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Refrence Sheet: Comet by Oak-Storm Refrence Sheet: Comet by Oak-Storm
This is Comet's Reference sheet, So Let us Jump into learning about her x3
Also She is not sopost to look like rainbow dash! I have had ppl criticize her for her looking like a Lighter Rainbow dash. I told them: "to Buck Off. She Was Never Intended to look like rainbow dash! No Matter what you say. She isn't Related to Rainbow. Not her cousin not her ant. just not closely related not related At All. (if u make her be in a fan fic then fine u can make her be related to rainbow.. I guess..)
Comet Is a lightish blue mare, she has a soft rainbow mane (soft color wise) and tail, she has "light" blue freckles Everywhere, she has them: in between her eyes under her eyes, and some on her Left ear. she has a Birth Mark Bracelet (the Thing on her front left hoof) and she has 2 Wing Feather that is darker then the rest of her wing, one on both wings. and she has turquoise eyes.

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Husband: Unknown Changeling (witch nobody knows about)
Raise: Pegasus Part Zebra
Children: Lullaby, Comet Splash, Snowy, And Sprinkles
Age: 34 (assuming the mlp carters age the same as humans)
Siblings: None Known
Home Town: PonyVile
Current Home: Cloudsdale
Cutie-Mark: None
Talent: Cooking, Fighting, Flying, Singing.
Back Storysh: Comet was Adopted when she was just 2 months old. she has been brought back to the Ofange 10/20 times. She is often chearfull. But when her Daughter Sprinkles was only 3 months old. she left her family, and joined the Army of equestia, she went anywhere she was needed.
she left her Daughters, Having them believe she was Dead, because no matter what they do, she wasn't going to come back home.
her Daughters Grew up in PonyVille, Never Going to Cloudsdale, Cause even tho, Comet Splash Hated Snowy they never left her behind, witch Comet found joy in watching her children grow up..
She wishes she could be there. but she found joy in serving Equsestia.

Comets Husband, was never found after he disappeared when she was going to have Sprinkles. witch that crushed her soul. is When she desided she was going to leave her Children behind. Hoping that Lullaby Would Be a good teacher to them.

Comet is a pretty fast flying, Not as fast as Rainbow but almost as fast 

Well that's all I really have to say about her.
I DID NOT DRAW THIS! Base done by: :iconfirepony-bases:
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December 10, 2015
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