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Come with a littel surprise! You may be right and i will go to hell but something tells me that I will see you soon
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just redownloaded the model. I missed this guy :D
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Glad I found this, saves me time of having to make it. Don't suppose you also have a WhiteKnightDante model. DMC cult pissed me off, I'm gonna them bitches pay.
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Sorry im off from modeling but enjoy it, so sad, any way, see they still continue making it, and bothering people for their tastes and religion (they call me Satanic gypsy whore cause just for what i belive.... :D
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That's okay, I've been watching blender tutorials, experimenting with it, and will attempt to recreate it once I have all the skills needed. Honestly I'm not one of their victims and I don't think I would have cared, but that White Knight Bitch started going after one of my favorite characters, and I just can't let that shit slide, I just gotta make that bitch pay. I'm petty like that, if I knew who he was in real life I would kick his ass.
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Irene if u want i can make sure this gaylord goes to sfm and becomes the plaything of monsters and more :D
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I came across a lot of pics that has Lady and this model together as a pairing. And I kept wondering: "Who the hell is this guy? Does he come from another game or what?". And now I'm here and I discover's just a simple model created by you? xD
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Nope, there is a long story,
Behind this guy, if you have time I'll tell you
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oh...Ok. I'm all ears.
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Ok lest start...a DA user DantewhiteKnight and is "gf" greenLady, hate has hell people ship Lady with Dante so they create an OC, to ship with her.
That will be ok, but not their actittude, they stole models without credit, and claim as their own, they are homophobic, racist
And religious fanatics,They attack anyone who does not follow their interests, according to them, God speaks through them, I am a satanic and can do whatever they want because the ... Japanese police is their ally XD
They accuse practically of having multi-accounts when they themselves have several, in fact many accounts of people who write to them as "friends" are fake accounts that they themselves created
This model was created to give them a moral lesson, so they stop attacking something as stupid as the Ship of two video game characters, and do not steal anyone's work...
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...And now I've just realized that this user blocked me. When I never even interracted with him before. xD
O-Luna-O's avatar
They usually do it, sure he block you with all his account the fake one too
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It's going to be fun seeing what a whole bunch of angry folks who they have pissed  come up with to utterly humiliate this assclown.
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I am glad you are back. I was afraid you've left here. Nice to see your work again.
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I decide stay with my friends the littel time i got
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Lo hiciste ver sexy o es mi imaginación Nodding Mae icon 
Espero ver algun render con el Lenny face extreme ultimate 
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Heh lemme guess, payback with that so called "Lord" douche bag?
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To hell, because im a bad bad whore who flirt and like girls and boys! Yayyy!
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OMG he said i flirt his girl friend too well they think theirself Anglina jolie and Brad Pitt 
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