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The King's Speech

BERTIE: "I was informed, after th... the fact, that my father's... my father's last words were..., 'Bertie has m-m-more g-guts than the rest of his brothers p-put together.' ...Couldn't say that to my face."

Academy Award Winner of 2010 for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. I adored all of the performances in this film but Colin Firth was absolutely superb. Definitely one of my favorite movies.

Mechanical pencil

Approximately 10 hours and 45 minutes

"The King's Speech" (Colin Firth as Bertie/King George VI)
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I still can;t believe what you can do with a pencil! :wow: Nice! *sigh, Colin Firth!*
O-O-P's avatar
Hi, Jagna!! :glomp: How are you? Awe, thank you. I know, he's a handsome Brit, isn't he? Loved him in that suit. ;)
JaggidEdge's avatar
Ah yes, the suit. I have to say, king;s Speech was probably the best film of the year. Go Brits! ;p

And I'm alright, thanks. Got essays to do, so I'm locking myself in my room for the next few weeks =P How are you? :hug:
O-O-P's avatar
Yessss. Very dashing in that suit. LoL Agreed!

I'm glad to hear that. Except for the essays... Yeesh. Don't forget to come out and eat something as you dwell in your room. ;) I've been great, thank you. :hug: Just plugging away at work and desperately getting some art done.
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I annoyed my family so much after i saw this film... I couldnt stop talking about how awesome it was.... This looks so realistic, nicely done.
O-O-P's avatar
Me too! :giggle: I just love it.

Thank you so much, Wirewolf!
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I'll go ahead and quote the previous poster: "I haven't seen this movie yet...". DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!111!
O-O-P's avatar
:lmao: "Well, bloody bugger to you, you beastly bastard." LoL! Sorry, I couldn't resist using another quote there from the film. No worries, Alak. Um... Has anyone on :devart: seen this movie yet besides me? ;P
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I haven't seen this movie yet, but it's gotta be good for all the Oscars it won. xD This is great work! The wrinkles on the face look marvelously realistic.
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Thank you so much, Rainshade! You always leave such inspirational and kind comments. They are very much appreciated. :glomp:
Rainshade's avatar
It's my pleasure! :]
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