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Dear L,

My name is Suzanne and I have been in a relationship for almost two years with Karrie, my girlfriend. We are very close and share all of our secrets to one another. We both believe that having a tight bond in our relationship keeps us from drifting apart and also to keep emotional drama stable and rare. But sometimes that bond becomes unstable and over the past few nights, I found out something about her that I am not really pleased about.

There are times at night where I would listen to her talk in her sleep. Sometimes they are embarrassing dreams I ask about in the morning, or they are just constant whimpers and purrs. I do not hide the fact that sometimes I find her “in the mood” while she sleeps, and that is when I start to have a little “fun” with her. She does the same to me from time to time, and she openly admits it. But, one night, I found out something about her when she was having an erotic dream. She used to moan my name several times, but last week, she said a different name. I knew she wasn’t playing a trick on me because I know when she is pretending or a sleep. She moaned the name of her ex-boyfriend who she are still friends with. I thought that it was just a passing name, but she said that name more and more. I never mentioned it to her. I cant help but to continue to please her while she dreamed about him. I don’t enjoy it, but if it makes her feel good, then I will do it…

Right now, I am concerned that she will go back to her ex-boyfriend, or is already seeing him behind my back. She said that I was her first female lover and she cares so much about me, but is she right now having second thoughts about going back to males? Should I let her go to her ex-boyfriend and not ask about it? What about when she mentioned his name when she is asleep? I want to bring it up to her, but she is very fragile and I don’t want to cause any emotional downfall.

L, should I just leave things just the way they are, or should I confess that I am now worried about our relationship and her sexually fantasizing about her ex-boyfriend? I don’t want to break up with her, but I cant continue to have her continuously thinking about him while we make love…How can I bring my point up to her? What if she really does have sex with him behind my back? Please respond as quickly as you can. This is really making me uneasy and worried.

Thank you,

- Suzanne J.

* * *

Being in a deep sleep is much like hypnosis. While that person is dreaming, you can alter their dreams by whispering into their ear, touching their hand or massaging their body. Sometimes, they slowly wake up, half awake and half asleep. They might not remember what just happened when they woke up because their mind is still a sleep and they are still dreaming when conscious. During this state, if you ask a question, chances are that the one who is asleep will answer. The answer might not be complete, but it might give enough information about what is going through their dream world. Sometimes, the answer is not what you wanted to hear. Chances are they might tell the truth, expel their secrets to you when they don’t realize it.

- Ookami Kemono

YouAreNotInHerDream © 2007 Alex Cockburn
Dear L © 2007 Alex Cockburn. All rights reserved.
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Ya know, that could be a very cruel form of interrogation. Plus, I couldn't do that to any mate I would be with, I don't think my consciousness could handle the guilt. We all have skeletons in our closet, regardless of our mateship status. If we choose to remain silent, we can only hope our mate will understand. I find silence about something is better than saying anything. Many would disagree, but its better in my mind not to say whats bugging you. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe not....
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ya I say tlk to her, bu it might not go well so prepare yourself
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you should just talk to her about it. if it gets too overwhelming for you shel know somethings wrong and it might be too late to talk about it. this needs communication
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A awsome picture and the story is interesting too.
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Being in a state of half-dreaming is quite unusual... sometimes you remember it and other times you don't. Everything becomes fractured and breaks apart over time, but... Ehhhh, I've always been a little different when it came to dreams. Mine have color, sound, touch, taste, feel. It's really an unusal experience, especially if there is someone who is watching you and interacting with you while you sleep. I remember a time when Shizuka came to my window while I was dreaming. It had been a stealthy sort of thing, and in the dream I happened to be by windows when I heard the tapping, all of it in a third person sort of sense, and I could hear it. By the time the third series of taps came around, I awoke and knew that she was at my window. I'm not exactly sure how, but... it's just kind of strange, kind of funny when I think about it. Throwing a punch can be slow in a dream, at least for me, and when I wake up after that sort of action, I'm usually tired, sweating, and my bed is a mess.... you describe all these things rather accurately in your above Dear L letter from Suzzane and in the caption underneath. It's interesting to see another that is so in touch with their emotions and the emotions of others. It will be a fantastic day indeed when I come to meet you Oki-san, just stay where you are and I'll set up a bit of a road trip to come for a visit. *chuckles* The story in the Dear L letter is rather sad... and touching. Suzzane cares so much for Karrie that she still pleases her, even when the situation isn't satisfactory for herself. It's like she doesn't care for her own happiness, but can't bare to live with the lie, which nobody should, and then interests begin to conflict. She doesn't want to be unhappy in a relationship she once believed to be perfect with someone who is very dear to her and she doesn't want to hurt that person by bringing up this unhappiness to them. Such situations are hard... I wish the best for her, and I speak the way I do because all those characters that put their hearts and souls into the messages sent to the mysterious L seem so real, so alive, so full of... emotion, one can't help but to speak of them as a real, living person. I can't wait to see what you have coming next, Oki-san, I always enjoy seeing your art.
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Hmm... nice point there... sad to hear that little story. x.x
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Ahh..difficult situation..toring apart :(
Great work my friend..
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I've personally know what it's like to have your dreams altered by outside forces- once I dreamed I was being attacked by huge bugs that kept flying into my face, but when I woke up my cat was on my bed sniffing my face, tickling me with her whiskers.

I've also had dreams where I hear and dance to music that I'm hearing in real life.
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interesting situation.
I adore all the dear l letters. Not because I liek them, I think they are full of sadness, guilt, and lots of loaded emotions, but because of the way they are presented. real problems, real needs, honest stuff for the most part. Yes, we don't like to hear about or expose our own problems.

Mind, I'd probbably have written a dear L letter myself if I could.
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that would suck. and i didnt know that about being half asleep. interesting..
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