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For First Time Im Here Not For Talk About Me,My Proyects Or Any Problem Of Mine:
Its Because I Think People Must Know It And Maybe These Can Help On Something, And With Luck,Stop All.
Sure, You, The One Who Is Reading These Journal, Sometime On Your Life, Watch A Movie Or TV/Anime Show, Read A Book Or A Comic/Manga, Or Play Any Videogame Right?
Usually In That Kind Of... Lest Say Storys? Sure You Liked Most One Character Than Other And Maybe You Want That Character With Other From The Same "Story"
Yes, Make A Ship Couple :P And That So Cool!
But Sure, You Always Keep On Mind That Characters Are NOT Real Right?
Well, Take That As Base Idea
A War Is Here
But These War, These Ship War Is Becaming Too Far, And Its Because... Lest Call Them,Fanatic,Decide Dont Respect Nothing, But Nothing Out Their Ship

What Im Talking About? Maybe the Journal Skin tell you something...
The DMC Ships Of Course 
DanteDevilKnight,SolitaryLapTopTVLove And Green-Fairy44
Start Not Only A War, Also A Fucking Hell Because They Like Ship Dante X Trish

Yes For That!Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 
For That Stupid Thing!
You Want Ship It? Good For You!!! But Dont Come To No One, Triying Impose You Idea And Offend My One!
And Im Not Talking About Me, Because For Me You Can Ship Dante, Trish Lady Or Whathever With The One You Want!
I Mean Its Ok! Fandom Is Free
That exactly what make it so wonderful!
But no, no for them, and their obsesion is to say...annoying!
They full the wondeful present of my friend Omar (AnthonyMidnthg) for my birthday to comments only because the pic show Dante and Lady close... yeah exactly 580 commentsBunny Emoji-73 (Tears) [V4] ,with arguments like : Lady is Dante and Vergils brother, because her eyes are red and blue like the clothes they wearing and like Eva amulets... yeahFacepalm (its even more funny because she have not any blue eye, her eye is green :bademoticon: )

First, the picture was not a Dante x Lady, just represent Omar and me! He is like Dante and me like Lady and no more...
Well they do it alot of times,and alot of places,and i can say some people mad/hurt by them:
  • Fail-Seeker
  • Dante-564
  • AyanaRin
  • Yvellblonde
  • Camion-hunter
  • lissygudiya
  • Maybe you?
And for all that clever people,yes they bother me, but the true, i dont care anymore ;)
So what the point? 
I think these must stop, really please!
Two good friends fight for these! They know who are talking about... and its so sad because both of them are awesome!
SO, if you think you have the ultimate-super-mega-OTP-CANON.. cool, really(and i will try edit my rules, maybe the  DXT are less angry with them XD but please) dont try impose it to the other people!
RESPECT!Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] 

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lissygudiya's avatar
Wait... what? I don't think I remember coming across this post.
O-Luna-O's avatar
Sadly is here, they start to show they true face
SolitaryLapTopTVLove's avatar
Why the hell was I included?! I had nothing to do at all with those two accounts. I at least was complimenting the artwork in question and not attacking anybody else there. Just because I don't like Dante X Lady as a pairing does not mean that I am trying to force others to agree with my opinion unlike those two. I wish to have my name removed. I don't want others to assume that I am an alternate account of theirs.
O-Luna-O's avatar
These is old and as far i remember i add all i see on ddk old post
SolitaryLapTopTVLove's avatar
Oh okay. Yeah but the problem is that lately anything negatively we have said to one another has been surfacing up as of recently.
Dante-564's avatar
Arkham is Ladys father, and the name of her Mother was Kalina Ann...

that is all confirmed in DMC3 !!! xDDDDD
O-Luna-O's avatar
Yeah! But these people arguments are really brilliants...Wink/Razz 
Dante-564's avatar
i guess, they just don´t like Lady ;D
O-Luna-O's avatar
Or yes but their obsession with DXT is soo big they need say that kinda of things?
Marcelievsky's avatar
Milk drinkers. I have no patience, I boring when I see this and I can't argue with children =P
O-Luna-O's avatar
Because you are strong and can ingore them, but what happend to that other people?
Actually these is becaming too much.. and is very stupid...all these for videogame characters...
Marcelievsky's avatar
I understand your frustration. We're in an global community where people have different cultures, different ways of thinking and interpreting something (different ways of dealing with problems too). Thus even within our homes, why it would be different if we expand a little bit, isn't?. And what a banal reason for me may not be to another. That's why respect must be the first rule. But when it fails, there goes another rule:

The universal law of action and reaction

After that, there's not much to do unless aid his friend and "each other to his corner" (improvising a local saying :D)

Because opinion is subjective Nod 

I hope this helps :wave:
O-Luna-O's avatar
You always help swetty
Tough-Turtle-Dragon's avatar
Im sorry about that them hurting you :(

it's alot of people who've been acting up on here. smh.
O-Luna-O's avatar
Dont care about me, im already dead...XD
But im worried that other people, whe one too much hurt who no one listen to them, or not the people who must listen...
MIGbica's avatar
People take video games...way too
O-Luna-O's avatar
A bit to much yeah hehe
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
Thanks for the shoutout and I agree on all points. These folks take the internet too seriously too. :)
O-Luna-O's avatar
I became too tired of these,but more when they hurt my friends :(
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
I can understand that entirely.
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