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Human Chesire

Idea,concept and textures: :iconbloodynyan: Elsa Clapping 
Mesh mod by me...I cant say how much i like these chesire... Happy

deviantART Credits:

ShumireHaikuXNA/ArmachamCorp/ o0Crofty0o

deviantART Rules:

  • Keep him as character.
  • Cant use him for any philia, porn, fetish picture.
  • Cant use the textures for your own models.
  • Cant retexture and up him as your own model.
Includes sample image for the new xps

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This is amazing! Thank you for uploading! Great job!

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OMK! Tienes idea de lo increible que es?! El otro dia pensaba que me gustaria tener un Cheshire humano, por algunas imagenes que vi! Irene Chan, te volviste a superar :3 No esperaba menos de ti ^w^
En serio! Ahora puedo shippearlos! Kya! Sugoi! Me hiciste el dia! :3
Por cierto, creditos a ti???
O-Luna-O's avatar
Solo si quieres! Pero ya es un detalle que me hayas comentado hehe, con quien lo vas a Shippear, Alice?
FallingAlyx's avatar
Correcto! Vi imagenes preciosas de ellos dos! :3
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Where I can download it ? D:
O-Luna-O's avatar
on rigth corner --->
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Its perfect!!! *^* 
O-Luna-O's avatar
Oh thanks you!
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Hahahah You stole my idea! :D
O-Luna-O's avatar
??? your idea? First the idea is not mine read descrpition and... im sure more than one imagine a human Chesire XD
Tokami-Fuko's avatar
I mean - used Jia's face for human form
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That is all kindsa hella incredible. An amazing looking mod to be sure, though I AM pretty sure this will make it far easier for him to flirt with Alice then before! XD
O-Luna-O's avatar
He flirt with her on the game? when? XD
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