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Happy LATE holloween by Oak-Storm Happy LATE holloween by Oak-Storm
yes I know its not scary at all but think about it. if you where a runt, and you where being dranged to the pery pile by a cat WAY bigger Then You! x3 she is also kinda scared of cats bigger then her XD
Raven: you are a squirrel, and I have caught you!
OakPaw: NO LET GO OF ME! You fool! You may be older and bigger, But I am going to be a warrior soon! you better let me go!
Sandy: XD Raven! Let her go you goof 
Raven: *le mumbles though all de fur* no she is my catch, I caught her napping!
Light: Raven! What in starclan are you doing?!?
Oak: Let me go right now X3
Raven: Nope, I am takin u to the Prey pile! 
Oak: What why x3 you know I will crush the prey x3.. And just wait till u dad finds out about this! 
Raven: eh. But you are my squirrel. And u r mine
Oak: what are you asking me to go hunting with you or something cuz I can go huntin with you. If u figgin out me down
raven: eh fine. Let's go hunting! *le puts down next to prey pile*

RavenPaw belongs to :iconmeowmeowkittykat2: 
Oakpaw belongs to :iconoakstormftw: other wise known has me x3
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November 5, 2015
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