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I Just Want You To Miss Me
Wednesday, Dec 1, 2010
I want to write a letter to the yellow specks in your blue eyes. I want them to know they are beautiful little soul freckles and I love them. Explosions of spectacular emotion, fireworks of your spirit. I still miss them. I still miss you. But I'm better now, my skin can breath easy, and my lungs are all filled with stars again. ["Crying just leaves you empty"] I'm a disillusioned dreamer, and you are the dream. I'll never say forever, if you'll never say goodbye. Promise to always remember me after I leave for college, and my room is no longer my room and my home is no longer my home. I can't wait to become who I'm supposed to be, I can feel her rustling just beneath my skin, impatient with daily obstacles. My ribs are a silver plated bear trap, and I'm just waiting someone to reach in. I'm waiting for the right part of you to take. I believe if it's supposed to happen it will. I still believe in our happy ending.
Thursday Dec 2, 2010
I want to go back to the gl
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 3 9
Shark Teeth and Bird Beaks
Come hell and high water,
You've been brewing brain storms in the back of my head,
Flooding my intestines with chances I'd never have to take you back in a heart beat.
I've been cheating on tests I never took, looking over shoulders for answers I didn't even know the question to,
I feel like I'm not supposed to forget you because you've already forgotten me,
There needs to be some record that the magic truly existed,
You're my Peter Pan,  no matter how much time passes you'll never grow old in my head,
You'll never lose the fairy dust, the memories like Tinker Bell,
If you stop clapping she'll die, if I stop grieving the memories will die too.
I have the memories, but I don't have you.
I'll commit to what I can get my grubby hands on,
Even if it leads to end of me, or my stupid poetry I could never show you because then you'd know how pathetic I am for you.
A sergeant could never fix me, if I could never see you again, no shot could ever erase you from my veins, even if I tri
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 2 1
Love is blind.
And I was so blind I ran into a fucking wall, one I can't climb over.
I keep digging, and digging into myself, maybe hoping to tunnel my way out,
But I keep hitting the bottom.
I'm afraid one day I'll dig so far that I'll just fall right off the deep end.
I don't know where I'm going, but I know where I've been was hell in a heart shaped briefcase.
I'm naive enough to believe one day it'll all make sense.
Three years, three friends, three promises to never let you go.
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 2 0
Brain Storms and Word Vomit
Gone in ways where if I were to look for you, you'd simply hide away in the back of my mind,
Brewing up brain storms,
Lightening, thunder, and flash floods,
All sent straight through my bloodstream and into my .
You're my personal natural disaster.
I miss the feeling of rain against my catalyst skin,
The way you'd break down my hoodie armor, and eyeliner barriers,
The feeling that your hoodie could shield me from anything.
Even you.
You're gone, and so is the beauty of a piece of fabric.
I could call you back, but the line's been disconnected for years.
No need chasing what can't be caught.
"I made my bed so I'll lie in it"
This is me giving up, this is me talking to the moon hoping you're on the other side.
This is me turning into someone you wouldn't remember. I'm not the girl you remember.
All this hot air in my chest and no way out but up.
Maybe I'm not supposed to move on, because you've done all the moving on there was to do.
Maybe I can't forget you, because you can't remember m
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 4 0
I'm Only Human
You're absolutely golden, you scare me darling.
I'm scared you're tiring of me, and I don't know how to fix it.
It seems stupid poems about heartache and stars will only amaze you for so long.
I can't hold on to you.
I'm just not that selfish, I love you more than I love the heartache,
And all the stars in the sky.
More than all undiscovered planets, and nebula's ready to burst into life and destruction.
I feel like I have to implode to create stars,
Suck in all the bad stuff that's inside, and filter it until something decent comes out of it.
I walk around and cough up diamonds out of my charcoal lungs.
I've been smoking your pipe dreams about all the things that used to make you smile,
And all the things you used to be in love with.
If I could give you all those diamonds, it might remind you I'm human under all the turmoil.
Or it could just prove that I'm a disgusting creature.
Who wants diamonds with permanent stains in them?
It's the best I can offer you right now, I've been regurg
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 2 0
Lonely Bones
Alone in the way I could never get you back, or possibly apologize enough.
Close in the way you still haunt my dreams, linger in the back of my head.
Brewing up brain storms.
I've never seen anyone so beautiful do such horrible things to the heart.
What am I supposed to do when I can't reach you anymore?
Too late.
You're gone, and I know I won't be able to chase you.
No need going after someone who doesn't want to be caught.
Clever words like lipstick on napkins, kisses on your wrists,
I'm just trying to prepare you for the lonely nights.
Lonely bones, lonely hearts.
Where do I go when my conscious follows me around?
Don't want to be caught, but I leave a trail of tragedy behind me.
It's not you, it's me.
[also see: black holes]
Empty in places only you could fill me up, I'm on the pursuit of happiness.
I shine, but I'm not gold.
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 2 0
Angel Sharks
I'm pretty sure this is what needing a cigarette feels like,
Not depressed as in artsy, depressed in sophocated by four walls,
And no hand to pull me into the sunlight,
I'm blinded by the absence of starlight, and the overrun of Angel Sharks in my heart.
I keep trying to wear halos around my wrists, and ribbons around my neck.
But eventually everything falls apart, eventually everything falls into place.
But never before it's in pieces.
However, pieces are easy to lose, and you never notice they're gone,
Until you need them.
I need you know. I had you then.
Sensitive to the way the world moves beneath you, I'm worried I'll handle you wrong.
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 3 4
Static induced nights, misery induced love songs.
