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If you want to kiss me,
Kiss me
I'm sure I'll enjoy the way you taste

Just don't expect my heart to beat

Don't worry, love.
If you press your ear to my chest
You'll probably hear a steady rhythm
I've filled the gap as best I can
With a composite
Of blood vessels
And nerve endings

My heart?

No, love.
It's not that I've never had one
I just gave it away
To a girl with bright, pretty eyes

She took it with her, you know
Over six thousand miles away
Where it probably picked up
A fine coating of sand
And the smell of gunmetal


I don't know, love.
I'm not really sure where it is now
Collecting dust, maybe
In a shoebox under a bunk
With an old letter
And a photograph

And sometimes, I think it gives a little flutter
When that girl smiles
Because I always loved her smile best of all

But if you want to hold me,
Hold me
I'm certain I'll fit right into the crook of your arm

And if you want to touch me,
Touch me
I've no doubt you can make me feel good

Just don't wait for my heart to beat

Because I think I might be heartless.
I don't even have the guts to ask for it back.

Or maybe I just don't want to.

"This heart, it beats, beats for only you/My heart is yours,"

You can find this poem translated into Romanian here, courtesy of the wonderful *iris789.
© 2010 - 2021 o-ohhai
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Beautiful indeed.
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Beautiful poem, I love it. Great work. 
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This is absolutely beautiful
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your poetries are the kind that I wish to post comments to talk how much touch me....and I relate......but words feel so unfair with all that deep.

Thank you so much for let us read.... and feel that feelings through it....thank you for post that pretty poetries.......looks sad.....but beauty for all sincerity we can feel.

...but of course we are not in your shoes to understand you.....but we can at least admire and be touched by your words.
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Does your heart beat again?
This is the road I fear I am facing.
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It does. It can take a long, long time, but it'll be the same for you. You just need to place distance and time between who or whatever hurt you. :tighthug:
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this made my chest ache. Beautiful
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Literally brought tears to my eyes. It's beautiful and dreadful. I love and hate you for writing this.
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This is so absolutely sad and beautiful!
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you're so welcome! your art is wonderful! :shamrock:
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this is gorgeous..
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my heart was captured by this poem..get it?hehe!!lol.
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I see what you did there ;)
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I liked it so much. good job
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