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good morning by o0Glub0o good morning :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 0 2 IM RISKING A LOT WITH THIS OMFG by o0Glub0o IM RISKING A LOT WITH THIS OMFG :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 3 1 See you soon... by o0Glub0o See you soon... :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 2 2 Still not dead. by o0Glub0o Still not dead. :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 5 3 Im not dead by o0Glub0o Im not dead :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 4 0 [MMD|NEW MODEL/OC]  Skully -Age 17- by o0Glub0o [MMD|NEW MODEL/OC] Skully -Age 17- :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 8 7 [MMD|NEW MODEL] Ghoulish Teto by o0Glub0o [MMD|NEW MODEL] Ghoulish Teto :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 10 0 [MMD|NEW MODEL] Esper Miku by o0Glub0o [MMD|NEW MODEL] Esper Miku :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 37 7 We all saw this coming. [NEW SELF MODEL] by o0Glub0o We all saw this coming. [NEW SELF MODEL] :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 6 0 [MMD|NEW MODEL] Edgy Fawn Miku by o0Glub0o [MMD|NEW MODEL] Edgy Fawn Miku :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 3 0 When It Rains... by o0Glub0o When It Rains... :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 7 0 [MMD|Model WIP] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww by o0Glub0o [MMD|Model WIP] aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 5 0 [MMD|NEW MODELS] No Names by o0Glub0o [MMD|NEW MODELS] No Names :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 3 0 [MMD|NEW MODEL] Ghoulish Miku by o0Glub0o [MMD|NEW MODEL] Ghoulish Miku :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 12 0 [MMD] G.O.L Wip 2 [TEMPORARILY DISCONTINUED] by o0Glub0o [MMD] G.O.L Wip 2 [TEMPORARILY DISCONTINUED] :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 5 2 Miku WIP by o0Glub0o Miku WIP :icono0glub0o:o0Glub0o 7 2
just the stuff i post whenever i happen to make a photo i enjoy





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United States
Female - 17 - She/Her (Sometimes They/Them.)

you can also find my YouTube here! --->…


Hi I'm not dead XD I miss my computer </3
Going to Pittsburgh in June :D by myself :'D *shudders with anxiety*
The Basics:
Full Name: My real name is Megan, but hey shh.
Birth Date: August 8th 2000
Birth Place:  Mercy hospital?????????????
Gender: Genderfluid 
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: brown
Currently living: parents?
Food: Quesadilla's 
Drink: probably mt dew ice
Band (s) / Singer (s): N/A
Song: N/A
Movie: N/A
TV Show: N/A
Book: N/A
Color: Teal~

Pepsi or Coke?: pepsi
Anime or Disney?: why not both
Guys or Girls: both
Lips or Eyes?: eyes
Kisses or Hugs?: both?
Eating or Drinking?: both??????
Novels or Comics?: Both?????????????????????????????
Summer or Winter?: Winter
Outdoors or Indoors?: indoors
Camera or Cellphone?: Cellphone
PS3 or Xbox 360?: PS3
TV or Computer?: Computer

Why did you choose your username (to be like that)?: It was the first word to come to mind (and then I felt bad bc another MMD-er is called glub)
What is your favorite piece of your own work?: I think my models
What is your most popular deviation?: I dunno

Look to your left, what s the first thing you see?: drawings
Now your right:  my phone (on the family desktop)
Something you can't live without: My animals

The Last...
Person you saw: mom
Person you hugged: brother
Movie you watched: The Departed
Song You Listened To: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Book you read: The Dark Tower
Thing you ate / drank: Burrito
Time you cried and why: I dont remember
Time you laughed and why: Like 4 seconds ago because Jenna marbles is funny
Time you went out: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

The first... 
Person you kissed: lets not talk about that.
Crush you had: Waayyy back in kindergarden, but I forgot his name.
Thing you think about when you wake up: food
Longest friend you ever had: Wont say her name for privacy reasons, but we've been best friends for 4 years <3
School you went to: a school called TT2
Big holiday you went on: i dunno
Award you got: Pft. I dont win things.

Have you ever...
Broken the law?: small ones probably
Been arrested?: no
Had a hangover?: no
Been in a hospital?: Yes
Been in a car crash?: no
Flown on a plane?: yes
Been on a boat?: not that I remember
Traveled overseas?: no
Had sex?: wow thats personal (but no)
Gotten pregnant?: nope
Been to a concert?: no
Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something?: yes
Skipped school / work?: sure
Broken a bone: no

Personal Again:
Who is your closest friend on deviantART?: hmmmmm im not sure
What is your favorite deviation by them?: N/A
Which deviant's artwork do you like most?: aw thats hard to choose...
What is their greatest work?: N/Z
Any favorite deviantART groups in mind?: MMDC 
What is your favorite artwork of the founder of the group?: N/A
The Co-Founders?: N/A
How about the contributors?: N/A
Who was your very first watcher here on dA?: Ummm idk?
What is your favorite artwork by them?: N/A
Have you ever had any Daily Deviations? If you have, show us: I haven't
Have you ever won a contest with your artwork? Show us: no ;-;
Show us the first Deviation you submitted to Deviant Art: [MMD] Put On A Show [Including links to downloads]
Show us your most recent submission: good morning
Your Religion?: N/A
Social Class?: hmmmmmm
Ethnicity: Caucasian  
Languages you speak?: English and very little german
Scar (s) you have?: umm if I had to guess maybe 13
Orientation?: ...Sexually? (Im stupid sorry)

Totally Random~
Where is your dream holiday location?: my BED
What are you wearing right now?: Pajama's
What is the last thing you bought?: a drink
When did you join deviantART?: Oct, 27 2016
Why did you join?: to promote my MMD art work
What type of membership do you have?: standard
Are you a member of any other websites?: Youtube and Tumblr but i rarely use tumblr
Do you enjoy answering these pointless questions like this one?: Sure xD
  • Listening to: Youtube playlist
  • Eating: Cold pizza
  • Drinking: Moutain Dew
good morning
have you ever seen anything more attractive than this? I think the fuck not.

Heyyy Im not dead! <3<3
Still no update on a computer yet, so Im sorry :c could be a while before im actually able to make videos and such again, Im sorry <3 I guess you could call this an extended MMDC vacation lol


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You're welcome! And sorry it was such a mess xD I have no clue why it kept glitching and going offline ;-; Was it working okay for you?
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