I can only pull myself open so far, dig only so deep before you hit nothing.
And it's the nothing I'm most afraid of because that's all I have right know.
People change, and sometimes they change without you.
And it takes 7 monthes and long bouts of self hate to figure it out.
I can't simply ride around in your pocket anymore. We dont' match up, we never did but that used to be the source of the magic.
Now it's the source of the distance, and I can't stand it.
When did we stop loving each other.
When did we lose each other.
How could I let this happen, I'm sorry in the way that a pill could never ever fix this.
A pill could never ever fix me, because I can't live without the noise of the keyboard crying with me.
The way ink looks when it's on an apology letter.
I love it. I love the misery.
But not as much as I loved you, and now you're gone.
I hope you're happy, because I'm sure not.
But that's ok. Let the chips fall as they may, you g
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 2 3
Remember the days when a life line was a phone call away?
Well now you're writing letters to people you could never send them too.
Ink in your tears, toxins in your blood stream.
Ever wonder why people leave you? You're fucking contagious.
I'm already infected. We could be lovers.
But only long enough to break each other's heart.
I feed off that kind of pain.
Fully committed to heartache, and the beautiful pollutant that comes with it.
I'd shoot liqour straight into my viens if I thought it'd make me deliusional enough to be a decent person.
The decent person you fell in love with, and yet found it in your heart to hate.
I don't blame hate, fires are easier to start than they are to put out.
But if these street lights keep flashing in my heart, I'm just going to have to rip it out.
Pop ate my heart.
Pop ate my heart.
Pop liberated my heart.
But only for 3 minutes and 30 seconds of fame before I run out of rocket fuel.
The chemists have gone on permenant vaction, and I'm emotionally ban
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 4 2
I worry myself to pieces at night.
I have thoughts too heavy for my head
                        [also see:headaches]
I have feelings too big for my heart
                        Blow my heart up
                        [also see:achey viens]
I have results for tests I didn't take and homesickness for places I don't remember going to.
I leave my heart around.
                        [I just want someone to pick it up and take it home]
I'm built tall and empty.
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 3 12
. by Oakmi . :iconoakmi:Oakmi 0 0
Just Don't
So many things have changed,
So many fireworks, so many explosions, so dangerously close.
You'e been tattooed into my skin, and now you're trying to tear your way out.
I wish I could fight to keep you, but fighting just makes it worse.
I don't remember the summer nights anymore,
They've crawled out from behind my eyelids, and got lost on the way down my cheeks.
                                  Between the dust and the stars, I lost you.
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 4 1
Spilling Over
One bad habit, to another.
From drowning myself in loneliness, to drowning myself in you.
I'm addicted to the self induced smoke rubs against the inside of my lungs.
I'm addicted to the way it feels when thunder cracks through my bones around you.
You take away all the air in the room, with the way you fill yourself up, and spill over to me.
This can't be healthy, I don't understand.
You have me running in circles until I can't see straight.
Sometimes when I say I'm okay, I'm lying-
Sometimes I'm all hoped up on you, and the way you make my bones tremble.
Sometimes you look, and parts of me you don't even know exist shift beneath my skin.
Sometimes I write about you to fall back in love, and sometimes you drag me right down with you.
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 7 5
Downhill Truther
Lately I've been smothering my arms in lyrics,
Drowning myself in rhythms,
And tieing ribbons around scars that don't belong there
Just as much as they do,
All just evidence I'm loosing my mind.
It's all down hill from here, so tie ballons around my neck,
Either way it's a bad bet,
And a bad day.
You just have to wake up to something beautiful;
But my eyeliner's keeping my eyes shut.
The irony is that I put it there in the first place.
"When I'm with you, I feel like I could die"
But it's not alright, and I can't even get off the ground to come down,
I've got cement tied to my heart;
It just keeps sinking.
Sink. Float Sink. Float Sink. Float
It's all I'm ever doing these days, and it's all because I
can't figure out if swimming is even worth it.
Why don't you come over hear, and prove it.
I though I knew, but I don't
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 6 5
Don't Lie
Here lately i've been staring at blank pages, and water with glitter in it,
Trying to make something beautiful out of it,
But looking in the mirror i realize;
No matter what you do to them,
They're still just
Chopped down trees, and water you can't drink.
i've got my finger stuck on the rewind button, and the
mummer of the cassette tape is beginning to tell the story of
my life in a jumble;
The story goes exactly the way it sounds.
All the 'you's in the world won't fix any of the 'me's that have
done something stupid, or wrote the wrong 'you' for the
face i was thinking.
'You' simply can't help the 'me' that feels like 'she's' got
spiders crawling from her throat.
It's because 'I've' been drinking lies again.
It's really the only way 'I' stay hydrated, though.
All the words are starting to jumble together, creating the
oceans filling your eyes. Only so many excuses will fit before the
bags under your eyes overflow.
I'll try to get my finger off the rewind button long enough to wipe awa
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 10 12
'It's Like I'de Be
There are birds in the window today,
And i'm thinking about You.
And the way Your beautiful wings are going to snap one day.
You're the prettiest bird, with the best intentions.
But i'm just one of those people, pretty bird.
You're throwing stars at a black hole.
i can't help but wonder if i'm too much yet;
[i always am]
Pretty bird, one day you'll get sick of picking me up,
Because i never get sick of falling down.
Don't let people like me pin your wings, pretty bird.
Your wings can only carry so much,
Before they
All the birds have flown away from the window sill,
And i'm trying not to think about you.
:iconoakmi:Oakmi 7 4
Uhh...if you figure this stuff out, could you explain it to me?

