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I Wove you by Oak-Storm I Wove you by Oak-Storm
OakPaw: RAVENPOO!! Hi (she runs toward then jumps )
RavenPaw: Hi oakFart how ya doing? (he pushes her off)
oak: I Wove u (she tackles into a hug)
raven: (he grabs before she can hug trying to hold her back) ok then lol
oak: Oh yeah Guess what
raven: Wut?
Oak: Imma goona be a warrior today or tomorrow (she says happily)
Raven: Nuuuu why, cant we become them tighter
oak: Nu I eant be one as soon as posabile then I want u to as well (she looks at)
raven: why? Oh XD I know so we can be real mates XD
Oak: Yus and guess wut else I want!
Raven: what (he says oddly) wait (he looks at her Fluffy face and tickles her fluffy tummy)
Oak: Ahhh Nuuu Stoop! (he stops) Guess dude please (she looks at with kitty pet eyes)
raven: OH poop I cant resest that faceeee, umm lets see
Oak: (sees kits then looks at raven then at kits again then back to raven) Guess
Raven: (sees that she is looking at kits, and blushes) Really you want kits?!?
oak: Yus
Raven: (thinks to self hehehhehe u will not be one till I can to we shall be one one the same day all I got to do is ask darkie hehe)
The End
p.s darkie is clan leader his real name is darkstar and he is Raven's dad
yes they are still app
but they have bean for a Loooong time for oak she has been in the clan 4 real life months as an app soo hehe Kittens!
the point of this is that raven is bewildered that she wants kits when they are only 8 moons old XD but he knows sandy will be like WAIT WUT U TOO YUNG FOR DAT OAKY XD
and then she will have to wait another 3 moons XD wait no for her 4 moons XD yeah.. that's probably gonna be how that works
RavenPaw belongs to: :iconmeowmeowkittykat2:
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October 20, 2015
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