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Honey Christmas by Oak-Storm Honey Christmas by Oak-Storm
I love my child
Honey was doing the usual, sitting inside, while looking outside. she has been debating going outside since the snow fell. after a bit Jack ran up to her all excited. she questioned why he was excited, which insted of an answer he told her to follow him, which she did. once they stopped, she was told to close her eyes, which she did, after a moment of hesitation. after a moment she felt something put around her neck, then attempted to be tied on. after it was securly on she was told to open her eyes, which she did. she looked down at her chest to see a fairly simple string, with two beads on it. one was an Orange heart, the other a half a yellow diamond (the more you look at it the more you realize it was a diamond, that was snapped in half) Honey looked up again to see Jack beeming with pride, and Alistair standing there with a small smile.
the three ended up talking, well mainly two of them. after a while they decided they should go outside, which is where this pictur takes place, she is probs looking at the bois

Clear Version
The beads are the essence color of Alistair and Jack. Alistair's is the spikeishone and Jack's is the heart.
if you draw her 
you goTtA drAw thE neCKlacE

27 bits

Hair Tuft -2 Bits
Tiny Fairy Wings -20 Bits
Accesory -3 Bits

27 - 25 = 2 Bits

2/4 Bits

42 LP (level 2) - Honey
Detaryu Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wtf the fuck this is so cute
The girl finally got thos wingm 

(Don't forget to submit to the group, haha--)
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December 25, 2017
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