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Buuf Deuce Mega Pack in Color

By OatsAndEggs
The Buuf Deuce Mega Pack in Color

Based on original icons by Paul Davey aka Mattahan. All rights reserved.
Please see the readme inside the download for more important details.

This download covers pretty much every Buuf Deuce option for Icon Packager. Included are 9 themes, and each replaces over 140 icons. The themes are:

Default Buuf Deuce
Light Green
Dark Green

Three of the themes (Black, White, & Default) were contributed by ~KronicFailure. The majority of the icons in this pack were made by cutting and pasting Buuf Deuce icons together - same goes for some of the new file icons.

Feel free to let me know if there is a particular file extension you want added.
Special thanks to =mattahan for the incredible icons. He did the real work here.
© 2008 - 2021 OatsAndEggs
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Great packages!
Thank you for sharing.
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This rocks :p

Any word on a vista version?
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Agreed, is there a Vista version?
But, Nice work! Always been a fan of Mattahans work, but always been to lazy to apply the icons manually. Thanks for the contribution!
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I'd be interested in a Vista version as well with the larger icons.
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Thanks everyone for the kind comments and the faves! :w00t:

Don't forget to check out =mattahan's awesome work, without him this wouldn't exist.
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Very nice !!
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:spork: My favourite theme.
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thanks for sharing :)
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Nice Pack, but is there a version for vista users :( ?
OatsAndEggs's avatar
I sent you a note.
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