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Reference-Sheet: Comet Splash by Oak-Storm Reference-Sheet: Comet Splash by Oak-Storm
Holy Cow I'm on a roll 2 Days and I have got 3 OC Reference Sheets Done Anyways,
This is Comet Splash's Reference Sheet

"Why is all the other artists so dam anti-social?" ~Comet Splash

Comet Splash Is a Soft Blue Mare Paint, With Darker Blue Spots (Which make her a Paint, She looks wired with white so its Darker blue) Her Tail and Mane Don't always Match, Aka they change By Mood She always has the same colors in her mane and tail, but, When her mane is Mostly Yellow it means: She is Happy, Joyful, Etc... When it is Mostly Blue It Means: Sadness, Upset,  Etc... When it is Mostly Green it Means: Envy, Anger, Etc... When its Mostly Purple it means: Fear, Worries, Depression... X3 Tph her mane oddly has Navy blue when she is confuzzled, Now you know. And her Eyes are Purple.

Name: Comet Splash
Nicknames: Comet, Splashy, Freckle Face (Warning you'll get slapped if u call her that)
Mother: Comet
Father: Unknown (Changeling)
Raise: Changeling
Sisters: Lullaby, Sprinkles, Snowy,
Twin: Snowy.
Pet: chameleon (No pictures yet still trying to dezine it)
Age: 13 (assuming the mlp carters age the same as humans)
Birth Town: CloudsDale
Current Home: PonyVile
Cutie-Mark: Paint Bucket, with rainbow paint spilling out
Talents: Painting, making paint, drawing, (aka Art.)
Back-Story: (Still Making One, Sorry Guys, Its hard Making a Back Story For A pony that's a changeling born into a pony family)
She is: Goofy Silly, Clumsy, a Very Social Artist, (XD) messy, Sassy, awkward, Insane

Quick(ish) Summery(aka me ramblaling about her): she acts very randomly, Absurdly insane, woves snow, Crush: Nobody

Tangerine: Making Friends Happy, Being Random (She Wants it to also mean: Annoying Snow) When comet was a filly, she  was picked on ALOT, pfft snowy didn't give a flying horse feathers about it, till one day, (like after 2 years of it) A pony Nameeed "Tanergine" came to town and started goin to the same shcool and classes, And holy cow tangerine was pissed at the bullies. You could say she became her "Bully Gaurd" tis is how they met, Comet, and Tangerine became Gud friends, When Comet and tangerine where 9 Comet got her cutie mark. Tangerine didn't. 4 years later, tangerine still didn't have it, so course She was bullyed. And comet became Her "Bully Gard" Comet went over the top wit dat tho... XD

Snowy: damm, you would think they would get along cuz well, FRIGGN TWINS, But no. They can understand what they are thinking tho. Snowy didn't give a flying horse feathers, when comet got bullyed. But, they play INTENSE games of "Truth or Dare" Damm. Snowy got Comet In jail for a week, dam it snowy why did u video your sister changing and show it to the cops?!? Frickin, Lallaby had to bail her out, (pay and convince them she isn't a changeling and that video was a prank) pfft Snowy is TOTALLY the older twin. Nope comet is lol

Lallaby: For one she bailed her out of jail when snowy got her in jail, Lallaby is like a mother to her sisters, since here mother abandoned them for there own good.

Sprinkle: *pokes sprinkles* "why u so cute dam it." anyways, she helps sprinkle's with her many bullies. feels uncofterbull with her being best friends with Orange, (Orange is a bitch to comet) and comet has a hard time resisting to huggle sprinkle's to death

Orange: go away brat (orange is a Brat to comet)

Aqua: little dorky snot (don't leaf me)

Pfft anyone else I'm forgetting? Idk I'll add em later
I did not draw this! Base done by: :iconfirepony-bases:

HERE HAVE HER AS A Changling: Comet Splash (Changling)

(Found In: OLD: Comet splash, The Argument, Ello Blaze, Christmas Group Picture, Paaaaaaint everywhereee, Rawr,)
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