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FlatScape Theme for Windows 7

This theme has elements from some of my favorite themes on DeviantArt. The goal was a borderless UI with a clean flat look, inspired by Windows 8. Installation instructions should be the same as any other custom theme, where you have to do the UX patch, etc. The theme isn't perfect, so feel free to give suggestions in the comments! (Note: This is the fixed version from before)

The dark Seattle picture was created by me from the original picture made famous by Windows 8. Both are included in the zip file. The clock and side/top widgets are all Rainmeter skins, which DeviantArt won't let me upload as part of the zip. Go to this dropbox link for the skins:…

Most of the icons are from this:… .  However, I'm working on custom icons for this theme; see them here:…


Update 1: Replaced the ExplorerFrame.dll in System32, since it wasn't working well with my 32-bit virtual machine. (It's fine on my main 64-bit computer) The updated file works now, but let me know if it doesn't!
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Is the explorerframe.dll for 32 bit systems incompatible on i386 PCs? I tried installing this on Win 7 ultimate sp1 build 7601 and it always failed and the reason is its only compatible for amd64 PCs. The top and bottom shell arent themed and it looks bad... Here is a screenshot:… How do i remove that outline?
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Hey man, gotta say this is a pretty fantastic theme - I'm having trouble getting it installed though. Like others have mentioned, the start orb does not switch to the provided graphic. Also, the top and bottom explorer shells remain unchanged from the Windows default. Got a screenshot here:…

Granted, chances are I probably didn't install properly. Just to be sure though, the uxtheme.dll file must be patched and the theme installed to C:/Windows/Resources, yes? And the explorerframe.dll files need to be put in their respective directories as well? I'm not sure what else I'm missing. Any help would be seriously appreciated!

PS - Is there a way to change the font used? I'm not particularly partial towards Gill Sans MT.
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The Start orb doesn't automatically change with the theme. You need to get a program called "Windows Start Orb Changer"... probably should've made that more clear. The top and bottom explorer shells have never given me problems before, but maybe my last upload had some wrong files or something. I'll look into it. I'm pretty sure it's an issue with the theme file itself, not the explorer dll. It's been a while since I last messed with uxtheme stuff, but there are tutorials all over the place for it.  You can change the font (for most cases) in Control Panel - Personalization - Window Color - Advanced Appearance Settings.

Why the start button, forward button and back button don't change?
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They should change. What do they look like on your computer?
They are circle buttons. I used the default theme "windows 7"  before I installed this theme.  Anyhow, it's really beautiful!
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Did you make sure to replace the explorer.dll files?
I replaced the  ExplorerFrame.dll just now. However, nothing changed!
I use the 64-bit system,so I didn't replace the explorer.dll files. And I don't know replaced by which file?
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You have to replace the explorerframe.dll in both System32 and SysWOW64. The explorerframe.dll files for each location are different. 

By the way, to replace the Start orb, use a separate program called Windows Start Orb Changer.
This is a very nice theme - I love the minimalism!

I do however have one problem, the back/forward buttons in the explorer remain the standard win7 ones!

Did I miss a step? Any idea how to make it work?
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Did you replace the ExplorerFrame.dll's?
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Just excellent
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Very nice theme, i really like it. Can you please change the color of the folder toolbar to white or dark grey? This light blue toolbar in every folder doesn't fit well with my theme configuration. Dark colors on folder's frame, taskbar.
Thank you very much, i really enjoy your theme
Excellent them, made a few tweaks to suit my personal tastes (mostly making the window borders a bit easier to see and the fonts a bit) but otherwise near perfect out of the box.
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Thanks! I'm still tweaking it as well, and I'm working on customizing the icons to better match this theme. I'll post some previews up as I get more of them done. Stay tuned!
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What font does this use? Because for me it doesn't really look like the same as in your preview. (isn't smooth/antialiased)
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I use Gill Sans MT. That font wasn't included in my copy of 32-bit Enterprise Windows, but it is included in my Ultimate on my main computer. 

The antialiasing is done by a custom font rendering program called gdipp. I highly recommend it. 
Download links are on the left side of the page:
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