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:iconoak-storm:Oak-Storm posted a status
Oh oh what's this? Is Oak finally doing something with her Pony OCs? :0 she is!

hehe, I'm writing a story on Comet now :3 have a little sneak peak:

"Mom.. Please don't go.." A voice whispered
"My dear, I have too.." Another said
"But mom, please.. We can't lose you too!" The first voice said again.
Then she turned around the corner, her twin(?) behind her. "Mom? Lallaby? What are you talking about" she looked at them her purple eyes wide awake
"Comet go back to bed. You to Snowy" 
"But motherr its 6 ammm" Snowy said staring at her mother her almost white eyes shining in the light.
"Ok fine" she said "it's Final lullaby." She said before leaving the room
She looked up at her older sister "what's happing?"
"Nothing.. Mom is just going too go vist Her cusion in cloudsdale" Lullaby said softly
Then crying came from one of the rooms, Lullaby instently ran too the room.
"Why does She get all the attention?" Snowy said 
"Because She's the baby" Comet said her mane turning greenish
"Your jellious!" Snowy said cheerfully 
"Am not!!" She retorted, as her mane turns darker green
"Your jellious Sprinkles gets more time with Lallaby then yooou" Snowy cheered
"Snowy. Shut. Up." She snorted
"Meh nah" Snowy said as she left the room too find her mum.
Comet slowly follows after
"Mom, when are we moving into a real home?" Snowy asked
"What do you mean?" Her mother said
"You said we would stay in one place.. Now in one of these rentals.." Snowy said looking at her mom
"Well er.." 
Comet looked around the corner at them then she said "why don't you two go play in your room" 
Snowy stared at comet, obvious evil plains forming in her brain for her, once they are in there room.
"No thanks I'm going outside" Comet said quickly before dashing out twords the door

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