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The Basics:
Full Name: My real name is Megan, but hey shh.
Birth Date: August 8th 2000
Birth Place:  Mercy hospital?????????????
Gender: Genderfluid 
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: brown
Currently living: parents?
Food: Quesadilla's 
Drink: probably mt dew ice
Band (s) / Singer (s): N/A
Song: N/A
Movie: N/A
TV Show: N/A
Book: N/A
Color: Teal~

Pepsi or Coke?: pepsi
Anime or Disney?: why not both
Guys or Girls: both
Lips or Eyes?: eyes
Kisses or Hugs?: both?
Eating or Drinking?: both??????
Novels or Comics?: Both?????????????????????????????
Summer or Winter?: Winter
Outdoors or Indoors?: indoors
Camera or Cellphone?: Cellphone
PS3 or Xbox 360?: PS3
TV or Computer?: Computer

Why did you choose your username (to be like that)?: It was the first word to come to mind (and then I felt bad bc another MMD-er is called glub)
What is your favorite piece of your own work?: I think my models
What is your most popular deviation?: I dunno

Look to your left, what s the first thing you see?: drawings
Now your right:  my phone (on the family desktop)
Something you can't live without: My animals

The Last...
Person you saw: mom
Person you hugged: brother
Movie you watched: The Departed
Song You Listened To: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Book you read: The Dark Tower
Thing you ate / drank: Burrito
Time you cried and why: I dont remember
Time you laughed and why: Like 4 seconds ago because Jenna marbles is funny
Time you went out: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

The first... 
Person you kissed: lets not talk about that.
Crush you had: Waayyy back in kindergarden, but I forgot his name.
Thing you think about when you wake up: food
Longest friend you ever had: Wont say her name for privacy reasons, but we've been best friends for 4 years <3
School you went to: a school called TT2
Big holiday you went on: i dunno
Award you got: Pft. I dont win things.

Have you ever...
Broken the law?: small ones probably
Been arrested?: no
Had a hangover?: no
Been in a hospital?: Yes
Been in a car crash?: no
Flown on a plane?: yes
Been on a boat?: not that I remember
Traveled overseas?: no
Had sex?: wow thats personal (but no)
Gotten pregnant?: nope
Been to a concert?: no
Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something?: yes
Skipped school / work?: sure
Broken a bone: no

Personal Again:
Who is your closest friend on deviantART?: hmmmmm im not sure
What is your favorite deviation by them?: N/A
Which deviant's artwork do you like most?: aw thats hard to choose...
What is their greatest work?: N/Z
Any favorite deviantART groups in mind?: MMDC 
What is your favorite artwork of the founder of the group?: N/A
The Co-Founders?: N/A
How about the contributors?: N/A
Who was your very first watcher here on dA?: Ummm idk?
What is your favorite artwork by them?: N/A
Have you ever had any Daily Deviations? If you have, show us: I haven't
Have you ever won a contest with your artwork? Show us: no ;-;
Show us the first Deviation you submitted to Deviant Art: [MMD] Put On A Show [Including links to downloads]
Show us your most recent submission: good morning
Your Religion?: N/A
Social Class?: hmmmmmm
Ethnicity: Caucasian  
Languages you speak?: English and very little german
Scar (s) you have?: umm if I had to guess maybe 13
Orientation?: ...Sexually? (Im stupid sorry)

Totally Random~
Where is your dream holiday location?: my BED
What are you wearing right now?: Pajama's
What is the last thing you bought?: a drink
When did you join deviantART?: Oct, 27 2016
Why did you join?: to promote my MMD art work
What type of membership do you have?: standard
Are you a member of any other websites?: Youtube and Tumblr but i rarely use tumblr
Do you enjoy answering these pointless questions like this one?: Sure xD
  • Listening to: Youtube playlist
  • Eating: Cold pizza
  • Drinking: Moutain Dew
Hello everyone! 

I know I do this pretty often, but now I cant exactly post for a pretty big reason. In about a week, I'm going back to my home city to visit my sister and her son, and more of my family. I'll be there for two weeks, so over that entire time I wont be posting anything MMD related.  I might post some pictures of the city while Im there, however.  I'll probably be on pretty often too, looking at art, and checking feedback if I get any. xD But, thats about it. The reason I wont be posting MMD stuff during that time, is for two reasons.

1. Im going to be with family I haven't seen in maybe 3-4 years (including my nephew who's already a year old and I haven't seen him in person yet! agh!)
2. my laptop is already pretty damaged, and I wouldn't feel very good about moving it far from home. 

Like I've mentioned many times before, I am in desperate need of a new computer for me to do MMD things on. Im currently posting this from a desktop in my home, but unfortunately I cant use this computer for BIG MMD stuff because it isn't my computer. (its my parents computer.) I do have MMD on it, but I only have the original TDA miku on it which I use to practice animating (Like in this video, it was made on this desktop --> )

but yeah thats about it.  I know I've mentioned before that Im trying to get a new computer, and those were very long ago, but its still in motion. Im not exactly the most gifted person, financially. So these things take time. But eventually, I will have a new computer for me to work off of. I'll probably also buy myself another drawing tablet for art. Hopefully I dont break this one though LOAF INTENSIFIES Since I have a habit of doing so.
One of which, was 50 fucking dollars, and I lost a cord for it, and now its pretty much useless.  (not the plug in cord, its a special cord that charges the pen. because its stupid. BUT IT WAS STILL 50 FRIGGIN DOLLARS SO I WAS PISSED FOR A VALID REASON.)

