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Unbellevable by Oak-Storm Unbellevable by Oak-Storm
Alt title: Noir bell

Chat got his lil bell hUeHuE 

ew so i have to do a story with 100 (miniumn) words? pf
i can do that (i think)
(Chat's POV)
i was walking around town again, i did it often. there was often something i could find to do, or to help out with.
I decided to head back to the nook, i stopped for a moment when I noticed something sparkling, I went off the path and saw a little bell. I picked it up, it was ripped off of something, I stood there and pondered if I should take it. Someone could be looking for this bell.. i ended up taking the Bell back to the nook with me, i had decided that i would ask around to see if anybody was missing a bell. after a bit of awkwardly asking wynglings/wyngrew if they had lost a bell, i figured that nobody was missing it.. i took it back to my room with me and got a little bit of black fabric. i had no idea how i would get the bell onto it, but somehow i did (somehow he did. don't judge me XD he probably got help lol)
(a little bit later)
i smiled at the thing i made with the bell, and got someone to help me clip it on (in the back there are 2 buttons) 


now Chat is even more of a kitty XD
i didnt really know how to say he got it, so basicly he found a bell and (he had help) turned it into a sorta collar.
Word count: 180

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May 8, 2017
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