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Megaman and Mettaur 3D Origami

My very own 3D origami creations. =D I was tired of seeing swans and the like and decided to make something different to change things up a bit. It took a while to make since I kept tweaking it, forcing me to break it apart again and again. With help from game pictures and my brother's critiques, I think it turned out okay. =]

Megaman is made up of about 1250 pieces. It prolly doesn't look like it, but it's because the helmet is separate from the rest of the body. It can be slipped on and off. I ran out of the dark blue paper so the legs and left arm isn't as wide as I would like them to be.

Mettaur (one of the enemies in the game aka the yellow helmet thing) is made up of about 252 pieces. The hat is also a separate piece.

I might try to make an improved version later once I acquire more dark blue paper. I'll see.

Edit: March 30, 2011
I had written up instructions on how to make the yellow guy for someone about a year ago. I just came across it again. Here it is if anyone is interested in making one.

"Here are some rough instructions for now.

Yellow: 182 Green: 20 White: 16 Black: 56 (If using base 12)

Hat: Base 18. 1-3 Yellow. 4th add one green piece. 5th one yellow, two green, one yellow, rest green. 6-7 Yellow.

Each foot: 19 pieces in 2-3-4-3-2-3-2 pattern. No side edges sticking out. You can improvise on these though. They’ll also prolly have to be glued to the head.

Head: Umm, I originally used construction paper so it’s wider than it would normally be. In that case I used base 12. If you’re using normal paper I would say use base 14. Okay, 1. black. 2. W – 2xB – W, rest black. 3. 2xW – B- 2xW, rest black. 4. W – B – 2xW – B – W, rest black. 5. 2xW – B- 2xW, rest black. 6. B – W – 2xB – W – B, end. This is so the hat tilts a little towards the back. Next you wanna add 2 sets of nubs, I guess, to lie in between the feet to account for the height of the them. On the bottom, in between the eyes, add two pieces, then add a third piece below it. Repeat on the back.

Lastly, assemble. You can improvise to make it work for you. Good luck~"
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Mega Man! Wow! Your art work is awesome!