Undertale is a drug

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Omg someone play Undertale? I love it!
But i cant make the genocide way because i love all the characters alot, my favorites one are the squeleton brothersBig bro Sans and Little Papyrus Icon  and my lovley AsrielAsriel *BLINK* (F2U)  and Toriel :bademoticon:

And of Course the temmies:bademoticon:  and the annoying dog!:bademoticon:
He is so like meAnnoying Dog  lazy and crazy:bademoticon:

And my new OTP! : Sans x Frisk!
Emoji3  They are so cute!  

So i will be more time without up something, i need play these as a drug!
Oh by the way!

Im writing a book:bademoticon: !:nuu: :omgomg: 
See You 
Lovely Dante Icon by ReDante

I Like:

skin by dogbff
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I finally tried out the demo of Undertale earlier. It's a pretty addicting game! But I will NEVER look at a flower the same way again!
Especially after it looked back at me like this! "Flowey the Flower" I should've known something was wrong with it. With a name like that! :XD:
But I did really love the way they made the combat. It was unique and challenging!
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I know you will like it! Yeah Flowey that littel demon XD And the music! I really love it! Thanks alot for give it a trial! You are the best!Chili Anime Emoji (Snuggy hug) [V2] 
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You're welcome! It's really fun! I may have to buy it someday! [Undertale] Flowey Icon GIF