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Thats all I wanted to get out for today.  <3
  • Listening to: Youtube playlist
  • Eating: Cold pizza
  • Drinking: Moutain Dew
Hey, Im gonna be posting something later on. Not really sure what yet, But I don't think it'll be a video. Probably just some MMDArt <3
Well, Im still taking time off. Im feeling a little better, but Im not quite in the mood to be doing anything right now. Maybe I'll post up some drawings in the mean time, Im not really sure.
Hey everyone.
I know I do this a lot, but I really need a break from things. I have some personal stuff going on, so my mind is somewhere else. I'll be back, no worries, I just need some time.
Wow, Im so sorry for being inactive.
Honestly nothings going on lately, Im just super lazy, and have THE worst allergies in the world. I have an idea for a video right now, and I'm half-way through setting it up and all, its just Im too lazy right now. But no worries, It'll get out there eventually.
Gonna be making an OC model because why not?
This is more about my paper and pencil art, not my MMD stuff

Yes, I still draw. All the time actually XD its the only thing Im actually good at doing.  I dont post it online, because 

1. no drawing tablet
2. I dunno why I dont

I wanted to make that clear for some reason.

I stopped for a while since I was upset (for personal reasons) and then started up again. Which I didnt stop long, mind you, I stopped drawing for a bout a week, and then I was back to it. Someone asked me about it since a while back I posted two drawings on deviant art, and then nothing after that. So yeah. 
Since my birthday is tomorrow, Im taking a few days off of whatever it is Im doing to just relax and sleep and enjoy cake.
So yeah, I probably wont work on models or videos for a few days (2-3) probably the only thing Im going to be doing over this spare time is drawing.


(although I kinda wanna make a picture for myself...for my birthday....Im sad, I know. Anyway's see ya in a few days. Even though Im still gonna be online to look at cool art n stuff.)
I may make a model I was asked to make, but after I finish it my model making requests are closed. Sorry! I will open them again at a later time, but not now.

(and to the one who requested a model, I left you the detailed reasoning in a note, dont worry!)
Okay, so I'm trying to catch up from my hiatus, it's just I've started to realize my computer is slowing more and more. So, it may take me longer than I expected to post things again. Like videos and such. Sorry for such a long wait. :)
okay so, I may be on break for a while longer since my wifi hasnt been paid yet. But Im sure I'll get it back sooner than later, so just be patient with me UuU I've been feeling better so <3
Normally I don't like to post about how I'm feeling because I don't like drawing attention from myself.
This has more to do with my youtube channel and my activity on deviantart.
I'm just in a really bad place right now, and I've been more depressed than I have been in a very long only got worse today, due to some family drama that I won't get into simply because it's nobodies business but my own.
I don't physically have the energy to make videos or pose models for pictures right now. I just want to take time to myself, not very long I promise, just a few days. (A week or so). Maybe I'll start posting up again sooner, if I feel better. I just hope you guys understand <3 thank you.
Well, I just read someones vent (wont say who, but I'm sure they know who they are.) and I honestly feel so bad for them. I really enjoyed their work. They chose to take their models and such down because greedy people only watching them for the models/parts/etc. 

Which is straight fucking bullshit.

I understand if you download a part without watching the person because that's not really using someone for their parts. But I see so many people do stuff like that, and its really sad. Whats even worse, is that sometimes I see really talented people leaving the MMDC because of it. As corny as this is gonna sound, they work really hard on something and all your there for is to mooch it off them? that's a little insensitive. Take some time to appreciate the hard work they are willing to share with you.

Because they don't have to.
not dead, just trying to focus on my artwork right now <3
Thankfully, HOPEFULLY, I'll be able to get a new computer soon. My poor laptop is all beat up and over stuffed. its only a computer and I still feel so bad for making it continue being my computer XD But, until Im able to move all my MMD stuff, (and of course other things I'll need) onto a flash drive for my new computer, I'll have to extend this as much as I can. 

Sorry laptop <3
Lately, as I've mentioned before, I've been a little flip-flopish about my moods.
One day I'm happy or something cheery, but it can change very fast, sadly.
I swear I feel like I have mood swings but It's honestly just all linked to stress.
Thankfully, I've been able to make some pictures for my watchers here on Deviant Art, and a few videos for those who enjoy my videos on youtube. :)
No worries, I'm alright. I'm not going to go on about things like why I'm stressed.

Frankly I don't think you'd all want to hear that anyway XD which is perfectly fine.

But that's what's up I guess.
It's 1am and I can't sleep so I'll probably watch YouTube and attempt to braid my hair.

...I can't braid
I see people doing speed art on Youtube right? and I kinda wanna do that.
Should I? I mean, I really want opinions this.

I finished that cringey motion I was talking about, aaaand now I'm laying on my couch because it's too hot to sleep in my room (because for some reason my room  quite literally COLLECTS heat.)
But, family guy is now very quietly playing behind me so I don't wake up my parents, and I can't find anything to do because all of my Skype friends have fallen asleep.

I'll browse for a while.
And then try to sleep.

you better get ready

its gonna get real cringey up in here.

Im making a motion. and Im probably gonna put it on my youtube.