can then legitimately say "Hey, Nonny Nonny" without risk of a thrashing. While the pairing isn't obvious in this fic, I did the best I could with the canon and characters who fought my intentions at every turn. Durn characters.
Influences: Robin Jarvis's Deptford Mice Almanac, and A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett.
Feedback: Yes please! My SatAM fics rarely get many reviews (which is to be expected, since the canon is thirteen years old), so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Watchful Glory
Scribbler, August 2006.
Knothole slept under a blanket of thick snow. It had actually stopped snowing two days ago, but the temperature had been such that what already lay on the ground hardened until a beast could be fooled into thinking he could walk across the top without breaking the cr
:iconobabscribbler:Obabscribbler 12 4
A Love Story in 50 Sentences
A Love Story in Fifty Sentences
Scribbler, February/May 2006.
#42 Clouds
The first time he meets her, Knuckles thinks she's a beast with her head completely in the clouds later he berates himself for not realising she's seen more of life than he has, the evidence as plain as her arm and legs.
#11 Name
She actually giggles after introductions, when he incredulously repeats her name, and says, "Yeah, it ain't exactly an original handle for a gal like me, is it?"
#32 Confusion
She balances coyness and exuberance as if with a spirit gage, and Knuckles, unused to the ways of females who are not Princess Sally practical, serious, kind but rarely playful has absolutely no idea how to act around her.
#01 Comfort
"Don't worry about it, you'll get used to everyone in no time," Sally comforts as he walks dazedly beside her towards her work hut she has two huts, of course, to keep her commander role and her real self separate but Knuckle
:iconobabscribbler:Obabscribbler 18 4
YGO - Angry Yami by Obabscribbler YGO - Angry Yami :iconobabscribbler:Obabscribbler 45 14 YGO - Anzu and Yuugi by Obabscribbler YGO - Anzu and Yuugi :iconobabscribbler:Obabscribbler 12 2 YGO - Anzu character sheet by Obabscribbler YGO - Anzu character sheet :iconobabscribbler:Obabscribbler 10 1 Danny Phantom - Irony by Obabscribbler Danny Phantom - Irony :iconobabscribbler:Obabscribbler 11 0 Danny Phantom - Sam's Solution by Obabscribbler Danny Phantom - Sam's Solution :iconobabscribbler:Obabscribbler 9 6 DBZ - Dead Chibi-Videl by Obabscribbler DBZ - Dead Chibi-Videl :iconobabscribbler:Obabscribbler 21 11 XME - Harem Rogue by Obabscribbler XME - Harem Rogue :iconobabscribbler:Obabscribbler 51 17


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United Kingdom
Current Residence: England
Favourite genre of music: Anything that doesn't make me want to spork my own eyes out.
Shell of choice: Conch
Wallpaper of choice: Right now I'm on a Sonic the Hedgehog kick, so I'm alternating Sally, Sonic and Bunnie.
Skin of choice: The kind that keeps my viscera from falling out and creating difficult social situations.
Favourite cartoon character: Terra, XME cast, YGO's Anzu, SatAM cast and FF7/KH's Aerith and Yuffie.
Personal Quote: Can I fall over again? I think I have some residual dignity I'd like to get rid of.

I have opened artist auditions for my MLP audio drama 'No Place Like Home'. You can find Episode 1 here = 


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