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NPC: Brittney (NPC contest) by Oak-Storm NPC: Brittney (NPC contest) by Oak-Storm
Tiny Star Bullet STATS Tiny Star Bullet 

Arrow left Name: Brittney Amor
Arrow left Gender: Female
Arrow left Current Age: 21
Arrow left Birthday: April 23rd
Arrow left Form: Bipedal
Arrow leftAccessories: Blue Apron (she never takes it off unless going to bed)
Arrow left known Upgrades: Unlimited Clothing, Human Hair, Freckles, Pupils, Lop Ears, Elegant Tail tip, Thumbs, Pointed Elbows, Same Sized Limbs*, Tint Change, Color Mixer, Unlimited colors, Banded Markings, Heart Stamp, Unlimited Markings.
Arrow left Quirks: Patient, careing, Clean-Freak, Stubborn, prideful

Tiny Star Bullet MAGICTiny Star Bullet 

Wyngro Wind Pixel Element  Wind | Level: Advanced

Tiny Star Bullet RELATIONSHIPSTiny Star Bullet

Arrow leftFriends: 
Arrow leftEnemies/Rivals: 

Tiny Star Bullet PAST Tiny Star Bullet

Brittney was born into a family of Farmers, and gardeners. As she grew up, her family taught her how to keep the flowers looking nice, and had her have her own lil flower bed to maintain. She would do what her parents asked of her, but once old enough she moved away to Anvota, she met many wyngrew, and she mostly got along everyone (she couldnt stand wyngrew with messy hair.) she decided to learn to cut other wyngro's hair.(hair, bodyfluff, hair tufts even) once she mastered the art of being a barber/hair stylist, she moved to Wyinpish. She gave wyngrew occasional trims when they needed it. But in her spare time she taught herself to style hair. Now, when wyngrew come to her hair salon, she can tirm or style it.

Tiny Star Bullet PERSONALITY Tiny Star Bullet

Brittney is a fun loving wyngro, she cannot stand her salon being dirty, or anything out if place. If a wyngro came into her shop with a mop for hair, she would probally freak out and tell them the haircut is on the house. She loved wynlings, and sometimes will let them play with her own hair. She is a hopeless romantic, but she knows she will probally never find love, so she pours all her love into her job. On her spare time you will probally find her in the library reading novels(Romantic or Action) she always has a open ear, and is a good person to pour out your problemes too.


*(im not sure if i made the arms long enough but what ever she has the upgrade)

;-; this is my child and idc if nobody likes her
MangledDragon Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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omh this is so good
mine doesnt even compare to this and i cant even write eeeeeheehehhh
gl in the contest bud ^v^
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