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EQD Collection Contest Entry

This is my entry to the Equestria Daily Pony Collection showcasing my collection of pony toys. I have been collecting pony toys since April 2011 and began customizing them since August 2011. The majority of my collection is comprised of customs made by myself (unless otherwise noted) or restyled by myself. This is a result of my own work and effort with careful shopping and trading.

I'm aiming to win most creative category of the competition because a vast majority of my collection are customs and that this collection is focused on having what I like rather than trying to get everything released in mind.

The ponies contained within this collection is as follows:


Top row: Nurse Redheart, Screwball, Glitchy Hooves, Seapony Lyra, Blinkie Pie, Inkie Pie, Zecora, Cheerilee, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Granny Smith, Big Macintosh, Caramel, Braeburn, Spa Pony Lotus Blossom, Spa Pony Aloe Vera

In Front of the Mane Six: Tank the Tortoise, Gummy the Alligator, Spike, Owloysius, Angel Bunny, Opalescence, Winona

Second Row: Doctor Whooves/Time Turner, Ditzy Doo/Derpy Hooves, Golden Harvest/Carrot Top, Berry Punch, Colgate/Minuette, Lyra, Bon Bon, Raindrops, Sparkler/Amethyst Star, Cloudkicker, Lemony Gems, Blossomforth, Cherry Berry, Sunny Rays, Heartstrings, Lily, Roseluck, Daisy, Octavia, DJ P0N-3/Vinyl Scratch, Hoity Toity, Sapphire Shores, Photo Finish, Fancypants, Fleur De Lis


First Row: Lauren Faust OC 'Fausticorn', Season 2 Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, Season 1 Luna, Shining Armor, Princess Caance/Cadence, Flitter, Cloudchaser, Soarin, Spitfire, Surprise as a Wonderbolt, Echo Fleetfoot, Gilda the Griffon

Blind Bag Row: Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, Granny Smith, Big Macintosh, Shining Armor, Princess Cadance/Caence, Gila, Wonderbolt, Lily, Roseluck, Daisy Flowerwishes, Goldengrape, Meadow Song, Noteworthy, Lemon Hearts, Apple Dazzle, Cherry Spices, Lily Blossom, Firecracker Burst, Bumblesweet, Minty

G1-G4 Surprise Plushie


Foals: Woona, Pipsqueak, Ruby/Berry Pinch, Dinky Doo, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, Twist

Back Row: Fashion Style Twilight Sparkle, Fasion Style Pinkie Pie, Pinkamina Dianne Pie, Tardy Twilight, Honey Buzz, Plumsweet, Dewdrop Dazzle, Rainbow Flash, aisy reams, Starswirl

Second Row: Nepeta and Equius Troll Ponies by :iconzingy180:, God Tier Vriska Pony, WIP G1 Sparkler. G1 Posey, Molded Hair Applejack, G1 Twilight, G1 Surprise, G1 Firefly

Front Row: Tavros Troll Pony, My Ponysona, Echo Fleetfoot, Firecracker Burst by :iconpurmu: Discord Whooves, Xenith, Littlepip, Velvet Remedy, Calamity, Lionheart, Ghoul Ditzy Doo, Illaris the Alicorn

Mc Donalds Mane 6 ponies
'Special' Blind Bags
: Chance-A-Lot, Metallic Rarity, Glow In the Dark Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie


Top Row: Noira the Dye Experiment pony, Flower Wishes, DJ P0N-3, The Great And Powerful Trixie, Ursa Minor Popobe Bear, Nightmare Moon

Front Row: Chrysalis the Changeling Queen, Discord, Nightmare Moon, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia

Staircase: Raincloud

Bottom Two Photos are to show the shelves in their entirety.
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Devilgirl007's avatar
I love you collection! So many my little ponies!
asherthecrimsonfox's avatar
ponypics98's avatar
Words cannot come close to describing my jealousy.
Yeow52's avatar
Wow that's a big collection 
JazzminTH22's avatar
Do fucking jealous of you man! And you got the best Celestia one I've ever seen! Al the others are pink whens she's white!
RockmanSaph's avatar
Awwwww I wanna have that too
AnyaGladstone's avatar
Wear did you get Doctor Whooves?
XTiMe-WaRpEdX's avatar
Who the-what the-HOW?!
MarvelGrl's avatar
where did you get those ponies that don't have actual hair? I don't know what they're called lol
yoshiXbirdo's avatar
right now i have about 110 pony things but i would pay ANYTHING for a derpy or photo finish toy!
happipet's avatar
Green with envy...I only had 1 pony,which was an earth pony RD,but it got lost,so total amount of pony population:0
brixm's avatar
Who did your second shelf princess cadance mod?
flawless-brony's avatar
I absolutely love the Photo Finish and Fleur de Lis!!!
Taiya001's avatar
Now that is some collection! :wow:
Shadeila's avatar
How did you get all of these?! .o.
Miss-Vani's avatar
I am so jealous of your pony army, haha xD
Hatoyahoshi's avatar
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calusariAC's avatar
Your collection is amazing! I love this! :)
Msvman's avatar
An impressive collection :3 wants me to collect too xD
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