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never turns her computer off
United States

As makeup runs down your cheeks
you found that you are lost again
try to make your way back home
found that you're alone.
~Make Up By Escape The Fate

I'm very nice to everyone, until you give me a good reason not to, so don't be shy!! ^....................^

Talk to me, we might be the bestest friends in the world and not even know it!<3

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Let's hear it for the Overcast Girls, and the Underdog Boys,
Let's hear it for the kids<3
From 'Here's to The Kids' by Peter Wentz [Look up the rest it's so ungodly worth it]

We are the kids who keep the band in our hearts all for us.
Here's to the band that rainy day kids idolize.
The band that you could listen to even on the rooftops under overcast skies.
Here's to the band, who's music would always hit you when the time was just right.
Here's to the kids who feel this way tonight.
Let's appreciate this clan.
Here's to the band;
Through thick and thin, we are the kids who follow this band.
Here's to the band, Fall Out Boy.
We will never stop believing in you guys.
We're here until the end.
We are the diehards.
~From 'Here's To The Boys' by The Boardies. :]
You can find me Here:

Current Residence: Candy Moutain!! It's a freakin party here!!
Favourite genre of music: Whatever makes me dance like the loser I am
Favourite photographer: This guy(He's amazing!)--->
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Skin of choice: Mine still fits, thank you
Favourite cartoon character: Spongebob owns my soul. Just a little. Chowder totally owns the rest.
Personal Quote: "Is it just me, or does life need a party button?"
I should let you lovely people know that I don't use this account any longer.
I truly do appreciate the time we spent together, and it shall not go forgotten.
I feel like I have departed from who I was when I actively used this account and to continue it's use would be to piggy back on the success and followers I gained under it.
So. I've started a new account, and I do hope that our paths cross again.
This one isn't going to be taken down or anything, I'm much too nostalgic. But it will no longer be responded to nor updated.

A Loving Final Farewell,


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