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{Character Development Story: Page One} The Bully by Oak-Storm {Character Development Story: Page One} The Bully by Oak-Storm
cause im nice to my kid : )
{Creme's POV}
I walked out of my room, i was planning on heading to town with my friends today. i figured i should get a snack before i waited outside for them. 
i headed towards the kitchen, intent on trying to get something small to nibble on. i was thinking about what to grab, and not really paying attention to where i was walking, when i bumped into something, i instently snapped out of my train of thought and noticed that it was a grey wyngling "S-Sorry.." i said backing a little way away.
they snorted, "What the f**k is wrong with you, you stupid gurp!" the said glaring at me
it took me a moment to register what they said "hey t-thats not very nice!" i mumble out.
"do i look like i give a flying sh*t?" they spat
i looked away from them, and took a step back tears forming in my eyes.
"is the lil baby gunna go run to Alma? well guess what. Alma doesn't give a sh*t about you" they snarl, standing tall
"she does to care for me!" i mumbled trying to be brave. "Oh? if she does then wouldn't she be there for you right now?" he spat, if possible glaring even harder now as they advanced twords me. 
i sniffled a bit. why was this wyngling being so mean? i never did anything to them. all i did was bump into them..
was i really that bad? where they right.. did Alma not truly care for me? No! of course she does, she just has other wynglings to take care of. 
"i bet your friends, if you even Have any. don't care for you." he stated as if we where disscusing a normal topic.
those few words, where what did it. the tears started coming out, and i slowly fell onto the floor sobbing.
i scrunched my eyes closed, i heard them walk closer, i had a feeling they were gonna say something worse. thats when i felt it. they put one of there claws on there nose then said "i was right wasn't i? your Friends dont really care about you" they said with a hint of triumph in there voice.
i was so far lost in my tears, that i couldnt even respond. all i did was sob.
they poked me a bit harder, laughed, then walked away, leaving me there. sitting on the floor. half way to the kitchen.

damnit i didnt get enough words i only got 396 rip
Aren't i nice :) 
m sorry but this is a nessasary part of her character development ;-;  

You are Here <Part One|Part Two>

the grey wynling is a personal npc fyi

-buttfloof (bye the upgrade i always forget about)

also thanks Daromius for doing the lines for this XD

4/108 Wyn 

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ooo excite

//whispers// one of the front toes on Creme in the first frame isn't colored
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