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My favorite digimon!   Tokomon by DigimonGif Be nice with him!
  • Full rigged with original bones
  • Renamed bones

Renamed and fixed bones and renamed optional items by:iconkellwesker: credit her if you use these and visit her wonderfull page!

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No copyright infringement intended© Digimon Linkz /Bandai Namco
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will you do more of them, or just the cute ones?
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You want a especific one?
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theres a ladydevimon model from cybersleuth/linkz but it has some weight problems.
LadyDevimon XPS
this user managed to rig her, but there are still some weight issues
i know this is not an easy task but i would be very glad if you could give her a try
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OMG i wanna eat him how cute is he \(^w^)/
O-Luna-O's avatar
Wonderfull...cause he want eat you too! Nyan!
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What a angry little monster 😂
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Just like me when i wake up all morning, cute, littel and small but angry XD
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:heart: I loved this little guy. I just loved his evolution from adorable digimon to the hottest male digimon ever.
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Angemon is so mega sexy....i cried when i see him die the fist time i watch digimon
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Me too! I was crying along with TK. T_T I'm so glad he got reborn.
Jorn-K-Nightmane's avatar
Awww, what a cute littl- GAH! It's got my leg! Help! (^X_X)^ ^(X.X^) (>XwX)>

But this is a cute model, brings me back to the ol' days I watched the shows, and see this little guy jump at the red bug digimon while showing his sharp teeth ^w^
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Tokomon: Ñaaa you gotta pay for laught about my friend the puppy, gotta attack... with my cutness! XD
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I was not wrong that anything cute can have sharp and scary teeth.
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Nice, keep it up!
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That preview is so cute ! ♥ 
( And " wonderful page " ? ^//^ Thanks u ! ) 
O-Luna-O's avatar
Of course, all you do its so wonderfull, so why not see it XD
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