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Good times.. by Oak-Storm Good times.. by Oak-Storm
Oak: where ya going Honey?
Honey: hunting.. why?
Oak: Can I come :D
Honey: don't you need too train as a medic...
Oak: Pffft Gurl don't tell me what too do I can come if I want *nuges* im older :3
Honey: I know you are.. But-
Oak: Rainy is letting me do what I want today.. Come on lemme come :D
Honey: Fine..
Oak: YAY *puts paw on honey* Are we gonna fish and get trout are we gonna hunt birdies.. wait no not birdies.. are we gonna hunt rabbits?
Honey: Calm down! why not fish
Oak: YASSSS LETS GO *starts running*
Honey: *moans* that failed.. *quickly trots after*
Oak: I herd u moan.. you ok?
Honey: yeah was just gonna sit by my self and remember the past..
Oak: well. why don't we do that then, come on it will be fun!
Honey: fine..
Oak: AFTER we get some trout :3 *puts leg over honey*
Honey: *faceplants*


yeah.. Honey shall NEVER escape from Oak.. Just never XD Nope not happing she isn't letting honey go out on her own and die.. XD Honey is her last friend from kit hood and app hood (well first app hood)

HoneyFeather is owned by: XxWolfFurxX 
OakStorm is owned by: MERR

Base by:  ViviSenpai
Base Link: Best Buds
XxWolfFurxX Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cute :3
Oak-Storm Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey glad u thunk so
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