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:iconoak-storm:Oak-Storm posted a status
I think the next Cars villian is going to be Shia LaBus.

You're driving in the woods. There's no one around and your headlights are dead

Out of the corner of your windshield, you spot him. Shia Labus.

LeRueTheDay he's going to be the corner

he's trailing you 300 ft back his pedal hits the floor and he breaks 100 he's gaining on you you're bumper to bumper and you can see there's oil on his grill MY GOD THERE'S OIL EVERYWHERE

Speeding for your life from Shia LaBus

He's turning on his lights. It's Shia Labus.

Lurking in the shadooows... Dinoco superstar Shia LaBus!

Real life canicar Shia Labus!!!

What about Actual Carnibal Shia LaBus


this is what i find when i read comments on youtube videos

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