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Chocobo - 3D Origami

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My friend was returning from overseas for a visit and I wanted to make a custom 3D Origami present for him. One of his favorite videogame series was Final Fantasy, so I decided to make a Chocobo. I’m happy to say he loved it. =D

I looked at various pictures of Chocobos online for reference, but it’s mainly based on this one [link] . This is a base-20 model for the most part, comprised of a few hundred pieces.

HEAD: Base-6 form with extra modules glued around to resemble the feathers that stick out. An orange piece was glued to the bottom for a beak. It’s then glued directly to the neck at an angle.

WINGS: Made separately before being glued on in a flapping fashion. It wouldn’t lay nicely against the body otherwise.

TAIL: Has many one side slotted pieces in order to simulate loose feathers sticking out.

CHEST: An open yellow module is glued to the front of the Chocobo for depth.

LEGS: The most tricky. I inserted modules into one another and then halfway down, reversed the orientation of the modules to make the leg bend. I wasn’t sure if I could make it stand on its own. However, the tripod like quality of its talons enabled it to stand freely (shockingly). Of course, I had to alter the module for the back talons for this to work. The module was folded a couple times lengthwise before being folded and glued in half and then attached to the back end of the feet. The legs were glued to the body from the underside. Some modules were removed below to make room.

If I had to do this differently, I would have figured out a way to make the beak look less awkward from the front. Perhaps, I should have painted the pieces first. I jokingly thought of getting a FF figurine to ride it. A keychain version would probably have been best, haha.

- Colored Paper (All are modules. Mostly yellow, with some white (talons), and one orange (beak).)
- Glue (For extremities.)
- Paint (Legs. The brown paper I had wasn’t dark enough.)
- Drawn Eyes (Glued on.)

Time Estimated: Excluding the time to make the modules, I guess about 5 hours more or less of trial and error.

Please check out “Chocobo Angles – 3DO” for different views.

Edited: August 30, 2010 Broke up description into sections.
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It's amazing! *o*
What kind of glue do you use? Glue sticks or any others? 
I would love to try making it!
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That is cool I love that
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DM-JigSawHobbyist Traditional Artist

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it
and it is the task of the scolptor to discover it"-Michelangelo.

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SwanofWarProfessional Writer
Wow, it actually stands!
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^_^ Awesome!!! (Chocobo~!)
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akane0 Artisan Crafter
awesome, nice job =3
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really awesome job
hope to see more like this
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Thank you. Do you mean FF things? I usually make whatever interests me at the time, so no guarantees.
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Glad ya like. =P
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way2thedawnStudent Filmographer
it sounds like you made the pattern yourself. did you?
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Yes, I did.
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way2thedawnStudent Filmographer
O.O wow. care to share?
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I already wrote it in the description. If you're looking for a diagram, I don't have one. Good luck. =]
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way2thedawnStudent Filmographer
neat thanx =D
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dude make a tutorial lol
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Axelkin General Artist
omg! so cute! i love chocobos! wonderful job. [link]
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Could you please tell me what a "base-20" or a "base-6" form is?
I'm kinda used to seeing (and following) instructions with "levels" and not "base(es)".
I really want to make one of these, so I can give it as a gift for my friend.
Hope you can help me!
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What I meant by "Base-#" is how many pieces are in a row. So, "base-20" would mean that there are 20 pieces in a round. I don't think I specified how many levels (rows upwards) there are because I make most of my projects by eye since they are one of a kind and I tend to forget to count the pieces.

Good luck on your project. =]
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This is most probably the coolest thing I have ever seen.
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Haha, thanks!
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DevilBahamutXStudent General Artist
I made one too, but mines looked more like a swan... :D made mines for a teacher, since I was graduating... how did you make the legs?
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