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My Bio
I started 3D origami in late 2009 after someone showed me some models online. It seemed impressive and something I could do, thus the hobby began. It’s not a 24/7 thing for me, but when I do make something, I try to make things different from the norm. It’s more fun that way, right? Hopefully I can craft the ideas I have in my head and share. =]

Things you may like to know:

MOTIVATION: I randomly get inspired/choose things to make. It could be from my current interests, suggestions, or even the color of the paper available. I am not committed to one sort of genre although it seems like I gravitate towards game characters. I don't post everything I make online.

TIME: The time it takes to create/make projects varies from one thing to the next. It depends on the how complicated it'll be, the supplies available, and my motivation to finish it. Obviously if a pattern is available, I would finish it faster than executing an original design.

METHODS: Due to the fact that I tend to make original, one of a kind pieces, there are no patterns as I just wing it until I like what I see. So, lots of trial and error. I usually look online for reference pictures before I begin. Even with established patterns, I like to mess with it to make my own unique version, but I credit the original source. I reserve all rights to my original creations and designs.

MATERIALS: For the most part, I use colored printer (A4) paper in 20lb. or 24lb. varieties. The black printer paper I use was bought for about 16 bucks online. www.amazon.com/Wausau-Astrobri… Rarely, if I need shiny paper, I use wrapping paper. Since it tends to be thin, I attach it to recycled paper before cutting it to size. I don't generally use glue for my projects unless I am adding limbs and the like or if the paper is being particularly uncooperative. I use PVA glue for minor repairs and hot glue for attaching extremities since it dries quicker.

ACQUISITIONS: I'm considering on whether or not I want to sell my works. I think at this point 3DO is gaining a lot of interest so people are making their own things. I'm not sure how to price my time and effort either. However, it would be a nice way to gain resources needed for more materials other than outright pleading. =P

RESOURCES: I go to a couple of websites to see what others are doing. This one, 3dorigamiart.com/ , has many other 3D origami artists sharing their works. The other, stranamasterov.ru/taxonomy/ter… , is in Russian, but it has a bunch of project tutorials at the top. Of course this is not all inclusive, but just a suggestion to get started.

If you'd like to know anything else, please drop me a line. =]

Favourite genre of music: Almost all.
Operating System: Windows
Wallpaper of choice: Currently: 3DO Scyther

Favourite Movies
Mostly comedies, Back to the Future, Remember the Titans, etc.
Favourite Games
Twisted Metal 2: Co-op is really fun
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Paper...lots of it.
Other Interests
A little bit of everything. =D

Lazy Days

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I've been taking a short break from 3DO.  Still haven't gotten new supplies yet, but with back to school sales around the corner, I should be able to remedy that soon. I've been looking at my collection and thought that while there are a lot of game representations, I seem to have covered Nintendo (Mario, Pokemon) and Playstation (Chocobo), but not XBOX.  Nothing really comes to mind for an XBOX franchise other than Halo.  Then again the only XBOX360 I've come in contact with RRoD'ed so I am not surprised that I have limited knowledge of it.  It doesn't really matter though I guess, but I thought it was amusing.
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I finished a different project a few weeks ago, but since my camera phone pictures aren't turning out so well, I'll hold off on submitting it.  I think I actually finished it before the piranha plant even.  The title refers to it.  Cryptic, no? =P Lots of ideas are swirling in my head, but my hands are currently protesting.  Plus, supplies are dwindling.  I'm just gonna wait and see how things go.  I'm actually making a piñata at the moment after randomly getting the urge to paper mache.  Weird, I know.  Haven't done it in ages and after how things are going, won't be doing again, hahah.
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I've been running out of paper and folding the pieces has been cramping my hands.  Luckily, I finished a couple of projects that came to mind as I was working on the mushrooms.  Once I get my camera back, I'll snap some pictures and post something up.  Until then.
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Hey, let me just say your work is amazing and I would like to invite you to a new group I've created. 

The kings of origami.


we're a new group and are currently looking for new members.

i hope you'll consider joining us.
This stuff is amazing and I know that I couldn't do it (no patience for it). Good job good madam
Love your art... it's awesome and you do a fantastic job =D
Congratz on the daily deviation!^^